The Honda Shadow series has been a mainstay in the cruiser market, but in recent years, it has taken a backseat to Honda’s Rebel models. However, Honda is bringing the Shadow back into the spotlight with the introduction of the 2024 Honda Shadow Phantom.

  • powering the Shadow Phantom is the powerful 745cc V-Twin engine. 
  • The 2024 Honda Shadow Phantom now equipped with ABS (optional). 

The Shadow Phantom has received some much-needed updates for 2024. One of the most significant changes is the addition of optional ABS, addressing a previous oversight in safety features. Both the Shadow Phantom and the Shadow Aero models will now feature a rear disc brake, replacing the outdated rear drum brake.

In terms of aesthetics, the Shadow Phantom has undergone a styling makeover. It boasts flashier paint options, gaitered forks, a new headlight cover, and new LED front and rear turn signals. 

The front and rear fenders have been redesigned, with the rear fender notably shorter. However, this modification comes at the cost of a passenger seat, although accessories such as a pillion seat and footrests are available. The new single seat is said to be more comfortable, with a slightly lower height of 650mm compared to the previous two-up seat.

The 2024 Shadow Phantom sheds some weight, with a six-pound reduction attributed to the loss of the seat and the trimmed fender. The non-ABS version now weighs in at 246kg pounds, while the ABS version offsets this weight loss, resulting in a curb weight of 250kg.

Further enhancements include a new handlebar and handlebar clamp, positioning the grips higher and further forward than the previous model. The 14-litres fuel capacity remains unchanged, but the tank-mounted instrumentation has received updates.

Under the hood, the 2024 Honda Shadow Phantom retains its powerful 745cc liquid-cooled V-Twin engine, mated to a five-speed transmission and a shaft drive. The engine now features new machined cylinder-head fins, adding visual appeal and creating the illusion of an air-cooled engine against the matte black engine and exhausts.

The 2024 Honda Shadow Phantom is set to hit global dealerships this month, offering two color options: Deep Pearl Gray Metallic or Orange Metallic.

Bagi pasaran Malaysia, jenama Lifan mungkin lebih terkenal sebagai pembekal enjin motosikal namun syarikat berpangkalan di China itu juga mempunyai barisan model motosikal tersendiri. 

Untuk rekod, jenama Lifan juga memasuki Malaysia menerusi MForce Bike Holdings yang memasarkan Lifan KPV150 (yang dijenamakan semula sebagai WMoto Xtreme 150i). 

Terbaru, Lifan telah melancarkan motosikal jenis ‘cruiser’ yang dikenali sebagai LF600 di China. 

Menurut maklumat yang diperolehi, Lifan LF600 ini dikuasakan enjin V-Twin 573cc dengan penyejukan air dan suntikan bahan api yang berupaya menjana 58hp dan 55Nm. Meskipun agak berat dengan 233 kilogram namun Lifan mendakwa enjin tersebut mempunyai kuasa yang cukup untuk memacu LF600 mencapai kelajuan maksima sekitar 165km/j. 

Dalam pada itu, LF600 ini juga dilengkapi dengan ciri moden antaranya kaliper brek J.Juan yang dipadankan bersama sistem ABS dwi-saluran. Model ini juga didatangkan dengan fork depan jenis USD boleh laras dengan monoshock di belakang. 

Ciri lain ditawarkan termasuk rim 19-inci depan dan 16-inci belakang, pencahayaan LED penuh dan panel meter digital. 

KTM’s upcoming parallel-twin engine, LC8c, is expected to have improved performance and reliability, according to a new patent application. 

  • New patent application suggest a more powerful LC8c twin. 
  • The power output likely to be around 130hp to 140hp. 

The engine, which was first teased in January, features new designs for every casting from the oil pan to the cam cover. The only parts that have been carried over are the throttle bodies and water pump. The engine is expected to have a capacity of nearly 1,000cc, earning it the “990” designation.

The new patent application provides a glimpse into the engine’s design and reveals that the cylinder-to-head joint is higher than in the current engine. This could result in increased power output of between 130 hp to 140 hp, depending on the state of tune. 

The new LC8c engine will initially be used in the redesigned “990” Duke and has been spotted in a fully faired, road-going sportbike, the RC 990. The RC 990 is expected to be KTM’s first sportbike since the RC8 R superbike was discontinued.

KTM’s MotoGP efforts are also expected to benefit from the new LC8c engine. The introduction of a second GasGas-branded MotoGP team this year could lead to the production model eventually appearing in GasGas guise. 

The engine mounts of the new LC8c engine have been designed to match those of the current engine, allowing it to be easily bolted into existing frames if required.

While some suggest that the 990 is likely to replace the 890, the returning 790 seems to squash that rumour. Also considering KTM is set to introduce the 890 SMT soon, the all-new 990 mil could be a new addition to the brand’s lineup. 

Buell Motorcycle is ready to expand its brand into the cruiser segment with its all-new super cruiser. 

  • Upcoming Buell Super Cruiser plans for 2025 launch. 
  • The Super Cruiser to feature the firm 1190cc V-Twin engine. 

Designed in partnership with Roland Sands Design, the super cruiser is equipped with the firm’s ET-V2 1190cc V-Twin engine that’s also found in the Buell Hammerhead 1990, 1190 SX, Baja Dune Racer and the Supertouring. 

However, while the Hammerhead and 1190 SX is already available for purchase in the US, the Super Cruiser along with the Baja Dune Racer and Supertouring will not be available until 2025. 

That said, 2025 is set to be a busy year for the American motorcycle company. 

While Buell remains tight lipped on the bike’s specifications, they willingly shared several photos of the upcoming bike on social media.

Interestingly, the current 1190cc V-Twin engine makes 185hp and 138Nm, presumably no changes is done to the mill, the Super Cruiser could possibly be the most powerful cruiser ever build. 

The Moto Morini brand is growing thanks to the introduction of the middleweight adventure motorcycle, the X-Cape 650, back in 2021. 

  • Moto Morini is to introduce the X-Cape 1200 soon. 
  • The big V-Twin adventure motorcycle is powered by the firm’s V87 twin-cylinder Bialbero Corsacorta engine.

The X-Cape 650 is currently doing well thanks to its affordability, as all bikes are now manufactured in China after the acquisition of Zhongneng in 2018. 

Back in September, Moto Morini was reportedly working on a bigger adventure-type motorcycle, later confirmed by a CAD sketch that revealed a 1200cc V-Twin engine. 

However, fast forward to November, and the X-Cape 1200 has appeared in a complete form, as revealed on social media.

The motorcycle is reportedly powered by the firm’s V87 twin-cylinder Bialbero Corsacorta engine, which is found in the 2005 Corsaro and 2020 Scrambler 1200. 

While further details remain scarce at the moment, Moto Morini is likely to make an announcement soon as the bike is already in a finished form. 

Nonetheless, from the spy photos, we can see that the X-Cape 1200 is equipped with premium features, including Brembo callipers, upside-down forks, twin discs, tubeless spoke wheels and an aluminium sump guard.

Interestingly, the side profile, including the front headlamp design, looks similar to the Honda CRF1100L Africa Twin. 

Could the X-Cape 1200 make its way to 2023? We’ll find out soon enough. 

The world might be going bonkers, but the Suzuki SV650 will always be around.

  • The 2023 Suzuki SV650 features a new fresh colourway.
  • The 2023 SV650 retains the same mechanics and specifications.

That said, the House of Hamamatsu seems content to continue the SV650 production.

Recently, Suzuki introduced a new 2023 colourway for the SV650 in Italy. Unfortunately, the 2023 model continues to run on outdated features and specs.

That said, the 2023 SV650 now comes in Blu Las Vegas, Gray London and Black Dubai.

The Blu Las Vegas features a navy blue tank and tail section, with a bronze-painted trellis frame and rims. While the Black Dubai gets a gloss black paint base.

On the other hand, Gray London features a grey-painted fuel tank and tail section along with red rims. Give it a squint, and you might see a Ducati Monster instead.

Jokes aside, there is absolutely nothing new to report apart from the new colours. The 2023 SV650 still runs on the same 645cc 90-degree V-Twin engine that makes 75hp and 64Nm.

Chinese motorcycle manufacturer, Keeway revealed its all-new Keeway V302C cruiser in India which is set to compete with Royal Enfield Meteor 350.

  • The Keeway V302C cruiser makes 29.5hp and 26Nm.
  • Features all-LED lighting, dual-channel ABS. 

Keeway might be unknown but it is actually a spin-off brand owned by Chinese motorcycle giants, Qianjiang (QJ Motor), who also owns the Benelli brand.

That said, the V302C cruiser is actually a rebranded Benda BD300, a bobber style cruiser that features a 296cc two-cylinder engine pumping out 29.5hp @ 9,000rpm and 26Nm @ 7,000rpm. 

Other notable features available on the V302c include USD front fork, all-LED lighthing, dual-channel ABS, full-colour digital instrument cluster and a 13.5L fuel tank.

In comparison with the Meteor 350, the V302C looks bolder, with chunky tyres, bigger fuel tank and exposed matte black painted frame.

As such, the Keeway V302C looks like a pint-size Harley-Davidson Sportster S cruiser.

According to reports the Keeway V302C is also currently on sale in Europe for EUR4,790 (RM21.4k).

The 2022 Harley-Davidson Sportster S takes the bar-and-shield brand to new heights, but it’s not the Harley powercruiser for everyone…


V-twin magic, timeless naked styling, and neutral handling is the tried and tested recipe that makes the Suzuki SV650 rather brilliant.


Renowned Japanese custom builder Katsu Motorworks has built this stunningly gorgeous Moto Guzzi Griso 1100 café racer.


New middleweight QJMotor QJ650 middleweight adventure model surfaces in China, and it packs a 649cc V-twin with 75HP.


Selepas Zhejiang Qianjiang memfailkan paten motosikal ‘adventure’ pada Oktober tahun lalu, pengeluar motosikal China itu akhirnya memaparkan rupa sebenar QJ650 di China.

Imej QJ650 tersebut didedahkan menerusi permohonan paten terbaru yang difailkan di China yang turut mendedahkan beberapa info penting mengenai model terbaru itu.

Berdasarkan laporan sebelum ini, QJMotor QJ650 disahkan akan dikuasakan enjin V-Twin 649cc. Menariknya, dokumen kali ini mendedahkan bahawa QJ650 tersebut akan menawarkan sekitar 75hp dan mampu mencapai kelajuan maksima sehingga 185km/j.

Terdapat dua dokumen difailkan dan mendedahkan QJ650 akan tampil dengan dua varian, dengan varian tertinggi menampilkan ciri ADV yang lebih ketara terutamanya dengan kelengkapan rim jenis lidi (spoke) serta ‘top box’ dan ‘panniers’.

Dokumen tersebut memaklumkan bahawa varian Standard adalah seberat 219 kilogram manakala varian ADV adalah 19kg lebih berat (238kg).

Walaupun spesifikasi lebih terperinci tidak didedahkan namun setakat ini QJ650 tersebut menawarkan ciri berikut:

  • panjang 2340mm
  • lebar 950mm
  • tinggi 1380mm
  • ‘wheelbase’ 1520mm
  • tayar 110/80-19 depan
  • tayar 150/70-17 belakang

QJMotor turut mendedahkan bahawa QJ650 serba baharu ini juga dilengkapi dengan ABS.

Buat masa ini tidak dapat dipastikan bilakah QJMotor merancang untuk memperkenalkan model ADV serba baharu ini namun dijangkakan QJ650 ini akan dilancarkan lewat tahun ini.


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