China-based motorcycle manufacturer, Benelli, has recently revealed its latest sportbike, the Tornado 402.

  • Following the success of the Benelli 302R sportbike launched last year, the company has increased the displacement and introduced the Tornado 402.
  • Powering the Tornado 402 is a 399cc liquid-cooled, fuel-injected, parallel-twin engine.

The Benelli Tornado 402 boasts a fully-faired body with an aggressive stance, featuring eye-catching elements such as a single-sided swingarm and full-LED lights. Its striking appearance is complemented by premium components, including an inverted Marzocchi front fork and a centrally mounted rear monoshock.

The bike is equipped with dual Nissin radial calipers for the front brakes and a single rear disc, ensuring reliable stopping power. Additionally, the Tornado 402 comes standard with dual-channel ABS and a full-color TFT display. Impressively, the motorcycle weighs a mere 172 kilograms, contributing to its agility and maneuverability.

Underneath its stylish exterior, the Benelli Tornado 402 is powered by a 399cc liquid-cooled, fuel-injected, parallel-twin engine. With an eight-valve cylinder head, the engine delivers an output of 47.5 horsepower at 10,000 rpm and 26 pound-feet of torque at 8,000 rpm. These performance figures align closely with the Kawasaki Ninja 400 and the recently introduced CFMoto 450 SS, also known as the 450 SR in certain markets across Europe and Asia.

Meanwhile, Benelli plans to launch the Tornado 402 in the global market thus will go head-to-head with popular machines like the KTM RC 390, Kawasaki Ninja 400, and Honda CBR500R. While pricing details have yet to be disclosed, the Tornado 402 is expected to offer a competitive price point.

Yamaha Malaysia has announced the release of two new colours for its popular Yamaha YZF-R25 motorcycle. The new colours, Midnight Star and Racing Blue, have been added to the model’s existing range of colours. These new colours are expected to give the Yamaha YZF-R25 a stylish and trendy look.

  • the R25 continue to appeal to younger and new riders with the introduction of two new colourway. 
  • powering the R25 is the tried and tested 249cc inline-two engine. 

Starting from 23rd March 2023, the Yamaha YZF-R25 in the new colour selection will be available at all authorized Yamaha dealers nationwide. The recommended retail price for the new model is RM 22,998.00, excluding registration fees and insurance coverage.

Additionally, new owners of the YZF-R25 will be able to enjoy an added benefit by receiving a Yamaha safety disc lock worth RM 100 with their purchase.

The Yamaha YZF-R25 is a popular model that is well-known for its power and speed. The motorcycle is powered by a 249 cc, in-line two-cylinders, Dual overhead camshaft (DOHC) engine producing 26.4 kW at 12,000 rpm and 22.6 Nm of torque at 10,000 rpm. It also comes with anti-lock braking system (ABS) & LED Turn Signals Lights.

The addition of new colours is expected to make the Yamaha YZF-R25 more appealing to young riders who are looking for a trendy and stylish motorcycle. The Midnight Star colour gives the motorcycle a sleek and elegant look, while the Racing Blue colour gives it a more sporty and aggressive appearance.

We knew that CFMoto 450SR is coming to Malaysia awhile back but we just received confirmation from MForce Bike Holdings that the 450cc sportsbike is now available in Malaysia with a recommend selling price of RM28,888. 

  • Features a peppy 449cc parallel-twin with 270-degree crankshaft, good for 50HP and 39Nm.
  • The 450SR also features a host of premium components, including Brembo M40 brake callipers and switchable ABS. 

CFMoto gains worldwide attention especially in Asia and Europe with their impressive range of motorcycles including the CL700, NK650, and the 650GT.

The brand is known for bringing bike bike to the budget-conscious market including the quarter litre sportbike, the 250SR.

However, the 450SR is an all-new motorcycle altogether and features premium specs. 

Powering the 450SR is a 450cc parallel-twin DOHC engine with 270-degree crank capable of pumping 50hp @ 9,500rpm and 39Nm @ 7,600rpm with a compression ratio of 11.1:5.

Power is delivered to the rear wheel via a final chain drive mated to a six-speed transmission.

Other notable features include a 5-inch TFT curved instrument display with smartphone connectivity and USB charging port.

With a 14L fuel tank and a kerb weight of 169kg, the CFMoto 450SR is definitely a strong contender in the 400cc to 450cc segment. 

Pengedar rasmi jenama CFMoto di Malaysia, MForce Bike Holdings dengan rasminya melancarkan CFMoto 450SR untuk pasaran tempatan dengan harga jualan rasmi RM28,888. 

Menariknya, harga tersebut adalah lebih rendah berbanding harga pengenalan yang diumumkan pengedar terdahulu tahun lalu. 

Untuk rekod, CFMOTO 450SR dibangunkan daripada model prototaip SR-C21 yang didedahkan sebelum ini.

CFMoto 450SR merupakan jentera sportsbike bernadikan enjin parallel-twin 449cc dengan ‘270-degree crank’ yang berkeupayaan menghasilkan 50hp dan 39Nm. Angka kuasa itu sekaligus meletakkan CFMoto 450SR antara pesaing utama Kawasaki Ninja 400 (49hp) dan KTM RC390 (44hp).

Selain daripada enjin berkuasa, CFMoto 450SR juga datang dengan rekaan yang sporty dan agresif termasuk menawarkan ciri ‘winglet’ yang terdapat pada model prototaip SR-C21 sebelum ini.

CFMOTO juga mendakwa 450SR ini mampu merekodkan kelajuan maksima 190km/j dan menawarkan perbatuan efisien dengan adanya tangki 14L.

Antara ciri lain ditawarkan termasuk:

  • skrin TFT
  • lampu LED penuh dengan DRL
  • ABS Bosch
  • slipper clutch FSS
  • soket pengecas
  • brek Brembo M40 (depan)

Menurut CFMOTO Malaysia, 450SR ini akan hadir dengan dua pilihan warna. 

Jedi Motors, a new motorcycle manufacturer from China, had expressed interest in entering the global market. Now, it seems that this plan is becoming a reality as the company has announced its latest sportbike, the Vision K750. 

  • Jedi Motors is another Chinese motorcycle company aims to make it big in the global market. 
  • The Vision K750 is Jedi’s first attempt to penetrate the two-wheel segment. 

Set to debut in 2023, the Vision K750 started as a futuristic concept before gradually evolved into a production-ready model in late 2022, with significant changes to its styling. 

While the concept looked like it belonged in the Star Wars universe, the production model’s aesthetics now resemble the MV Agusta F3, with diamond-shaped headlights and aggressive lines on the bodywork. 

The sportbike appears to feature premium technology, including radially mounted Brembo calipers, inverted forks, a rear monoshock, and a single-sided swingarm on the rear end.

Mechanically, the Vision K750 is expected to feature a 730cc liquid-cooled, fuel-injected, parallel-twin engine, with an output of around 70 horsepower. 

It is uncertain whether it will have an uneven firing order or a 180-degree crank, but it will likely be comparable in power to the Kawasaki Ninja 650 and Yamaha YZF-R7.

Yamaha has updated its YZF-R25 sportsbike with a trendy purple livery called Dark Blueish Purple Metallic. 

  • The R25 gets new updated with new colour scheme in Japan. 
  • Underpinnings of the quarter-litre sportsbike remains unchanged. 

If you seen such colours before that’s because it is the same colour scheme introduced in the US for the YZF-R3. 

Interestingly, the new colour not only look exciting but also gives the bike somewhat of a throwback of the old sportbikes from the 90s. Perhaps something from the 1994 FZR1000?

Thankfully, the out of place Vivid Orange Metallic introduced last year has been retired. However, if the purple is too much, you can opt for Deep Purplish Blue Metallic and Black Metallic instead. 

Nevertheless, the 2023 R25 continue to offer the same bodywork and underpinnings. 


Mechanically, the R25 feature s a 249cc parallel-twin, liquid-cooled engine that cranks out 35.5hp @ 12,000rpm and 30Nm @ 10,000rpm. That said, the quarter litre sportsbike  offers decent performance for both the city and twisty roads. 

Coming in new for the Malaysian market is the entry-level Aveta VZR250 sportsbike which is dubbed to be the most affordable quarter-litre motorcycle in its class.

  • The VZR250 is Aveta’s eight model introduced in Malaysia. 
  • The entry-level sportsbike is fully assembled in Malaysia. 

Priced at just RM14,998, the VZR250 makes 24hp and 21Nm from its single-cylinder 250cc DOHC 4-stroke engine. Power is delivered to the rear wheel via a manual six-speed transmission with chain final drive.

According to Aveta, the VZR250 offers precise fuel consumption thanks to its electronic fuel injection (EFI) system). 

Stopping power consist of dual disc brakes with radially-mounted 4-pot brake callipers at the front and 2-pot brake callipers at the rear. 

Unfortunately, while the rest of its competitors features ABS (anti-lock braking system), the VZR250 relies on CBS (combine-braking system) commonly found in smaller-capacity machines.

The CBS system works by activating both the front and rear brakes when engaging the rear brake. 

According to our sources in Aveta, the VZR250 is assembled locally in Malaysia and is rebadge from the Taro GP1 motorcycle currently available in other global markets.

The Aveta VZR250 is available in Jet Black, Fire Bird Red and Air Force Blue. 

There is a rumour ongoing that Honda could be working on a more powerful Honda Fireblade for 2024 which is set to debut in Japan next year.

  • Honda’s rumoured to be working on a “full power” CBR1000RR-R Fireblade.
  • The new Fireblade could make public debut in October 2023 at the Tokyo Motor Show. 

Apparently, Honda wants to introduced a ‘final edition’ Fireblade before emissions regulations begin to tighten as reported by Webike. 

The latest generation Fireblade introduced in 2020 was considered at the time to be the most powerful, with 215hp on tap. However, the latest iteration was not considered successful as the CBR1000RR-R could not compete with Ducati’s Panigale V4 R, Yamaha’s R1M and Kawasaki’s ZX-10RR at the WorldSBK.

Evidently, Honda has not won a single race in the WorldSBK despite finding success in Japan including winning the Suzuka 8 Hours earlier this year.

That said, Honda wants to return to the front row with a new generation CBR1000RR-R Fireblade ready for 2024, with a public debut at the Tokyo Motor Show in October 2023.

However, the new machine still needs to adhere to the current Euro5 emission standard.

Nevertheless, these are just rumours and no confirmation coming from Honda just yet but it would make sense for Honda to actually working on an even powerful and capable sportsbike. 

Entry-level sportbike from Thailand, the GPX Demon GR200R has make its way to Japan signalling the brand plans to expand its exposure to a wider market. 

  • GPX has expanded its reach to the Japanese market with the introduction of the 2023 Demon GR200R.
  • The 200cc sportsbike is equipped with modern features including an adjustable rear monoshock by YSS. 

GPX is a Thailand-based motorcycle manufacturer that is popular not just locally but also throughout South East Asia including Malaysia. 

Although most of its components, including engines are sources from China, the assembly process is taken place in its Thailand facility.

Currently, GPX offers a wide range of models including maxi-scooters, retro-style cafe racers and streetbikes.

However, the Demon GR200R is the sportiest model available from GPX’s portfolio. Available at JPY539,000, the Demon GR200R is a basic yet capable entry-level sportbike that features front and rear disc, inverted front fork and a preload-adjustable rear monoshock from YSS. 

The 2023 model year gets a new full-colour digital LCD display and revised graphics. 

Powering the GR200R is a 198cc single-cylinder, liquid-cooled, fuel-injected 4-valve engine that makes 19hp and 17.6Nm of torque.

The GPX Demon GR200R is suspended by a steel trellis frame that uses the engine as a stressed member. Therefore, the centre of gravity remains low and ensure a better handling on the road. 

Thanks to the seven-step rear suspension adjustment by YSS, riders can fine-tune the bike’s suspension to their liking. 

According to reports, GPX is already accepting pre-orders for the GR200R with deliveries expected to commence early 2023. 


KTM made a surprised announcement when they introduced the track-only KTM RC 8C back in June last year.

  • 24 units of newly-produced KTM RC 8C to be made available in Australia and New Zealand.
  • The RC 8C is powered by a 899cc parallel-twin engine producing 128hp. 

The introduction of the RC 8C marks the Austrian firm’s comeback into the supersport segment after the discontinuation of the 1190 RC8. 

At the time, only 100 of these bad boys were made, and only those who were lucky enough managed to get their hands on the ultra-limited RC 8C.

However, if you’re currently residing in Australia and New Zealand, KTM has some fantastic news for you at the land down under as 24 units of newly-produced RC 8C are making their way there. 

According to KTM, the RC 8C is on sale for AUD56,990 in Australia and AUD61,999 in New Zealand, with online orders that will open starting October 19, 2022.

Now, you might think the RC 8C is just another sportsbike considering it runs on the same 889cc engine found in the 890 Duke. 

We can assure you that is not the case, and although it shares the same powertrain as the Duke, the RC 8C is as race-focused supersport as it gets.

When they said the RC 8C is similar to a race bike, they meant it, especially when the carbon-reinforced fibreglass superstructures are heavily inspired by Red Bull KTM Factory Racing MotoGP RC16 and only weighs 140 kilograms (that’s 26 kg lighter than the Yamaha YZF-R25)!

Underneath that vibrant-orange panel sits an 889cc parallel-twin LC8 DOHC with an eight-valve (taken from the 890 Duke R) strategically placed in a specially designed 25CrMo4 tubular steel frame and capable of producing 128hp.

The RC 8C gets a 43mm WP Apex Pro 7545 with a handmade closed cartridge front fork assembled by the same team responsible for making and maintaining the suspension of the RC16.

Meanwhile, the rear is managed by a WP APEX PRO 7746 monoshock equipped with separate compression and rebound adjustments to make the bike suits the need of every race track on the planet.

Other exciting features include:

  • 16L tank
  • Dymag forged wheels with Pirelli SC1 slick tires
  • pair of Brembo Stylema callipers
  • 290mm floating disc at the front
  • 230mm floating disc at the rear
  • Brembo 19RCS Corsa Corta radial brake pump
  • Akrapovic titanium exhaust

As we were saying, the KTM RC 8C is a full-blown track beast and lucky Australian and New Zealanders will get a chance to get their hands on a very potent sportsbike. 

QJMotor teases new sports model that packs the same 550cc parallel-twin as the upcoming MV Agusta Lucky Explorer 5.5.


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