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In what seems like a modern-day fairy tale for small businesses, Coventry-based motorcycle company, Arc, found itself racing into the limelight after Hollywood actor Ryan Reynolds shared his experience with their high-end electric motorcycle, the Vector.

  • Ryan Reynold heaps praise on his USD120k electric motorcycle. 
  • The Arc Vector is a high-performance electric motorcycle with a max speed of over 200km/h. 

Taking to Instagram, Reynolds shared his sheer joy of riding the Vector with his whopping 50 million followers. “I’ve never stopped giggling the whole ride,” the actor exclaimed, proclaiming it as the “coolest bike” he had ever experienced. And for those suspecting a promotional angle, Reynolds made it clear he had “no stake or connection” to Arc, simply sharing his genuine passion for the product.

The power of a single post from someone of Reynolds’ stature cannot be underestimated. Almost instantly, Arc found itself fielding a “huge amount” of inquiries and experienced a surge of interest on social media. Speaking to the BBC, Mark Truman, Chairman of Arc, mentioned how invaluable this kind of endorsement is for start-ups, admitting they “would never have been able to pay for that sort of celebrity endorsement.”

So, what is it about the Vector that got Reynolds so revved up? Arc boasts the Vector as the “world’s most advanced motorcycle”. The bike can zoom from 0 to 100km/h in a fleeting 3.2 seconds and can reach a top speed of 200km/h. Not just fast, the Vector also offers impressive endurance, with a range of about 430 kilometres on a mere 40-minute charge. However, all this tech and performance do carry a premium price tag, with each bespoke motorcycle starting at USD120,000 (RM558k).

Adding a personal touch, Truman shared how Reynolds reached out to them expressing that the Vector brought him tantalizingly close to a childhood fantasy – flying just above the ground, akin to Superman.

This serendipitous celebrity endorsement coincides with Arc’s recent launch in the US, where they’ve introduced two exclusive motorcycles for North American enthusiasts. And with the momentum from Reynolds’ post, they’re optimistic about attracting more high-profile aficionados.

  • Ryan Reynolds, bintang filem yang melakonkan watak Marvel Comic, Deadpool, adalah seorang penunggang motosikal tegar.
  • Dia meminati motosikal buatan khas dan café racer.
  • Dia menghilangkan tekanan dengan menunggang motosikalnya.


  • Ryan Reynolds, the superstar who portrayed Marvel Comics’ Deadpool is an avid biker.

  • He fancies café racers and customs.

  • He de-stresses by riding his motorcycles.

Okay, okay, it’s not what motorcycles Deadpool rides in the movies, but what superstar Ryan Reynolds who plays the (anti) hero rides.

Ryan Reynolds has actually been in the show business since 1991 but it was arguably the Deadpool franchise which made him an A-list celebrity. Anyway, it was revealed that he loved motorcycles more than cars in a number of interviews.

His character in The Hitman’s Bodyguard rode a Triumph Speed Triple, after all.

He told Men’s Health, “I love the fact when you’re on a motorcycle, riding a motorcycle is the only thing you’re doing.” Great advice on how to unwind from a busy schedule and parenthood.

Right, let’s take a look at what are in Deadpo… Reynolds’ collection.

Customized Triumph Thruxton

Reynold’s Triumph Thruxton is one of his most famous bikes and he was instrumental in the customization process. Triumph had presented the actor the bike but he wanted Kott Motorcycles of Los Angeles to build it to look like the old Thruxton.

Check out this short film called Invite the Unexpected.

Customized 1964 Triumph 650 “Nine O’ Clock Gun”

The Nine O’ Clock Gun is a naval cannon which fired every night at, you guessed it, 9pm everyday in his native Vancouver, Canada. It was designed and built by Factory Metal Works.

Triumph Bonneville and Triumph Tiger

Reynolds bought the modern Bonneville and the classic Tiger (not the Tiger 800 or Tiger 1200 adventure bikes) sometime in 2005.

If it’s not apparent yet, Reynolds loves café racers so these two were his first choices as he could customize them himself.

Speaking on Triumph’s For the Ride lifestyle microsite, he revealed that, “There aren’t many material things in life you can really invest in, but with a motorcycle it’s emotional. I’ve put a lot of time, energy and thought into my Bonnie.”

And he sure did put a lot of riding miles into the Bonneville, “My Bonneville is a bike that has taken me safety across the country on a least three occasions and there’s no substitute for the feeling that accompanies me on a long ride.”

Ducati Paul Smart Limited Edition

Reynolds had been spotted riding on a Ducati Paul Smart Limited Edition, the successor of the 1972 Ducati 750 Imola which commemorated the rider Paul Smart’s all-important victory at the Imola 200 race.

Although his collection isn’t as extensive as Jay Leno’s, who knows it may grow bigger soon.

A stunning short film featuring Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds and his custom Triumph Thruxton café racer built by Kott Motorcycles. (more…)


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