Harley-Davidson launches EIGHT new 2018 Softail models!

Harley-Davidson has launched their biggest Softail line-up yet with EIGHT new models for 2018.

The new 2018 Softail series includes the Fat Bob, Fat Boy, Street Bob, Low Rider, Softail Slim, Deluxe, Breakout and lastly, the Heritage Classic.

All new 2018 Softail models come with new frame, suspension and powertrain for improved riding experience and power delivery that combines H-D’s iconic look with modern technology.

Harley-Davidson has launched their biggest 2018 line up yet embedded with the most cutting edge technology. 115 years of experience and R&D has resulted in not one, not two, not even five but EIGHT brand new 2018 Softail models.

The all-new 2018 Softail series includes the Fat Bob, Fat Boy, Street Bob, Low Rider, Softail Slim, Deluxe, Breakout and lastly, the Heritage Classic. All these new models share the same brand-spanking new frame and suspension package plus redesigned Milwaukee-Eight powertrain.

Those who were in love with the discontinued Dyna series due to its superb riding performance will be blown away with the new 2018 models launched. Based on facts and specs we’ve read, these new H-D bikes will be able to tackle corners better than ever before.

According to H-D Product Manager, Paul James, these new cruisers have been rebuilt from the ground up by taking the riding experience to a whole new level. The heritage and iconic aspects of H-D have been injected with next-generation technologies thus improving every single aspect of the H-D cruisers.

The chassis of the 2018 Softail models has gone through an evolution of its own. Designed to carry both the Milwaukee-Eight 107 (1,746cc) and 114 cubic-inch (1,868cc) V-Twin engines, all the power and torque output has been further stabilised with a brand new underseat monoshock design.

This means that all the new 2018 models offer great controllability without messing with any of the iconic facade of the H-D Softail series. A bit of warning to those who say that Harleys can’t handle corners; this new frame will allow greater lean angles, turn responses, faster acceleration and corner exit speed and easier roll-off.

How did H-D managed to pull this facts that are usually reserved when explaining sports bikes? Well, the new frame is now 65% stiffer than the previous generation Softail with a 50% reduction in components and 22% weld reduction. This also means that the bikes are now significantly lighter compared to the 2017 models, some with over 15kg difference!

The 2018 Softail series also uses Showa’s latest dual-bending-valve front fork for optimum performance. Thanks to the Showas, these new H-D bikes now have improved ride quality, braking, traction control and everything else in between.

Showa’s latest dual-bending-valve front fork

As for the engine, there are two choices of Milawukee-Eights to choose from; the 107 (1,746cc) or the 114 (1,868cc) cubic-inches. All the 2018 Softails come with the 107 as standard but if you’re interested in the 114, you can only get it with the Fat Bob, Fat Boy, Breakout and Heritage Classic line-up.

Both engines have been fitted with dual counter-balancers to greatly reduce vibrations usually associated with big capacity V-Twin engines. The power plants are claimed to have better power delivery with improved acceleration and linear torque output for a more satisfying riding experience.

For styling, each 2018 model has their own unique characteristic and new design while still maintaining that timeless appeal and facade; a look that will remain beautiful as time goes by.

2018 Fat Bob

  • Large treaded tires – 150mm (front) and 180mm (rear)
  • 13.6-litre fuel tank
  • Twin front disc brakes
  • 2-into-1-into-2 upswept exhaust
  • Inverted 43mm cartridge-style fork
  • 15kg lighter than 2017 model

2018 Fat Boy

  • Large tires – 160mm (front) and 240mm (rear) Lakester wheels
  • Standard ABS system
  • 14kg lighter than 2017 model

2018 Street Bob

  • Redesigned 13-litre fuel tank
  • Black-out spoke wheels
  • Reworked fenders
  • 7.7kg lighter than 2017 model
  • Digital instrument panel

2018 Low Rider

  • Tank-mounted speedometer and gauges
  • Redesigned fuel tank with graphics
  • Large wheels – 19 inches (front) and 16 inches (rear)
  • 2-into-2 shotgun exhaust

2018 Softail Slim

  • Completely-redesigned front end
  • Reworked seat for improved style and comfort
  • Biggest weight reduction from 2017 model – almost 16kg

2018 Deluxe

  • All-round signature LED lights
  • Pull-back handlebar
  • Standard ABS system
  • 15kg lighter than 2017 model

2018 Breakout

  • Newly-designed 13-litre fuel tank
  • Low ride height
  • Large wheels and tires – 21-inch with 130mm tire (front) and 18-inch with 240mm tire (rear)
  • Daymaker LED headlight
  • 15kg lighter than 2017 model
  • Standard ABS system

2018 Heritage Classic

  • Removable windscreen
  • New saddlebags (waterproof)
  • 14.5kg lighter than 2017 model
  • Standard ABS system
  • Standard Cruise Control

Source: Harley-Davidson

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