Ducati Malaysia menawarkan promosi khas bagi peminat motosikal jenama motosikal Itali itu.

Sah sehingga 31 Mac 2023, setiap pembelian Ducati Monster (berharga RM75,900) kini akan disertakan dengan ekzos slip-on Termignoni bernilai RM11,000 secara percuma!

Ekzos Termignoni itu bukan sahaja meningkatkan rupa estetik Monster malah turut mempertingkatkan kuasa dan deruman enjin secara keseluruhan. 

Untuk rekod, generasi baharu Ducati Monster ini juga bernadikan enjin baharu, Testastretta 937cc silinder berkembar (twin-cylinder) 11-darjah yang menjana 111hp pada 9,250rpm dan 95Nm pada 6,500rpm.

Antara ciri ditawarkan termasuk:

  • Ducati Quickshift (up/down)
  • ABS Cornering
  • Traction control
  • Wheelie control
  • Launch control.
  • Tiga mod tunggangan; Sport, Urban dan Touring
  • Paparan TFT 4.3 ini berwarna

If you’re a motorcyclist, then you know that one of the most important aspects of any bike is the sound it makes. Whether it’s a low rumble or a loud roar, the sound of your bike can make all the difference in your riding experience.

  • Enjoy a complimentary Termignoni Slip-On Exhaust worth RM11,000 with every Ducati Monster bike purhcase.
  • The promotion is valid until 31st March 2023. 

And if you’re a Ducati Monster fan, then you know that nothing beats the sound of a powerful engine revving up to speed.

But what if you could take that sound to the next level? What if you could make your bike roar even louder and more powerfully than ever before? Well, now you can, thanks to the Slip-On Termignoni Exhaust, available on your next Ducati Monster bike purchase priced at RM75,900.

This complimentary upgrade is worth RM11,000, and it’s an opportunity that no Ducati rider should miss out on. The Slip-On Termignoni Exhaust is a masterpiece of Italian engineering, designed to enhance the power and sound of your bike like never before.

With this exhaust, you can hear the difference in every rev of the engine. It’s not just a louder sound, it’s a fuller, more robust sound that matches the look and feel of your Ducati Monster perfectly. You’ll feel the power of your bike in a whole new way, and you’ll turn heads every time you ride by.


But don’t wait too long to take advantage of this amazing offer. As with any great opportunity, there are terms and conditions that apply. So if you want to upgrade your ride and experience the full power and sound of Italian engineering, then now is the time to act.

If you own a Ducati Panigale V4, chances are you might have swapped out the standard exhaust in exchange for a performance-oriented exhaust system.

However, if you are in the market to search for a new one, you are in luck as Termignoni has just dropped the D200 full titanium twin-pipe exhaust system.

The D200 offers the proper bump in performance and sound, including substantial weight reduction, and creates a whole new aesthetic of the Panigale V4 by replacing the stock underbelly exhaust with an under tail setup.

The full-kit features titanium headers, titanium RHT silencers with carbon fibre end-caps, heat shields, brackets, ‘ Limited Edition’ plate, and (lasered) Titanium wording.

However, do not that the new D200 titanium exhaust system is only for track-use; therefore, they are not street-legal.

The Termignoni D200 titanium exhaust is available for EUR6,344 (RM31.2l).

  • Luigi Termignoni pioneered many exhaust technologies.

  • They included the first aluminium silencer and titanium full system.

  • He was 75 years old.

We may see most bikes equipped with Akrapovic and lately SC Project exhaust systems these days, but back in the 90’s, Termignoni was the biggest name, especially on Ducatis. It was the work of one man, Luigi Termignoni who passed away yesterday, aged 75.

Termignoni started out by opening his Ducati, Kawasaki and Honda dealership and workshop in 1969. He became engine tuner for the next 20 years.

By 1971, he bought the first dyne bench to test his products. See the lack of dedicated exhaust systems, he began producing the first for the Kawasaki inline-Four. The first exhausts were handmade.

He began working with Bimota in 1976, creating different systems for different models. By the end of the decade, Termignoni had produced the first ever aluminium silencers.

He company expanded in the early 80’s and the pioneer began working with Honda in their endurance racing efforts. Fred Merkel won the World Superbike Championship in 1988 on a Honda RC30 fitted with a Termignoni exhaust system.

Not only that, his exhausts were seen as the best by the field and almost every factory used them, including the Ducatis, giving them their signature voice. Since then, the company has seen 16 World Superbike Championship, 10 MotoGP, 2 Paris-Dakar Rally and Rally Raid World Championship titles.

Heading into the 90’s, it was Termignoni who pioneered the titanium full system.

Much of his work and innovations have been adapted by other makers. A moment of silence for a great man.

There’s a new Termignoni exhaust for the 2018 Ducati Panigale V4 and it’s called the Termignoni 4 Uscite.

4 Uscite means “four exits” and it gives a whole new look for the Panigale V4 especially its underseat design.

The 4 Uscite will be available starting this month but no news on its pricing just yet.

Giant aftermarket exhaust manufacturer Termignoni has just dropped a huge beautiful bomb in the form of a full system exhaust for the 2018 Ducati Panigale V4. The new exhaust system has been graced with the name Termignoni 4 Uscite or “four exits”. (more…)

  • New upgrades with a weight reduction of around 7kg

  • Horsepower increase to 98hp

  • Revised bodywork with new parts

Honda has released their latest version of the highly successful CRF1000 aka the Africa Twin Rally. This news came to being after a European publication at revealed the somewhat leaked but highly probable news. (more…)

The XTR Pepo Siluro is one radically cool custom Ducati Monster 1200.


The Mike Hailwood Scrambler Ducati by Ducati Thailand oozes awesome everywhere you look.


Extreme and racy-looking Ducati draXter concept bows in annual Verona Motor Bike Expo. (more…)

The new and limited 2015 MV Agusta F4 RC homologation special officially and fully revealed.


Alleged photos of new and more potent MV Agusta F4 RC surfaces at an online forum.


Before we proceed, let’s get one thing straight, a motard is a class of bike that is a cross-breed between a road-going bike and a dirt bike. It uses regular street tyres instead of dirt types, features a high ground clearance, and requires an upright seating position. Unlike a proper supersports or cruiser, motards are a totally different riding experience, and it can be as quick as any other depending on how brave the rider is. (more…)


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