It is difficult to imagine a world without motorcycles. Not only do they save time and money but they are also awesomely fun.

But according to reports out of the UK, there are some employers who are discriminating against their motorcycle riding employees for riding their bike on world-related journeys.

Well, believe it or not, the British Motorcyclists Federation (BMF) is sounding the alarm on exactly that.

According to Alex Parsons-Hulse from the BMF, they’ve caught wind of ‘several’ companies putting the brakes on employees using motorcycles for work-related trips. We’re talking about legitimate stuff here – visiting suppliers, meeting clients, or attending a conference. And to add fuel to the fire, there are instances where employers are saying, “Sorry, leave your bike at home,” when it comes to the daily commute. Smells a bit like discrimination based on transportation choices, doesn’t it?

The BMF isn’t sitting idly by; they want the scoop. They’re urging people to come forward and spill the beans on these situations. So if you are reading this from the UK and your boss has ever pumped the brakes on your bike for work trips or made you ditch it for the daily grind, the BMF wants to hear your tale.

It is difficult to imagine such a thing happening here in Malaysia, in fact there is no chance of it ever happening here. So our hearts go out to our motorcycle riding brethren in the UK.

Ducati Malaysia officially introduced the next-generation Ducati Scrambler 800 for the local market. 

  • Available in three variants, Icon, Full Throttle and Nightshift the new Scrambler is set to take the Land of Joy to new heights. 
  • While we may call it the next-gen, the latest Scrambler range received a small technical updates and stylistic changes across all three models; Icon, Full Throttle and Nightshift. 


As matter of fact, the 2023 Scrambler range continue to feature the same two-cylinder Desmodue engine albeit with a smaller clutch and alternator cover featuring an “X” logo. 

The clutch now features eight disc, ensuring a smoother and lighter gear change during the pull of the lever.

That said, the engine is now 2.5kg lighter than the previous generation which contributed to a total weight loss of 4kg. 

Here’s our review of the 2023 Ducati Scrambler:

New Scrambler Ducati Redefines The Art of a Fast Friendly Machine!

Ducati also claimed that the new Scrambler is sportier thanks to new rear subframe that is now separated from the main frame, while bearing-mounted shift drum contributes to a smoother shifts. 

Meanwhile, all three range now features ride-by-wire, Ducati Traction Control and two selectable riding modes; Road and Wet and a redesigned fuel tank. Additionally, the motorcycle also equipped with Cornering ABS and a quickshifter (only available on the Full Throttle trim). 

Scrambler Full Throttle – RM69,900

The Scrambler Full Throttle is the creme de la creme across all three variants of the Scrambler family. 

Firstly, it is the only model in the range to feature a quickshifter as standard. 

In addition, the model also features the number #62 as a nod to the original scrambler introduced in 1962, a flat-track skid plate. sportier style seat, with a race-inspired GP19 Red/Dark Steath livery, shorterfront mudguard,red wheel tags and Termignoni exhaust. 

Scrambler Nightshift – RM69,900

The Nightshift continue its elegant design and ergonomics from the previous generation. The cafe racer-style Scrambler gets side number plates, minimal front mudguard and a small LED indicators.

New for 2023 is an all-blacked out spoke wheels, flat-set handlebars and bar-end mirrors. 

Scrambler Icon – RM62,900

The Icon is the most customizable among the three with the headlight covers, wheel tags and mudguards are all replaceable. 

There are now six new exciting colours and nine liveries to choose from. Ergonomically, the Icon features lower handlebar and tapered seat. 

According to Ducati Malaysia, the fist delivery will commence in October.

Ducati has experienced unprecedented success in the first half of 2023, surpassing all previous records with its remarkable sales figures.

  • Delivering an impressive 34,976 motorcycles worldwide, the Italian-based company has achieved a 5 percent growth compared to the same period last year.
  • The Ducati Multistrada V4 continue to hold its ground as the firm’s most in-demand motorcycle. 

Francesco Milicia, Ducati VP Global Sales and Aftersales, expressed his satisfaction with the outstanding performance.

“This first half-year marked Ducati’s best-ever delivery record, with 34,976 bikes successfully reaching our passionate clients. This achievement demonstrates the continued appreciation for our wide-ranging product lineup.

“Although we faced supply bottlenecks last year, the intense competition in the post-Covid era, coupled with improved product availability, has motivated us to enhance customer satisfaction further. We are inspired by the trust our Ducatisti place in us,” he said.

Analyzing the market performance, Italy emerged as the leading market for Ducati, with 6,639 motorcycles delivered during the first half of 2023, representing a growth of 10 percent compared to the same period in 2022.

The United States ranked second, witnessing an 11 percent increase in sales with 4,505 bikes delivered. Germany secured the third position, experiencing an impressive 13 percent growth with 4,217 motorcycles delivered.

Among Ducati’s extensive range, the Multistrada V4 emerged as the top-selling model, with a staggering 6,382 units delivered globally from January to June 2023. Following closely behind, the Monster, Ducati’s iconic naked sports bike, claimed the second spot with 4,299 motorcycles delivered worldwide.

The Scrambler Ducati 800 family secured third place, with 3,581 bikes finding enthusiastic owners.

Exciting news awaits motorcycle enthusiasts, as Ducati has already unveiled five new color schemes for its motorcycles in preparation for 2024. The SuperSport 950 S offers the Stripe Livery, featuring a striking combination of white, grey, and red, further enhancing the bike’s sporty elegance.

The Monster has received a stylish upgrade with the addition of the new Iceberg White color option. Street art enthusiasts will appreciate the new Graffiti Livery Evo on the Hypermotard 950 RVE, infusing the fun bike with an even trendier aesthetic.

The Panigale V2 is now available in the captivating Black on Black Livery, combining boldness with performance. Finally, the Multistrada V2 S boasts the Thrilling Black & Street Grey color scheme, adding a sporty attitude to everyday travel.


Triumph Motorcycles is set to inject a burst of color into its Modern Classics range for 2024, delighting fans of the iconic Bonneville family.

  • The upcoming lineup will feature 12 vibrant new color options across various models, adding a fresh and stylish dimension to these beloved motorcycles.
  • The iconic Bonneville T100 gets a stylish update with two-tone paint scheme.

Starting with the Speed Twin 900, riders will have the choice of the Carnival Red & Phantom Black combination or the Competition Green & Phantom Black scheme. These striking new color options come with a distinctive tank stripe design, creating a visually captivating effect when contrasted with the Phantom Black finish on the side panels and mudguards.

Meanwhile, the Speed Twin 1200 receives two equally eye-catching paint schemes. Riders can opt for the rich Carnival Red & Storm Grey combination or the contemporary Matt Ironstone & Matt Storm Grey choice, both of which beautifully complement the ever-popular Jet Black option.


For those with a penchant for adventure, the Scrambler range has exciting new additions. The Scrambler 900 now offers a bold Cosmic Yellow & Graphite color option alongside the signature Matt Khaki and classic Jet Black choices.


On the other hand, the Scrambler 1200 XE and XC models come in three stunning colorways. Riders can choose between the sophisticated Sapphire Black, the signature Matt Khaki and Matt Jet Black, or the stylish new Matt Sandstorm with a Jet Black stripe, headlight bowl, side panels, and brown bench seat.

The legendary Bonneville T100 receives a stylish update with the introduction of the Competition Green & Ironstone two-tone paint scheme. Hand-painted Aluminium Silver coachline detailing adds a touch of elegance, while the Jet Black headlight bowl, side panels, and mudguards complete the look. The classic Carnival Red & Fusion White and Jet Black options continue to be available for this iconic model.

Similarly, the Bonneville T120 offers a fresh twist with the contrasting monochrome Jet Black & Fusion White two-tone option. Hand-painted metallic gold coach lining highlights the timeless design, complemented by the Jet Black headlight bowl, side panels, and mudguards. The bold Cordovan Red & Silver Ice paint scheme and the classic Jet Black option complete the lineup for the Bonneville T120.

Adding to the allure, the Bonneville T120 Black introduces the sophisticated Matt Graphite scheme. This new color choice combines gloss and matt finishes, accentuated by hand-painted silver coachline detailing. The Jet Black headlight bowl, side panels, and mudguards create a sleek and polished appearance.

Fans of the Bonneville Bobber can now enjoy a fresh take on this original custom icon. In addition to the distinctive Jet Black and bold Red Hopper choices, Triumph introduces the stylish new two-tone Jet Black & Ash Grey scheme. With a Jet Black and Ash Grey fuel tank, Jet Black side panels, and mudguards, this color option adds a touch of elegance to the Bobber’s timeless appeal.

The Bonneville Speedmaster, Triumph’s British customer classic, offers three captivating color choices. Riders can opt for the classic Jet Black, the sophisticated Cordovan Red, or the stunning new Pacific Blue & Silver Ice two-tone option with gold coachline detailing. A Sapphire Black headlight bowl, side panels, and mudguards complete the aesthetic package.

Last but certainly not least, the iconic Thruxton RS receives a new two-tone Jet Black & Silver Ice color option, joining the classic Jet Black scheme. The Jet Black and Silver Ice fuel tank features gold coachline detailing, while the Jet Black headlight bowl, side panels, seat cowl, and mudguards, along with the Matt Silver Ice fork protectors, complete the sleek and sporty look.

With these fresh and vibrant color choices, Triumph Motorcycles is poised to captivate riders with an even more stylish and visually appealing Modern Classics range in 2024.

In another potentially collaboration, Triumph Motorcycles and Bajaj are believed to be working on the development of a 250cc scrambler motorcycle. 

  • several reliable Indian publications have reported sightings of the Speed 250 and Scrambler 250 models listed on the manufacturer’s website.
  • a 250cc scrambler could expand Triumph’s market reach globally. 

Bajaj has been entrusted with the production and development of the Triumph Speed 400 and Scrambler 400 X models, which were recently launched to great acclaim on June 27, 2023. 

By outsourcing production to Bajaj, Triumph aims to make its motorcycles more accessible to a wider range of riders around the globe.

The introduction of the Speed 400 and Scrambler 400 X motorcycles has significantly lowered the entry barriers to Triumph ownership, as these new models are considerably more affordable than the existing lineup. Prior to their release, the Trident 660 stood as the most affordable Triumph motorcycle. 

Although the purported listings of the Speed 250 and Scrambler 250 on Triumph’s website could not be independently verified, the multiple credible sources reporting their presence indicate that these models are either in development or already prepared for an imminent launch.

While it is essential to approach these reports as speculative until officially confirmed by Triumph, the introduction of a 250cc motorcycle series would undoubtedly strengthen the brand’s presence and appeal to a wider audience.

Triumph Motorcycles has introduced the highly anticipated 2024 Scrambler 400 X, the second model after the Speed 400. 

  • Designed as a retro-styled scrambler, it shares the same platform and engine as the Speed 400 but offers a distinct riding experience and aesthetic appeal.
  • The Scrambler 400 X is powered by the same 398cc single-cylinder engine as the Speed 400.

The Scrambler 400 X features the all-new 398cc single-cylinder engine found in the Speed 400, delivering an impressive output of 39.5hp @ 8,000 rpm and 37Nm @ 6,500 rpm. Triumph has made specific modifications to the frame, seat, handlebars, and footpegs to create a unique scrambler riding position and stance. 

Equipped with a DOHC four-valve single engine, the Scrambler 400 X incorporates finger followers to reduce valve train inertia and a reverse-rotating balancer shaft to minimize vibrations. It offers switchable traction control, an assist-and-slipper clutch, and a six-speed gearbox. 

The suspension has increased travel, with 150mm of stroke in the front and rear, catering to light off-road use. The Metzeler Karoo Street tires provide excellent grip on loose surfaces while maintaining on-road performance. The Scrambler 400 X also features several design elements typical of scrambler motorcycles, including hand guards, a headlight grille, an engine bash guard, and a radiator protector. 

Its frame design, a hybrid spine/perimeter configuration like the Speed 400, offers stability and control. The bike has a higher seat height of 833mm but remains suitable for most riders. With a weight increase of only 9kg compared to the Speed 400, the Scrambler 400 X tips the scales at just 179kg with a full tank of fuel. 

The braking system includes a ByBre four-piston radial front caliper with a larger 320mm disc and a rear brake with a 230mm rotor and single-piston caliper. The ABS system can be switched off for off-road adventures, setting it apart from the Speed 400.

Ducati has confirmed that it has no plans to expand its retro motorcycle lineup. Instead, the Italian motorcycle manufacturer is focused on its six-strong Scrambler range. 

  • Ducati latest Scrambler features revised frame, reworked electronics and a new swingarm. 
  • The Icon 800 now available in nine new colours. 

Accoding to the head of Ducati’s Scrambler program, Rocco Canosa,the company was concentrating on the Scrambler to provide a modern motorcycle with a classic flavour. 

The Scrambler range, which was introduced in 2015, was updated in late 2022 with an 800 range that features an updated frame, lean-sensitive electronics, a new TFT dash, and a new swingarm. 

The existing line-up consists of 18-inch front-wheeled uprights, with Ducati no longer selling the enduro-styled 800 Desert Sled, or clip-on clad Café Racer options.

Canosa stated that the Scrambler range was much larger than it appears, with the Icon available in nine different colors. 

“You can choose nine different bikes. It’s not just a matter of color. It’s a matter of personality and style,” he said. 

Meanwhile, Ducati is set to travel across Europe specifically to showcase the new Scrambler range to the masses. 

Nevertheless, Canosa also suggested that Ducati might introduce new models in the future based on customer demand, citing the Nightshift, which was created by looking at how customers customized their Scramblers.


Some retro and Scrambler fans may be disappointed by the lack of diversity in the range compared to other brands such as Triumph and BMW. However, Ducati’s focus on Scrambler seems to have been well-received by customers.

The company sold over 60,000 Scrambler motorcycles globally since 2015, making it one of the most successful Ducati models in recent history.

(source: MCN)

The Triumph-Bajaj partnership has been progressing steadily over recent months, and it seems that a new bike is on the horizon. A recent video posted on YouTube by The Fat Biker has given us the clearest look yet at a Triumph Bajaj test mule being tested on roads in India.

  • The test mule is seen with alloy wheels instead of wire-spoked wheels shown last year. 
  • Reports suggest the all-new motorcycle is likely to break cover towards the end of 2023. 

The bike is believed to be a 400cc machine, with a neutral and upright seating position and mid-mounted foot pegs. It features cast wheels (19-inch up front and a 17-inch in the rear), high-mounted fenders front and rear, and an underslung exhaust with a dual-tipped canister mounted low on the right side. LED lighting is present throughout the bike, and the speedometer is analog.

While it’s not yet clear when the new Triumph-Bajaj bike will be formally revealed, bike press in India believes it will happen later in 2023. 

The upcoming bike is expected to directly compete with other scramblers like the Royal Enfield Scram 411, the Yezdi Scrambler, and the Honda CB350RS.

With eight months to go until the formal reveal, enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting more information about this exciting new offering from the Triumph-Bajaj partnership. Stay tuned for more updates on this upcoming model.

CFMoto has revealed a second version of its Papio minibike series – the Papio XO-2. 

  • The new model features a retro scrambler styling, in contrast to the sporty look of the previous model, Papio XO-1.
  • Powering the Papio XO-2 is the same 126cc air-cooled engine. 

Both models share the same 126cc air-cooled single-cylinder engine that produces 9.4 horsepower and is paired with a six-speed gearbox. While the Papio XO-1 is available only in the US, the retro-styled XO series could be exported to other markets, with an official announcement expected this summer.

*CFMoto Papio XO-1

The Papio XO-2 has a high-mounted front fender, a one-piece seat, and a pillion grab rail, which gives it the look of a 1980s Dakar racer. The handlebars are taller and wider than those on the XO-1, and the footpegs are lower and farther forward, resulting in a more upright riding position. 

The bike has more deeply treaded tires for off-road use, and the bellypan has been removed to add more ground clearance. The twin headlights and mirrors carry the same XO design theme as the XO-1, with an “X” shape hidden inside one headlight and an “O” in the other.

The Papio XO-2 has the same dimensions as the XO-1 in terms of wheelbase, length, and weight, but it is wider due to the longer handlebar and taller due to the more upright riding position. 

CFMoto has been expanding its Papio range rapidly, with the electric version, Papio Nova, already available in China and expected to reach export markets in 2023. The Papio XO-1 joined the lineup last month, and the XO-2 is likely to follow with an official announcement this summer. 

While the export plans for the retro XO models have yet to be announced, they may be unveiled at international shows later this year and could hit markets outside China in 2024.

CFMOTO has recently launched the latest addition to its 700CL-X series, the 700CL-X Adventure (ADV), during its global launch at Intercity Istanbul Park, Turkey. The ADV model is designed to cater to riders who crave adventure and excitement.

CFMOTO has announced that the ADV model will be available in the Malaysian market from the beginning of April at a base selling price of RM35,888.

The 700CL-X ADV is the third model of the 700CL-X series, following the Heritage and Sport models launched in 2020 and 2021, respectively. Unlike the first two models of the series, this Adventure model is more focused on riders who love challenges and off-road adventures.

The 700CL-X ADV comes with a robust engine platform that is similar to the other CL-X models. However, the DOHC inline-twin cylinder, 4-stroke, liquid-cooled engine has been adapted for the Scrambler characteristics of this bike. The model offers a maximum power of 69Hp at 8,500rpm and a maximum torque of 60.9Nm at 6,500rpm, which optimizes the engine for off-road use, paying more attention to a low-speed linear output.

To cater to the off-road adventure riders, CFMOTO has raised the handlebars of the 700CL-X ADV by 30mm and back by 15mm, which gives the rider a more relaxed and calm posture to deal with external shocks and side-to-side sway. The model also comes with other off-road excesses, such as solid aluminum alloys, a higher ground clearance than the 700CL-X Heritage, and raised front fenders to prevent gravel and mud from getting stuck, making it easier to ride on unpaved roads.

In terms of convenience, the 700CL-X ADV is equipped with an electronic throttle that offers two options: Road Mode and Off-Road Mode. The model also features an intelligent lighting system where the automatic LED headlights with turn signals return to their original position. Additionally, the 700CL-X ADV comes with a T-box (optional) that has a built-in 4G module and a 6D sensor, which enables the rider to check the display of vehicle status, position, distance, etc., in real-time.

For the rider’s comfort, the saddle cushion is doubled, which balances the center of gravity when moving forward and backward while riding. With every purchase of the CFMOTO 700CL-X Adventure, buyers can enjoy a manufacturer’s warranty of two years or 20,000 km (whichever comes first).

The 700CL-X Adventure model is only available in Aurora Blue, and interested buyers can get it from any authorized CFMOTO distributor throughout Malaysia from the beginning of April. With the 700CL-X ADV, CFMOTO Malaysia aims to capture Malaysian adventure riders who want to explore new terrains and enjoy the off-road experience.

CFMoto Malaysia dengan rasminya memperkenalkan CFMoot 700CL-X ADV untuk pasaran tempatan dengan harga jualan rasmi RM35,888. 

CFMoto 700CL-X ADV itu sertai varian Sport dan Heritage yang telah pun diperkenalkan sebelum ini.

Berbanding Heritage yang menampilkan rekaan neo-retro sementara Sport pula lebih bercirikan kontemporari, 700CL- X ADV tampak lebih lasak dan agresif dengan elemen scrambler.

Model 700CL-X ADV itu diperkenalkan tiga tahun selepas syarikat motosikal China itu mendedahan model konsep ketika di EICMA 2019.

Perbandingan ketara antara ADV dan dua varian sedia ada adalah ciri Scrambler yang lebih ketara, ini termasuk penggunaan tayar depan 19-inci dengan rim jenis lidi (wire-spoke), serta kedudukan ‘beak’ (paruh) depan yang lebih tinggi.

Di samping itu, CFMoto turut memasang panel khas bagi memudahkan pemasangan ‘panniers’. Bukan itu sahaja, CFMoto 700CL-X ADV ini juga menawarkan mod menunggang ‘off-road’.

Namun, model baharu ini masih lagi dikuasakan enjin 693cc dua silinder yang sama seperti varian Heritage dan Sport, yang mampu menghasilkan 70hp pada 8,500rpm dan 60.9Nm pada 6,500rpm.

Baru-baru ini, kami turut sertai ‘Global Media Launch CFMoto 700CL-X ADV’ di Istanbul, Turkey dan berpeluang merasai sendiri kemampuan motosikal tersebut. 

Bajaj Auto dan Triumph Motorcycles telah pun memulakan beberapa sesi ujian terhadap motosikal berkapasiti kecil hasil kerjasama kedua-dua pihak sejak setahun lalu. 

Setakat ini, kami difahamkan bahawa terdapat dua model yang akan ditawarkan hasil daripada kerjasama itu membabitkan model 250cc dan 400cc dengan kedua-duanya dikuasakan enjin satu silinder.

Pada masa sama, laporan terkini mendakwa terdapat empat varian akan ditawarkan termasuk, scrambler, roadster dan cafe racer. 

Perkembangan itu sudah pun dijangka dengan Bajaj menawarkan Dominar 250 dan Dominar 400 ketika ini. Sekaligus memberi bayangan model Triumph itu juga akan digerakan platform sama. 

Hasilnya, kami jangkakan model 250cc itu akan menawarkan sekitar 27hp manakala varian 400cc pula sekitar 40hp, angka kuasa sama yang dihasilkan Dominar 250 dan Dominar 400 ketik ini. 

Dalam pada itu, ciri lain seperti sistem ABS dwi-saluran, klac slipper/assist, panel meter digital, fork USD, rim 17-inci dan lampu LED dijangka didatangkan secara standard. Beberapa gambar ‘spy shot’ yang dkongsikan sebelum ini juga mengesahkan perkara itu. 

Bagaimanapun, terdapat beberapa ciri yang dijangka membezakan antara keempat-empat varian itu seperti gambar yang disiarkan sebelum ini. Antaranya ekzos berkembar pada model scrambler dan ekzos tunggal pada varian roadster. 


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