Hadi Hussein woke up early to ready himself for his next destination, Port Campbell. (Check out Part 1 and Part 2 here). His attempts to take as many pictures and videos of beautiful sceneries were let down as it was a cloudy day and temperature was around 10 Celsius, making it difficult to get clear shots. (more…)

Hadi Hussein is a 44-year-old Johorian purist (JB), a former disaster-deployment expert and a well experienced humanitarian by profession.


Sri Lanka, it was never in my motoring bucket list of places to ride in. But that didn’t stop me from saying yes to an assignment from Keshy even as it came with a vague description. “Go there and ride around for about a week or so,” he said.


So under the generosity of Sri Lankan Tourism department, off I went on a three hour flight to the island country near the southern tip of India. A quick Google search revealed that the civil war is over for a few years now and the main religion is Buddhism. The country is rich with history, dotted with Unesco protected sites and is roughly about 1/5 in size to Malaysia in comparison. (more…)


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