TechTOC with “Foreman” Oh: Throttle Free-Play

  • The throttle grip should have some free-play before the initial reaction.

  • Failure to adjust the throttle’s free-play could result in dire consequences.

  • Here “Foreman” Oh answers about throttle free-play.

In this fifth instalment of TechTOC, “Foreman” Oh Kah Beng (KB) answers the question about throttle free-play and initial action.

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I need to twist my throttle a lot before there is any reaction, why is this so and is there any way I can fix it?

– Wan MT-09, Alor Setar, Kedah


It’s quite normal to have some free-play on the throttle twist grip to compensate for throttle cable stretching. The free-play eases multiple steering manoeuvres at walking speeds, such as to move bike in tight parking spots or tight turns.

However, there is a tolerance for the amount of free-play . The general tolerance , for non-ride-by-wire bikes, is 3 to 5 MM of outer cable movement with the steering pointing straight and there should be still some tiny free play when handle bar is steered to maximum anti-clockwise (left) as this when cable is most stretched. If it’s too tight the bike will accelerate unexpectedly and cause panicky situations, as turning to one side will pull the on the cable. Chances are you could end up dropping the bike.

The method of adjusting the throttle free-play is quite universal for all bikes albeit with some specific variations, so refer to your Owner’s Manual.

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