New Honda Fireblade Will Have MotoGP Style Hooped Winglets

Honda has recently unveiled significant technical updates for its 2024 CBR1000RR-R SP Fireblade, enhancing its performance capabilities. However, a new patent application suggests that the company is also working on visual revisions aimed at increasing downforce while minimizing drag.

One noticeable change to the 2024 CBR1000RR-R SP is the adoption of MotoGP-inspired hoop-style winglets on the front, replacing the previous side-mounted versions. While these winglets contribute to increased front-end downforce, they also introduce additional drag compared to a cleaner fairing design.

The patent application reveals a redesigned shape that aims to strike a balance between reducing drag and maintaining downforce. The innovative design relocates the winglets closer together in the bike’s nose, utilizing a system of intakes and vents to direct air over internal surfaces within the nose.

Honda’s patent explains that by incorporating inverted wing shapes into the front cowl, downforce can be increased without the need for additional wings, ultimately reducing aerodynamic drag. The result is improved motion performance, including maximum speed and acceleration, leading to enhanced fuel consumption performance.

Key visible components of the new design include prominent intakes on each side of the screen near the handlebars and a secondary set of intakes lower down inside the concave section just below the nose’s leading edge. The internal bodywork’s shape, revealed in one drawing in the patent application, showcases an aggressively angled wing profile.

Apart from creating downforce and reducing frontal area, the design claims to offer additional aerodynamic benefits by directing airflow more efficiently over and around the rider. The patent suggests that the discharged air serves as an air curtain, reducing wind protection for the rider and minimizing the bike’s frontal size when viewed head-on, resulting in further drag reduction.

While the patent drawings feature the CBR1000RR-R SP, Honda emphasizes the adaptability of this design for various supersport-style bikes. By securing a patent for this innovative approach, Honda aims to prevent competitors from replicating the same advancements in their designs.

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