• Khairul Idham Pawi a.k.a. SuperKIP was the first Malaysian rider to win in a world championship.

  • His first win was in Argentina in 2016.

  • He is currently recuperating after a number of surgeries to his right hand.

Khairul Idham Pawi a.k.a. SuperKIP will always be remembered as the first ever Malaysian racer to win a race (and added another later) for the country in a world championship.

His first win was in the Moto3 race at Argentina in 2016 and would go on to win another three months later in Germany. He has since moved up the Moto2 championship in 2017.

But he’s been missing from the Moto2 grid lately, and his PETRONAS Sprinta Racing Team substituted him with Mattias Pasini and Jonas Folger.

The injuries to his right hand turned out to be more serious after his crash in Jerez in May this year. Surgeons had to partially amputate the little finger.

Pawi made a comeback at the Czech Republic round in Brno but acute pain forced him to withdraw halfway through the race.

Further surgeries caused him to miss the Austrian round. MotoGP surgeon Dr. Xavier Mir inserted a screw into the reconstructed bone in Pawi’s finger. The surgery was performed in the Hospital Universitari Dexeus in Barcelona, Spain.

Pawi aims to return to the Moto2 grid when fully fit. However, he may not recover in time for the Malaysian MotoGP round.

There are currently talks of him moving back to Moto3 next year to replace Ayumu Sasaki in the PETRONAS SRT outfit, while Hafizh Syahrin takes his place in the Moto2 PETRONAS SRT team. We shall wait for the official announcement.


  • Bintang Moto2 Malaysia, Khairul Idham Pawi telah menubuhkan sebuah akademi perlumbaannya sendiri.
  • Superkip Racing Academy akan menyertakan penunggangnya dalam siri perlumbaan Cub Prix 2018.
  • Pasukan berkenaan akan diuruskan oleh ayah Superkip, Pawi Omar.


  • Malaysian Moto2 star, Khairul Idham Pawi had set up his own racing academy.

  • The Superkip Racing Academy will enter riders in the 2018 Cub Prix season.

  • The team will be managed by Superkip’s father, Pawi Omar. 

Young age and a busy schedule at MotoGP did not stop Malaysian Moto2 rider, Khairul Idham Pawi, from training young riders through his own Superkip Racing Academy.

In addition to training, the academy based in Kampung Gajah, Perak, also took a step further by campaigning in the national professional racing stage, namely in the PETRONAS AAM Malaysia Cub Prix Championship in 2018, in the CP115 and Wira categories.

Among the early riders of the SuperKIP Academy are Khairul’s younger brother Anuar Ibrahim Pawi, besides Honda Wave Alpha Challenge riders Md Afizat Supaat, Md Amer Rossi Amidi, Md Hazim, and Md Haziq Rosmaza.

“Selection of riders has been done since the mid-season of the Cub Prix 2017 Championship where we saw and evaluated potential rivals competing in the Honda one-make race series.

“After listing some riders, we invited them to undergo my training session as soon as the Cub Prix Championship ended in Johor, last November. We did different approaches where these riders did not only undergo intensive training, but also provided accommodation here. In addition to training on the circuit, they also underwent training such as fitness, cycling, and others according to the set schedule,” said the 19-year-old rider.

Commenting on the target against all riders, Khairul said, “This is the first year the team is competing at the Cub Prix while the riders are also competing for the first time in the higher classes. We did not set the target too high, we’ll be satisfied with top five finish, and would definitely be very happy if they could climb onto the podium.

“The competition will be fierce and they will be forced to face more experienced teams and riders, including my former team, Idemitsu Kozi Yam Honda Racing. The competition is certainly great and I hope the riders can gain useful experience this year.”

He added, “This team will be supervised by my dad as I’m in Europe a lot next year. Nevertheless, I will always watch them race live on social media when I’m not involved with racing and always get the latest updates from team management.”

Meanwhile, Khairul’s father, Pawi Omar, who will act as team manager, said the plan to set up the academy arose after Khairul won the Moto3 race in Argentina and Germany.

“In the early stages, the academy was created to provide guidance to local youths who are interested in racing before deciding to go further.”

“The way we formed Khairul all this time will be used to guide other riders. Most important is the support of the riders themselves. We are pleased that the families of the riders in the academy are fully supportive and willing to let their children live with us for training and preparation for the Cub Prix race, “he explained.

Artikel oleh: Wahid Ooi Abdullah

  • Red Bull telah menganjurkan satu sesi ‘meet & greet‘ bersama dengan Khairul Idham Pawi, lebih dikenali sebagai Superkip.
  • Red Bull telah memainkan peranan penting dalam kerjaya Superkip sebagai seorang pelumba.
  • Superkip menganggap tahun 2017 sebagai tahun untuk belajar dan maju ke hadapan.


  • Reb Bull organised a pleasant meet-and-greet session with Khairul Idham Pawi, better known as Superkip.

  • Red Bull has been instrumental in Superkip’s career as a racer.

  • Superkip regards 2017 as a year of learning and making progress.

The Gardens, Mid Valley, 25th October 2017 – Well, it is the Malaysian MotoGP week and this is the best time to meet our favourite riders and idols, whom we won’t get to see the whole year ’round, except for maybe during the pre-season Winter Test. Then again, we don’t get to meet riders in other classes other than MotoGP, either.

Thanks to Red Bull, they set up a meet-and-greet session with national hero, Khairul Idham Pawi, better known as Superkip. In fact, Red Bull has been instrumental in Superkip’s progress through his career.

His exploits isn’t only known in Malaysia, but also worldwide when he won two Moto3 races in his first full season last year, which gives him the distinction of being the first Malaysian to have ever won a GP race of any class. Many Malaysians fondly remember the first time when Negaraku was played at the track and beamed into millions of homes around the world.

He has since moved up into Moto2 for the 2017 season, in the Idemitsu Honda Asia Team, riding a Kalex. Although he seemed to be struggling, it is a normal part of a steep learning curve. Give this 19-year-old from Perak some time and you can be sure Negaraku will be played again.

Red Bull had also organized a brief Q&A session with Superkip.

Question: You seem to be a little quiet since joining Moto2. What’s your opinion on that?
Superkip: To me this year is about learning, as I don’t have much experience. I’ve only one season each in the CEV Junior Championship and Moto3. I need more time but am growing more in tune with my Moto2 bike now, so I hope to perform well this weekend.

Question: Will there still be space for improvements this year?
Superkip: Insy’Allah there will be. There are still two races left and I’ll be testing for 2018 after the last round in Valencia.

Question: Will you be targeting a podium position this weekend?
Superkip: Realistically speaking, a podium finish may be difficult to achieve at the moment. The most important aspect for me is to keep improving.

Question: That difficulty is due to? Is it the machine? Or the team?
Superkip: It’s definitely not a problem with the machine or team. The struggle is with learning a new bike, which needs time.

Question: Are there or is there anyone who supports you through this time of need?
Superkip: Of course, my team, family friends, fans. Thank you for your support.

Question: There are those of the opinion that you were thrust into Moto2 too quickly?
Superkip: That may be true, although joining Moto2 at an early stage is also good thing as I’m already prepared from an early age.


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