Ohlins suspension now available for Yamaha 135LC, 125Z – estimated RM2k


Ohlins, the advanced suspension technology, now has make its way to moped and scooters world for bikes under 150cc. From the ads above, what is interesting is the two with the parts number YA110009 which is made for Yamaha Lagenda that also fits for Yamaha Ego / Ego S,  Honda MSX125 and Honda PCX 150. The one with the model number S46HR1C1 is made for monoshock application to fit Yamaha 135LC and 125Z. It is also able to fit Honda CRF250, CB650F and CBR650F. 

I’m not sure about the price, but I think this one will not be cheap and I estimate it at RM2k.
Good job Ohlins!

Via: Ohlins Malaysia FB

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