2018 Triumph Bonneville Bobber Black unleashed!

The 2018 Triumph Bonneville Bobber black was also introduced together with the rebirth of the Speedmaster.

Coming in with all blacked out colour scheme, the 2018 Bobber Black also comes with a host of new upgrades especially on its front end.

A set of 47mm Showa cartridge forks is attached to a new 16-inch wheel with a pair of 310mm disc brakes modulated by a set of Brembo two-piston axial-sliding calipers.

Together with the launch of the new 2018 Triumph Bonneville Speedmaster, Triumph Motorcycles again blew our minds with the introduction of the all-new 2018 Triumph Bonneville Bobber Black. Following the massive success of the Bobber, the Bobber Black comes with a host of new upgrades for 2018.

Like the name, the Bobber has gone through a major makeover where almost anything and everything has been blacked out for a super cool, sleek and badass look. Once you’re done drooling over how good the 2018 Bobber Black looks, you’ll start to notice the spec difference with the standard Bobber especially the front end.

Compared to the Bobber’s standard 41mm KYB front forks, the Bobber Black is equipped with a pair of non-adjustable 47mm Showa cartridge forks. This bigger set of fork allows for greater performance and riding feel which in turn adds more riding confidence.

While the standard Bobber rolls around on a 19-inch front wheel, the Bobber Black goes for the ‘fat’ look with a much beefier 16-inch rim wrapped with Avon Cobra rubber. This in turn gives the Black a much more iconic look that reminisces the golden days of the Bobber.

To make sure that stopping power is something that no rider should worry about, the Black has been blessed with a pair of 310mm front discs modulated with a set of Brembo two-piston axial sliding calipers. Compared to the standard Bobber which comes with a single 310mm disc with a twin-piston Nissin caliper, the Bobber Black offer a substantial improvement when it comes to braking performance.

The 2018 Bobber Black also comes with some DRL-enabled LED headlamps that are complimented with LED indicators to match. Another new feature found on the Bobber Black is Triumph’s super simple three-touch cruise control system for better riding experience while cruising down highways.

No news on the price just yet but the 2018 Triumph Bonneville Bobber Black will start making its appearance in showrooms around the world starting March 2018. We expect a slight increase from the price set for current 2017 Triumph Bonneville Bobber at RM74,900 – RM75,900 (basic price with GST).

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Source: Triumph Motorcycles

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