Tiger 900

Triumph Motorcycle introduces a range of vibrant and captivating colour options for its 2024 line-up.

  • The Roadster, Rocket 3, Tiger, and Tiger Sport models are set to don striking new schemes.
  • Customers can now place their orders for these exhilarating options, adding a touch of personalisation to their Triumph motorcycles.

Leading the charge in bold colour choices are the Speed Triple 1200 RS and Trident 660 models. The Speed Triple 1200 RS will be available in a captivating new Carnival Red scheme, alongside the existing Matt Silver Ice and Sapphire Black options. The Carnival Red fuel tank, headlight finisher, side panels, rear bodywork, seat cowl, and belly pan, coupled with distinctive silver RS graphics, create a truly eye-catching design.

The sporty and agile Trident 660 gains a striking new colour option for 2024, featuring a Jet Black and Triumph Racing Yellow scheme. This new addition complements the existing Silver Ice, Diablo Red, and Matt Jet Black and Silver Ice choices. The Jet Black fuel tank, headlight bezel, and front mudguard, combined with the dramatic Triumph Racing Yellow radiator cowl, rear bodywork, and mudguard graphic, result in a visually stunning combination.

The Rocket 3 line-up exudes sophistication with its new colour choices. The Rocket 3 R, Triumph’s ultimate muscle roadster, offers three elegant options: Matt Silver Ice, Triumph Sapphire Black, and the mesmerising Sapphire Black and Carnival Red scheme with Silver Ice detailing. The Sapphire Black fuel tank, Carnival Red infill with a Silver Ice coachline graphic, and various other black and silver components create a truly luxurious aesthetic.

For those seeking a touch of grandeur, the Rocket 3 GT comes in two sophisticated colour options. The metallic Sapphire Black underlines the bike’s muscular presence, while the Sapphire Black and Carnival Red scheme with Silver Ice detailing adds an extra layer of style.

The Tiger models also receive attention with their striking new schemes. The Tiger Sport 850 is available in two distinctive options: a bold Graphite and Diablo Red scheme, as well as a sophisticated Graphite and Jet Black combination. These designs feature a combination of black, graphite, and red elements, enhancing the bike’s adventurous spirit.

Triumph’s award-winning Tiger Sport 660, known for its versatility, now presents riders with three stylish colourways. The Snowdonia White and Jet Black option provides a clean and elegant appearance, while the Jet Black and Graphite scheme adds a touch of darkness. The third option, Korosi Red and Graphite, stands out with its bold and distinctive appeal.

Two new special editions Tiger 900 is set to join Triumph’s lineup for 2023, according to the latest vehicle certification filed in Australia. 

  • Latest certification confirmed the arrival of two special edition models.
  • The special Aragon Edition Tiger is to celebrate Ivan Cervantes 2022 success. 

The special edition models will comprise the road-going Tiger 900 GT and the off-road equipped Tiger 900 Rally. 

According to reports, it is likely that the pair is to celebrate Ivan Cervantes’ victory at the 2022 Baja Aragon. 

That said, the special edition Tiger 900 GT and Rally is also likely to feature the same racing livery on the Tiger 900 Rally Pro ridden by Cervantes back in July.

Interestingly, the document reveals that the Tiger 900 GT Aragon Edition is 1.8kg heavier than the Tiger 900 GT Pro while the Tiger 900 Rally Aragon Edition is 3.1kg heavier than the Tiger 900 Pro. 

While the certification did not explain the reason behind the extra weight, both Aragon Edition is likely equipped with extra goodies. 

Mechanically, both the Tiger 900 GT Pro and Tiger 900 Rally Pro features the same 888cc inline triple. 

After teasing us with the Speed Triple 1200 RR Prototype and the Tiger Sport 660, the lads at Hinckley decided to drop a set of photos on the new Tiger 1200 prototype.

Triumph Motorcycles has been making serious waves in the industry ever since they launched the Tiger 900 range in 2019.

Words of mouth were quick to suggest that the next obvious move is to introduce an all-new Tiger 1200; however, the British marquee decided to focus on the middleweight segment, with the Trident 660.

Nonetheless, waiting is over as Triumph Motorcycles has provided a clear look into the upcoming Tiger 1200.

Clad in a camo overall, the Tiger 1200 looks more aggressive than its 900 range, especially with a broader front fascia and bigger LED headlamp.

However, it remains to be seen whether 1200 will feature the new Euro 5 T-plane engine configuration like the Tiger 900.

The T-Plane engine provides an uneven firing order, resulting in a more efficient drive at low rpm and extra push at high rpm, which makes the 900 the best adventure motorcycle that you can enjoy on and off-road.

We like the new Tiger 1200’s slimmer and minimalistic bodywork compared to another manufacturer – which we can’t mention who, but they do speak Germans.

Triumph also confirmed that the new adventure motorcycle is significantly lighter than its closes competition.

We have to wait for its official unveiling for further confirmation, which we think will happen anytime soon.


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