200cc Yamaha 135LC Auto Clutch Project with 62mm Bore x 65.7mm Stroke by Haen, Indonesia

Stroked Up already - Cryogenic Treated crank, bearing, transmission 65.7 mm stroke (+3.5)

Another great mod from Bro Haen in Indonesia.

Check out the modification specs below:

– SKF Cryo Treated C4 Crank Bearing
– Faito Auto Clutch Crankshaft
– TKRJ Conrod
– Semi Close Ratio (Full)
– 22/18 Big Valve Head
– Cryogenic Valve Spring
– 62 mm HiSpeed R type piston
– 5 mm block gasket
– NGK Laser Iridium CR9EIA-9

62 mm Hi Speed R type piston - target compression 11 : 1

This is still a work in progress. Dyno tests will be posted soon by Bro Haen.


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