Petronas Solaris Besraya

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  • Stesen minyak Petronas Solaris Besraya Serdang telah dibuka semula selepas insiden yang berlaku semalam.
  • Beberapa buah kenderaan telah dilaporkan mengalami kerosakan setelah membuat isian semula di stesen berkenaan.
  • Siasatan mendapati bahawa air telah meresap masuk ke dalam tangki simpanan bawah tanah stesen tersebut.


  • The Petronas Solaris Besraya petrol station at Serdang has reopened.

  • A number of vehicles broke down after refueling there.

  • Water had seeped into an underground storage tank.

The Petronas Solaris Besraya petrol station at Serdang has reopened for business.

In news that made waves in social media, around 20 vehicles broke down just yards after filling up at the station. A number of owners had also complained online about their vehicles stalling after refueling there.

Petronas Dagangan Berhad (PDB) issued a statement later that day. They soon found that water had leaked into the underground storage tank. The carried isolated the contaminated tank and flushed it.

Petronas carried out further integrity tests after remedial works and a team is available on-site for further assistance.

PDB apologized and added that they will bear full responsibility for the incident, and will compensate the affected vehicle owners. They also gave assurance that other Petronas stations are not involved.

On another hand, the Director of the Enforcement Unit at the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs (Kementerian Perdagangan Dalam Negeri dan Hel Ehwal Pengguna – KPDNHEP) Datuk Mohd. Roslan Mahayudding told Utusan Malaysia that he had sent a number of officers to the station following the complaints online.

His officers found the same problem as Petronas did. But Datuk Mohd. Roslan added that “KPDNHEP have obtained petrol samples. We will look at this incident from the side of the law. We will take action if laws were broken.”


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