• Projek Skully Helmet telah dihidupkan semula dengan bantuan beberapa orang pelabur yang baru.
  • Ahli perniagaan Ivan Contreras dan Rafael Contreras telah berjaya memperolehi SKULLY, Inc. dan menjenamakan semula syarikat berkenaan kepada SKULLY Technologies.
  • Berikutan satu ‘email blast‘ yang dihantar oleh pemilik baru di SKULLY Technologies, ianya kelihatan seperti mereka akan mencuba sebaik mungkin untuk memperbetulkannya.


The Skully Helmet project has been revived back from the dead thanks to a couple of new investors.

Businessmen Ivan Contreras and Rafael Contreras acquired SKULLY, Inc. and has rebranded the company to SKULLY Technologies.

Following the email blast sent by the new folks over at SKULLY Technologies, it seems that they will try their level best to “make this right”.

Looks like Skully Helmets are back in the game, folks. Following a recent email blast sent by Skully Technologies, it seems that the dead project has risen from the ashes yet again thanks to a couple of new investors pumping some proper funds into the company. (more…)

  • Suzuki has plans to develop their very own heads-up display (HUD) helmet for the future of motorcycling

  • The usual HUD unit will not just display vital information but also relays live video feed of the rear which plans to replace the conventional rear view mirrors

Nuviz Rider POV

Suzuki is currently working on helmet development technology that will enable riders to receive vital information related to their motorcycle or journey via a heads-up display unit. As this is a great potential in the future of motorcycling, more and more major bike manufacturers are getting involved in this high-tech wizardry. (more…)

Innovative motorcycle helmet startup Skully ceases operations.



A California-based start up called Skully Helmets have introduced their groundbreaking solution for future motorcycling, an integrated HUD helmet. (more…)


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