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Ducatistis in northern Malaysia now has one of a kind shopping experience where they can get anything from the latest Ducati motorcycles to original Ducati equipment as well as Ducati branded merchandise.

Ducati Penang has been the cornerstone of everything Ducati in northern Malaysia for about a decade now. Through the years, the company has gone through many changes, but the one thing that has not changed though is its passion for the brand.

It is through this passion that Ducati Penang had invested time and money to improve the shopping experience at its premises.


The premises offers an experience like no other. The spacious premises ensures that there is plenty of room in between motorcycles so that you can gawk at your favourite Ducati from every angle possible.

The premises also makes it easy to display all the original aftermarket accessories available for all Ducati motorcycles. Such as the original Termignoni exhaust kit, Termignoni mufflers, carbon-fibre accessories and the works.

For those who love to wear their favourite brand with pride, Ducati Penang offers a full range of merchandise for you to wear with pride. Not only that but there is also original Ducati riding gear such as the ultra-smart and comfortable Ducati Smart Jacket.

The Ducati Smart Jacket comes with an integrated airbag that deploys when the sensors built into the jacket detect a crash. This happens in milliseconds and is the first round of defence to keep you safe in an accident.

Ducati Penang has everything that fans and owners of the brand could possibly want, and the best thing is, they are even willing to come to you. So if you have a Ducati that needs to be serviced or repaired, give Ducati Penang a call and they will be at their doorstep.

Ducati Penang is located at No 26, Jalan Dato Keramat, 10150, George Town, Pulau Pinang, and can be contacted at 04-226 5932.

It is said that variety is the spice of life, and no where can it further from the truth (other than the obvious) than when shopping for motorcycle accessories and gear.

No one likes to travel to some place only to be offered limited options.

Ever walked into a helmet shop and walk out disappointed because they only offered a single brand and helmet type? It’s quite frustrating.

So then, let us tell you about a shop that is rumoured to be the most well stocked motorcycle shop in northern Malaysia.

It’s called Sheng Fatt Motor and it is located just a stone throw’s away from Komtar, on Penang Island.

It is so close you could almost have a regular conversation with someone standing on the Komtar side of the street.

So to debunk the myth, we decided to visit it ourselves.

Admittedly, we had visited it some years ago when it was first starting out.

It was a very different story back then, but a colourful story right now.

The shop, which also houses the Ducati Penang showroom and official merchandise area, also displays Aprilia and Moto Guzzi models.

That’s because Sheng Fatt Motor is the official dealer for Ducati, Aprilia and Moto Guzzi in northern Malaysia.

In fact, the company is also the company behind Harley-Davidson of Penang, which is located in Juru but is an entirely different story altogether. That’s context for you.

So we will say it here – it is true that Sheng Fatt Motor of Penang Island is very well stocked.

They offer 12 different brands and all of them original items. No pirated crap here.

The shop is the official outlet for Alpinestars merchandise and as such offers quite an impressive range of Alpinestars gear such as shoes, tshirts, riding suits, gloves, jackets and adventure gear.

They also offer GIVI merchandise, KYT helmets, Ixon riding gear, Five gloves, and even Quad Lock phone mounts and accessories.

Besides a vast array of helmets from Arai, ARC and HJC, Sheng Fatt Motor is also the only shop in northern Malaysia that is able to offer a customised fitting for Shoei helmets.

We learned that for a limited time, you can enjoy a customised fitting of any Shoei helmet that you purchase from Sheng Fatt Motor.

Why bother? Because there is nothing more comfortable than a helmet that perfectly hugs your head with zero pressure points. You should try it.

But besides that, the shop also prides itself in the fact that it is one of the only (or perhaps the only) shop in Penang that can “service” your helmet for you.

So this is how it works – you can send your helmet of whichever brand to Sheng Fatt Motor, they will then carefully take apart whatever it meant to be taken apart, wash it properly, dry it, and put it back in place properly.

And you have to admit that our helmets could do with a proper in and out wash. So why not let the pros handle that.

Sheng Fatt Motor is fast becoming the place to hang out and shop in Penang, not just for its product diversity but also because it has something for every type of biker no matter what bike they ride.

Want something today and pay for it later? Done. There is an easy payment program for every single item for sale in the showroom. Talk about convenience.

And if you can’t get to Penang, Sheng Fatt can come to you.

The company has an active social media and e-commerce team so you can check out their Facebook page here, and their Shoppee page as well as their Lazada page.

Looking for that GIVI rain jacket or looking for that custom Shoei? Or perhaps you want that latest Scandinavian riding bag from Point 65 that is well known for giving you perfect lumbar support and spine protection.

Give them a visit or call the team at Sheng Fatt Motor at 019 662 8932 or 04 227 8932.

  • Aprilia Malaysia dan Sheng Fatt Motor telah mengadakan sesi bual bicara anjuran bersama mereka yang pertama di Pulau Pinang.
  • Program ini bertujuan untuk memberi sokongan buat para pemilik Aprilia di utara Malaysia.
  • Aprilia Malaysia dan Sheng Fatt amat menitik beratkan perkhidmatan selepas jualan.


  • Aprilia Malaysia and Sheng Fatt Motor held their first joint “shop talk” in Penang.

  • The program aims to support northern Aprilia riders.

  • Aprilia Malaysia and Sheng Fatt are serious in providing aftersales service.

Buying a bike from a dealer is easy but finding the right dealer who will continue to take care of you long afterwards is not. Sheng Fatt Motor Sdn. Bhd., a true O-G of the motorcycle scene in Penang, recently showed how it takes care of its customers.

The company, in partnership with Aprilia Malaysia under the new distributor Didi Resources Sdn. Bhd., recently held a ‘shop talk’ session for its customers as well as any biker who wanted to join in.

Mr. Goh Kian Sin, Managing Director of Didi Resources said, “The following initiative is part of our action plan to further strengthen the brand value and ownership experience via our new refresh network throughout Malaysia. The key is sourcing the right partner to deliver the objective together. Today our northern customers can rest assure that their bikes are in good hands”

Mr. Goh Kian Sin (left) and Mr. Kheoh Hock Seng (right)

The talk was hosted by Kheoh Hock Seng, the Managing Director of Sheng Fatt Motor together with the Aftersales Manager of Aprilia Malaysia, Idon Pang. The duo touched on topics such as bike care and maintenance, guidance on buying and using the correct riding gear. The event included a tour of the new official workshop for Aprilia motorcycles in Penang.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who attended the shoptalk. Our objective was to share as much knowledge as we can with everyone who attended and judging by the turnout and the enthusiasm everyone showed, I am happy to say that it was a success,” said Hock Seng.

The talk, which was attended by about 20 Aprilia riders and of other makes, was held at the company’s showroom at No. 24, Jalan Dato Keramat, Penang.


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