Jack Miller

Despite an early trip through the gravel and slapped with a double long-lap penalty, Jack Miller still managed to find himself as the winner at the French GP ahead of home favourites Johann Zarco and Fabio Quartararo.

It was a chaotic race at Le Mans as the race started in dry conditions before heavy rain hit the circuit after a few laps.

The scenario forced all rider to come into the pit lane to swap their bike.

The Ducati rider ran off the track and into the gravel on his way to pit lane and later caught speeding, resulting in the double long-lap penalty.

Quartararo also handed the same punishment for bike swap mishaps after he went into his teammates, Maverick Vinales, garage before jumping on his M1 with the bits of help from the pit crew.

The Frenchman managed to clinch a podium finish at third place to secure a lead at the championship standings with one point ahead of Francesco Bagnaia.

Meanwhile, Zarco returns to the podium with second place after missing out at the previous two rounds.

Miller later shared his takes on the crazy race.

“Winning two races in a row is a dream for me, especially after such a difficult race where I even had to take a long double lap and ended up in the gravel. So to be able to get this result is really extraordinary! The race was really long and tough mentally.

“I tried to keep my concentration and kept telling myself to stay calm. In this way, I managed the tyres well and saved them until the end, managing the advantage over Johann (Zarco), who was getting very close towards the end. It was really a fantastic victory!,” said the Australian.

Miller’s teammate, Bagnaia, wasn’t far off as he secured fourth place finished despite a bad start.

“I got a bad start and made a mistake on the first lap, going wide at Turn 6. Then, there was the flag-to-flag: it was the first time for me! It wasn’t easy, but in a way, I enjoyed it. In the beginning, I didn’t feel completely comfortable on the bike, but in the wet, I was able to find my rhythm right away.

“Finishing fourth in these conditions is a really good result, also considering that last year I was very slow in the rain. Now I am second in the Championship, just one point behind Quartararo, so I’m delighted,” he said.

Ducati will be back in action at their home turf in Mugello for the Italian GP at the end of the month.

Jack Miller grab his first MotoGP win since 2016 Dutch GP after leading a Ducati one-two finish at Jerez.

This is only the Australian second race win in MotoGP since graduated into the premier class in 2015.

Despite having Fabio Quartararo in front of him during the first half of the race, Miller managed to take the lead as the Frenchman facing some issues.

Ducati’s teammate, Francesco Bagnaia, now leads the championship with 66pts after clinching his third podium of the season at 2nd place.

Franco Morbidelli completes the podium in 3rd place on his 2019 YZR-M1 while teammate and 7th time MotoGP champion Valentino Rossi continues his poor form at 17th place.

Takaaki Nakagami was the fastest Honda rider in Jerez, equalling his career-best finished at 4th place despite still feeling the effects of his huge Portimao crash.

Meanwhile, what looks set to be Quartararo’s third successive win of the season took a wrong turn when the 21-year-old slid all the way down the pecking order before eventually finishing 13th.

Marc Marquez displayed a strong race in his second outing after finishing 9th, followed by Pol Espargaro in 10th.

Full result as follows:

Pasukan Ducati merekodkan kemenangan satu-dua di Litar Jerez menerusi Jack Miller dan Francesco Bagnaia .

Ini merupakan kejayaan satu-dua pertama Ducati sejak kali terakhir melakukannya di GP Republik Czech pada 2018 ketika itu bersama Andrea Dovizioso dan Jorge Lorenzo.

Ini merupakan podium sulung Miller musim ini selepas empat pusingan yang turut menyaksikan rakan sepasukan, Bagnaia sebagai pendahulu baharu kejuaraan dunia dengan 66 mata, dua mata di hadapan Fabio Quartararo.

Sementara itu, tempat ketiga jadi milik pelumba Petronas Sepang Racing Team (PSRT), Franco Morbidelli yang menunggang jentera YZR-M1 2019.

Pada masa sama, nasib malang menimpa Quartararo, yang pada suatu ketika mendahului separuh pertama perlumbaan sebelum masalah jentera menyaksikan dia menamatkan aksi di kedudukan ke-13.

Ini merupakan kemenangan pertama Jack Miller sejak kali terakhir melakukannya di Assen pada 2016.

Sementara itu, pelumba LCR Honda, Takaaki Nakagami, muncul pelumba Honda terbaik dengan menduduki tempat keempat diikuti juara dunia musim lalu, Joan Mir.

Dalam perkembangan sama, pelumba veteran, Valentino Rossi, terus mengecewakan apabila sekadar menamatkan aksi di kedudukan ke-17 manakala Marc Marquez terus mengutip mata dalam aksi kedua apabila menduduki tempat ke-9 meskipun bermula di petak ke-13.

Pusingan kelima MotoGP akan kembali bersambung pada 14-16 Mei ini di Le Mans, Perancis.

Keputusan penuh seperti berikut:

Ducati MotoGP has presented its 2021 factory Desmosedici during the team’s official presentation with Lenovo as title sponsor.

The Italian outfit will start the 2021 MotoGP world championship with two new riders, Jack Miller and Francesco Bagnaia, replacing Andrea Dovizioso and Danilo Petrucci last season.

The GP21 features a more dominant red, including the now painted aero winglet, which was in standard carbon black displayed last season.

Ducati also continues partnership with long-time sponsors, Audi, Givi, Flex-Box, and Riello.

*Jack Miller #43

For 2021, Ducati once again fields six machines on the track, with Miller and Bagnaia leading the pack alongside Pramac’s Johann Zarco and Jorge Martin and Avintia’s Enea Bastianini and Luca Marini.

#Pecco Bagnaia #63

Bastianini and Marini will kickstart the 2021 season with the GP19.

Luigi Dall’Igna, General Manager of Ducati Corse, expect big things coming from the two new riders.

“The start of a new season is always a special moment, and this year even more, as we have a completely new team. We have two new riders with us, Jack Miller and Pecco Bagnaia. Both are extraordinarily talented, they’re young, but they already have a lot of experience on our bikes.

“Jack (Miller) and Pecco (Bagnaia) have great potential, and I think that together we can fight not only to defend the Constructors’ Title won in 2020, but we can also aim for the Riders’ Title,” he said.

Meanwhile, Miller and Bagnaia could not contain their excitement after witnessing the GP21.

“The emotions I felt seeing my all-red Desmosedici and wearing my new suit for the first time were incredible! I still have to realize that I’ll be part of the official Ducati Team this year.

“It’s taken a long way to get this far, and finally being “in red” gives me a great sense of satisfaction, but also the right motivation to continue working with commitment and dedication towards my future goals,” Miller said.

“This will be a significant season for me because, for the first time, I’ll be wearing the colours of an official team. I’m proud to have achieved this first goal, and this year I will set my sight on even greater results,” explained Bagnaia.

Miller and Bagnaia will taste the new GP21 during the official pre-season testing in Qatar next month.

Ducati is set for the 2021 MotoGP season after announcing that Francesco Bagnaia will be moving up to the factory squad together with his current teammate in Pramac, Jack Miller. The 23-year-old Italian has shown very good progress on the Desmosedici GP20, good enough to secure the second factory seat. (more…)

If you thought that the 2020 MotoGP championship couldn’t get any more exciting, the Styrian GP at the Red Bull Ring, Austria presented one hell of an exciting race two weeks in a row. This weekend marks the 900th premier class race and Miguel Oliveira (Red Bull KTM Tech3) emerged as the winner at the home of KTM. (more…)

Well, where should we start? How about the fact that Andrea Dovizioso (Ducati Team) won the Austrian MotoGP round a day after he announced that he will be staying with the team for 2021? Or how about the drama-filled race full of crashes and incidents? One thing is for sure, this weekend will be the talk of the town for the next few years as one of the most sensational races in MotoGP’s history. (more…)

Sumber: JackMiller43

Ducati Corse mengumumkan Jack Miller sebagai pelumba pasukan MotoGP Ducati bagi musim 2021.

Ducati dan Miller telah pun mencapai persetujuan tersebut dengan opsyen untuk melanjutkan kontrak sehingga 2022.

Miller meluahkan rasa bangga atas peluang yang diberikan.

“Saya mahu mengucapkan terima kasih kepada Paolo Campinoti, Francesco Guidottti dan seluruh pasukan Pramac Racing atas sokongan yang diberikan kepada saya dalam tempoh dua tahun setengah ini.

“Adalah satu kebanggaan dapat meneruskan karier dalam MotoGP bersama Borgo Panigale jadi saya ingin ucap terima kasih kepada Claudio, Gigi, Paolo and Davide kerana memberi kepercayaan kepada saya.

“Saya tidak sabar untuk memulakan perlumbaan tahun ini dan kemudian meneruskan komitmen baharu sebagai rider Ducati pada 2021,” jelasnya.

Miller membuat penampilan sulung di MotoGP pada 2015 di usia 20 tahun sebelum sertai Pramac Racing (pasukan satelit Ducati) tiga tahun kemudian.

Dia menamatkan musim 2019 di kedudukan kelapan keseluruhan setelah merekodkan lima podium pada tahun sama.

The MotoGP 2021 silly season took quite a turn ahead of the start of the 2020 season as Ducati Corse announced that Jack Miller will be their new factory rider next year. The 25-year-old Australian finally sealed the deal after proving that he is indeed a force to be reckoned with on the Ducati Desmosedici race machine. (more…)

Marc Marquez menoktahkan status selaku juara dunia MotoGP musim 2019 dengan kemenangan di litar Valencia.

Dia turut berjaya mengurniakan kejuaraan dunia pasukan untuk Repsol Honda sekaligus menamatkan kempen terakhir MotoGP 2019 dengan kejuaraan berganda.

Meskipun kejuaraan dunia telah pun disahkan di GP Thailand, Oktober lalu namun senario itu tidak menyekat Marquez untuk memburu kemenangan ke-12 musim ini.

Pada masa sama, kegagalan pelumba Ducati, Danilo Petrucci untuk menamatkan perlumbaan susulan kemalangan dan Andrea Dovizioso sekadar menduduki tempat keempat, membenarkan Marquez menutup defisit dua mata sekaligus menghadiahkan pasukannya kejuaraan dunia.

Sementara itu, pelumba Petronas Yamaha, Fabio Quartararo terpaksa berpuas hati dengan tempat kedua dan Jack Miller ketiga.

Dalam perkembangan sama, Jorge Lorenzo berjaya menamatkan perlumbaan terakhirnya di kedudukan ke-13 selepas mengumumkan persaraan akhir musim ini.

Aksi Moto2 menyaksikan pelumba Red Bull KTM Ajo, Brad Binder muncul juara diikuti Thomas Luthi kedua dan Jorge Navarro ketiga.

Manakala saingan Moto3 menyaksikan pelumba berusia 16 tahun, Sergio Garcia (Estrella Galicia 0.0) menyambar tempat pertama diikuti Andrea Migno (Mugen Race) kedua dan Xaier Artigas (Leopard Impala Junior Team) ketiga.

Pelumba Honda, Marc Marquez, menampilkan aksi mantap sebaik perlumbaan bermula apabila kekal di kedudukan pertama sehingga ke pusingan akhir.

Sementara tempat kedua dan ketikga menjadi milik wakil Ducati, Andrea Dovizioso dan Jack Miller.

Marquez menoktahkan kemenangan sebaik perlumbaan bermula apabila tiada cabaran yang berjaya ditampilkan pesaing lain.

Pelumba Sepanyol itu menamatkan saingan dengan catatan masa 41 minit 57.221 saat sekaligus mengesahkan kemenangan kelapan musim ini.

Keputusan tersebut turut menyaksikan Marquez menerajui kejuaraan musim ini dengan perbezaan 98 mata daripada pencabar terdekat, Dovizioso.

Sementara itu, wakil tunggal negara, Hafizh Syahrin sekadar menamatkan perlumbaan di tempat terakhir.

Dalam perkembangan lain, saingan Moto2 menyaksikan wakil Red Bull KTM Ajo, Brad Binder muncul juara selepas mengetepikan cabaran Jorge Navarro (kedua) dan Alex Marquez (ketiga).

Manakala, kelas Moto3 berjaya dimenangi Aron Canet daripada Sterilgarda Max Racing Team diikuti Ai Ogura kedua dan Dennis Foggia, ketiga.

Aksi MotoGP bakal bersambung pada 6 Oktober depan di Litar Antarabangsa Chang, Thailand.

Pelumba KTM MotoGP, Johann Zarco mengumumkan dia tidak lagi akan mewakili pasukan berpangkalan di Austria itu selepas menerusi kenyataan yang dikongsi di laman Facebook miliknya.

Zarco mengakui bukan mudah untuknya membuat keputusan tersebut namun memberi jaminan untuk terus berikan yang terbaik untuk baki saingan yang ada.

Beberapa minggu lalu, KTM mengumumkan keputusan membawa masuk Brad Binder dari Moto2 bagi menggantikan wakil tunggal negara, Hafizh Syahrin di KTM Tech3.

Semalam, timbul desas-desus pelumba Pramac Ducati, Jack Miller, akan menggantikan Zarco di KTM dan pengumuman daripada pelumba Perancis itu seakan menguatkan lagi khabar angin tersebut melainkan Pramac bertindak menawarkan kontrak lanjutan kepada Miller.


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