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  • A brand new Yamaha Y15ZR was presented to one lucky winner of the TuneBoss 2018 Lucky Draw Contest.

  • Mohd Fairus bin Abd Rahman from Ipoh entered the contest when he purchased a TuneBoss ECU for his Yamaha FZ150i.

  • The Yamaha Y15ZR grand prize will be fitted and tuned with a TuneBoss high-performance ECU before the official handover.

It was just last month when ECU expert TuneBoss announced their very special TuneBoss 2018 Lucky Draw Contest where one lucky individual will take home a brand new Yamaha Y15ZR. That day is finally here and that lucky fella is Mohd Fairus bin Abd Rahman! (more…)

  • TuneBoss engine ECUs are for tuning fuel-injected motorcycle engines.

  • It is used to unlock your motorcycle engine’s true potential.

  • Now a lucky customer will walk away with a newYamaha Y15ZR.

TuneBoss provides ECUs to enhance the performance of your motorcycle’s engine.

The fuel injection timing and amount, besides ignition spark timing and advance are controlled by the engine electronic control unit (ECU). While it is electronic, the tuning or more accurately, mapping has been pre-set by the manufacturer to provide compromises between outright power, fuel economy, emissions, engine longevity and other factors. It could be said that only a fraction of the engine’s full capability is utilized due to those compromises.

Tuning a bike – pic from

In order to retune the engine, you could use performance ECUs like those from TuneBoss.

And now its creator, FSR Technology wants to giveaway a brand new Yamaha Y15ZR.

The lucky draw will be held in conjunction with the 2018 Yamaha YZF-R25 Gathering at the Speedway Plus Circuit on 7th July 2018.

All customers stand a chance to win the grand prize. To complete the entry, you only need to follow the instructions in the “TuneBoss Bike Giveaway” post on Facebook.

The winner will be randomly picked via Facebook “Live” according to the ECU’s serial number. Proof of ownership is required by providing the receipt, ECU, warranty card and the product box to prevent entry by using stolen units.

This is not the first time FSR Technology has given away a motorcycle. Last year, Muhammad Zulhanif Hamidon won a TuneBoss-equipped Honda RS150R in a competition organised by the tech company.

FSR Technology was founded in 2011 by Farhan and Sufian, both electronic engineers. Their vision is to build a company based on “Research & Development” for leading product design.

It took them three years for the R&D work to produce TuneBoss ECU which was made possible through self-financing and also supported by a development grant from the Cradle Fund Sdn Bhd, an agency under the Ministry of Finance.

For more information please visit or call + 603-78315041 or drop a “Private Message” on the Facebook page.

Direct link to competition post

Please visit the link below for more information on the launch of their new products.

TuneBoss Launches Three new ECUs for Yamaha R25, Lagenda 115z and Honda RS150R

  • Pengeluar motosikal kebangsaan, MODENAS telah menganjurkan sebuah acara besar-besaran meraikan duah buah model Pulsar terkini mereka.
  • Pelbagai aktiviti telah dijalankan sepanjang hari sewaktu acara berkenaan berlangsung.
  • Hadiah utama cabutan bertuah acara berkenaan merupakan sebuah motosikal Modenas Pulsar NS200 serba baru.


  • National motorcycle maker, MODENAS held a grand event celebrating the two Pulsar models.

  • Many activities were carried out throughout the day.

  • Main lucky draw prize was a brand new Pulsar NS200.

Speedway PLUS Karting Circuit, 23rd December 2017 – There’s little doubt that the Modenas Pulsar NS200 and Pulsar RS200 is enjoying brisk sales and popular following since its launch earlier this year. It’s therefore high time Modenas to call for a gathering, called “Modenas Pulsar Power Test.”

The event kicked off with a Modenas Pulsar Owners Club (MPOC) convoy from the Modenas Emos headquarters in Glenmarie, Shah Alam to the circuit (more popularly known as the “Elite Circuit” or just “Elite”). More than 400 participants had started congregating there from 7am. The convoy got going at 8am and reached the circuit at 9am for the start of the event.

There were even more participants who went straight to Elite circuit, bringing the total to nearly 1,800 participants judging from the serial number of registered participants. While the majority were from the Klang Valley, many had rode all the way in from all regions in Peninsular Malaysia, including Penang, the East Coast, Johor, et al.

Modenas has set up many activities throughout the day. Modenas had also prepared 20 new Pulsar NS200 and Pulsar RS200 just for this event.

The main event was the “Power Test Ride” whereby existing owners and interested parties had the opportunity to test ride both the NS200 and RS200 on the track itself. Safety was the main concern and every test ride participant must wear the proper riding gear in order to be allowed onto the track.

The test ride was conducted in groups and a Modenas Cub Prix rider led them out on the sighting lap before waving the participants through to ride around at their own pace.

Outside the track, Modenas has set up special booths to service the customers’ bikes, while also offering service parts to owners such as engine oil, oil filter, spark plugs, air filter, and battery. Owners were also offered the opportunity to have their bikes’ electronic systems checked using the special diagnostic tester.

The slip road next to the booths were cordoned off all the way to the roundabout to form a straight-line acceleration test and slalom course, called “Power Time Attack.”

Up the little slope, an area was designated for stunt performance where the stunt riders performed wheelies, stoppies, burnouts of every sort.

Next to the stunt area was where the “Power Corner” demonstration and trials were carried out. The Modenas Cub Prix riders demonstrated the ability of the Pulsar NS200 and Pulsar RS200 could turn in a tight circle given a confined space, besides how stable the bikes were when leaned all the way over even at slow speeds. The riders did their circles with their knees fully planted onto the tarmac!

It wasn’t only about the motorcycle per se, as Modenas had called upon a few food trucks to provide sustenance to the participants. Here, a band played some great music, led by a girl with amazing vocals.

Prominent motorcycle luggage, riding gear and accessories manufacturer GIVI was also on-site with their event bus, displaying the options available for the two Pulsars. GIVI has also loaned full faced helmets to the participants who took part in the test rides.

Modenas carried out lucky draws throughout the day, giving away some great prizes. The last draw of the day was carried out at 5pm to determine the lucky winner of a brand new Pulsar NS200.

It was a great event from Modenas and we are happy to see the national brand thriving.


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