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Racing Boy Adjustable Damper

This damper from Racing Boy can be installed to various bike namely LC135, 125Z and RX-Z.

It can be adjusted up to 6 different hardness or dampness. The harder you set, the more damp your handle will be. The hardest setting is good for sprint test but not for curvy track as this will make your turning much slower than usual.

For more info, log to here.

Yamaha RZR, Mexico Version of RX-Z
Different people have different taste. Different country, different market. So, what has been done by Yamaha in order to catch the motorcycle market in Mexico, they have modified Yamaha RX-Z version in Asia to Yamaha RZR.

The differences can be looked at the full-fairing set compared to the naked look of RX-Z and the rear brake that has been equipped with disc brake where RX-Z only have drum brake.

IMHO, I prefer the current look of RX-Z. The full-fairing maybe give a better aerodynamics than naked configuration but at a cost of more weight. The full-fairing also will make the access to the engine much harder. The thing that I want from RZR is the rear brake disc configuration to be installed on RX-Z as standard. Rear brake is important since it can give a better confidence in braking while in high speed. Some biker said that it is useless to use the rear brake, but for me, it is very important. Since RX-Z use a rear drum brake, that is a good way to make the bike much cheaper than other competing bike. The only competitor for RX-Z that I know is Honda Raider 135, but it is not so popular compared to RX-Z.

Looking back to Malaysia, I’m happy with the current design of RX-Z and my favorite colour for it is BLACK.

Yamaha Nuovo LC Main Page
HLYM has setup a new site to introduce its new bike that is Yamaha Nuovo LC here. There are a nice video on the front page about engineers designing the Nuovo LC on paper.

You can also join the mailing list to get more information about the Yamaha new bike. I have joined it, you should too!
ACME Tyre advertisement on Roda-roda September 2008 issue

ACME is the new tyre made in Taiwan available to Malaysia marketed by Tools Clubs (M) Sdn. Bhd. I have read the article in the Roda-roda magazine and I noticed that this brand is not another cheap brand that is made to gain profit only.

ACME is similar to the word taken from Greek ‘akme’ that mean the highest point of perfection or achievement. So, in this case I hope the Acme tyre is really a good tyre that is comparable with Dunlop, Farelli, Michelin and other established name.

ACME tyres is made from silica and nitrile rubber mixed with high density rubber. This make the compound have very good balance between durability and grip on the dry and wet road. It is made for street use but using technology that is available for racing.

ACME tyres is available in sizes ranging from 10 to 17 inch. Price starts from RM45.90 for 70/90 x 16 up to RM66.90 for 130/70 x 12.
Yamaha LC135 Rear Disc Brake Conversion Kit

Yamaha LC135 Malaysian version doesn’t have rear disc brake. In Thailand, where the model of LC135 is known as X1R, Yamaha has put rear disc brake as standard and this make LC135 bikers in Malaysia drooling to have the rear disc brake installed to their bike.

No worry though, there is Yamaha LC135 Rear Disc Brake Conversion Kit available at your nearest workshop. If you can’t find it there, you can find it at NKS Sentul. This kit is complete with disc plate, caliper, bracket, pump and rim. For the installation of this kit, it is better for you to use the racing footrest since it is specially designed to fit well there. If you use standard footrest, you need to do a little bit of modification to the pump placement. If you still have trouble, just as your mechanic to do it for you.


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