Kymco Electric Bike With Manual Gearbox Still In Development Phase

In recent years, electric motorcycles have witnessed significant advancements, yet for some enthusiasts, the allure of traditional petrol-powered two-wheelers remains unmatched. Kymco, the Taiwanese motorcycle giant, has been at the forefront of blending technical innovation with the inherent charisma of combustion engines.

Back in 2018, Kymco unveiled the SuperNex, an electric motorcycle featuring a manual gearbox. A year later, the company introduced the RevoNex, applying a similar principle but in a naked bike design. Although absent from the Kymco stand at the 2023 EICMA show in Milan, the RevoNex continues to capture attention.

Allen Ko, Chairman of Kymco, shared insights at EICMA 2023, expressing the company’s ambition to lead the electric evolution. When questioned about the RevoNex, Ko affirmed its ongoing development, acknowledging the challenge of infusing thrill into electric bikes. Despite the difficulty, Kymco is dedicated to enhancing the personality of their electric motorcycles, striving to make them more exhilarating.

While Ko remained cautious about divulging too much information, he confirmed the continuation of the RevoNex project. Originally slated for production in 2021, the showroom-ready version is yet to make its debut as of 2024. Ko’s remarks strongly suggest that the RevoNex is progressing towards becoming an available electric motorcycle for the public.

What sets the RevoNex apart is its inclusion of a manual gearbox, promising a more engaging riding experience compared to its competitors. Despite potential interruptions in power delivery due to the gearbox, the RevoNex is anticipated to be exceptionally fast. Previously disclosed figures for the concept indicated an impressive 3.9 seconds for 0-100 kmh and 8.7 seconds for 100-200 kmh. As Kymco continues to navigate the challenges, the RevoNex holds the promise of being one of the most thrilling electric motorcycles on the market when it finally arrives for public purchase.

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