Akrapovic Carbon and Titanium Slip-on Exhaust Muffler for 2013 Kawasaki Ninja 250/300 – estimated RM2,200


One of the popular high performance exhaust brands that is available in the market has come with two model of slip-on exhaust muffler for the 2013 Kawasaki Ninja 250 or Ninja 300 in Europe. It comes in Carbon variant or the Titanium variant for you to pick which one is the best looking for your Ninja 250.

Akrapovic Titanium Slip-on Exhaust Muffler

The Titanium metal works well to make your bike look stealthy but you can’t hide the fact that the sound will be much louder that might awakens the police or RTD (Road and Transport Department: JPJ la ni bro) in their slumber. 

Akrapovic Carbon Slip-on Exhaust Muffler

The Carbon Fibre further lightens the overall weight of the exhaust muffler can save you up to 2kg of from the stock exhaust pipe. The carbon fibre weave can also works well in terms of patterns since the side panel of the bike also have some kind of weave on it.


If you have the money and want to look for higher performing exhaust, this could on your list.


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