KTM 1090 Adventure

Gambar intipan KTM 1090 Adventure – Sumber imej: MCN
  • KTM sedang dalam pengemaskinian dan pengenalan model-model terbaru dalam kebanyakan rangkaian motosikal mereka.
  • Terbaru yang akan dikemaskini adalah model 1050/1090 Adventure.
  • Motosikal baharu itu mungkin sekali bakal dipertingkatkan dengan 1150cc selain daripada pelbagai kemaskini teknologi yang lain.


  • KTM is updating and introducing new models to most of their line-up.

  • Next on the list being updated is the 1050/1090 Adventure.

  • The new bike may get a boost to 1150cc besides other technological updates.

When KTM released the 1050 Adventure, it was intended to introduce newcomers to KTM’s world of adventure motorcycles. The biggest complained however was “not powerful” enough as it made “only” 95 bhp. KTM responded by offering the 1090 Adventure which produced 123 bhp.

KTM 1050 Adventure Travel Pack – Ready to Travel

However, the 1090 Adventure is essentially a tuned-up 1050 Adventure as they both share the same capacity. Besides that, the 1050/1090 design is getting a little long in the tooth. Factor in the upcoming 790 Adventure and you have a bike (the 1050/1090) that seems redundant, if not obsolete.

Lastly, KTM does not have a model which bridges the gap between the 1050/1090 Adventure and 1290 Super Adventure models.

KTM 1290 Super Adventure S Super Deal

With all this in mind, it is of no surprise that the Austrian behemoth seem to be testing a 1150cc-engined 1090 Adventure, reported MCN.

Sources close to MCN also reported that the upcoming bike should very well receive new electronic features to bring it up-to-date such as TFT display, lean-sensitive traction control and Cornering ABS, and perhaps a quick shifter.

KTM 1090 spy shot – Courtesy of MCN

The increase in capacity will equal an increase in power, naturally. It is speculated that it will be in the 130 bhp range or thereabouts.

Also, judging from the spy photograph, the new 1090 Adventure may also receive a fresh look similar to the 1290 Super Adventure for family resemblance.

The new bike should appear in 2019 for the 2020 model year, again, in time for the new Euro 5 emissions standard.


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