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Honda has confirmed that their first production electric scooter will come into existence as early as 2018.

The recent comments made by Honda’s president and CEO Mr Takahira Hachigo, there will be a lot more electric and hybrid motorcycles in the works as part of their effort for the future.

Rumours have also been circulating that their next generation Goldwing will indeed be a hybrid variant powered by a 1,200cc petrol electric engine with an additional electric motor.

According to a recent report made by Visordown, Honda’s President and CEO Mr Takahira Hachigo has finalised all the necessary details to put launch their latest electric-powered scooter for 2018 in an effort to promote more sales and awareness towards electric vehicles worldwide. (more…)

The future of motorcycles and the motorcycling industry are slowly getting closer to a turning point which will lead to the next big thing in the two-wheeled universe.

From hybrid motorcycles to fully electric-powered bikes, the options of innovations are endless for motorcycle manufacturers.

The same can be said to the development of riding gears to ensure higher levels of safety and performance using the latest technologies.

As we head into the future, there are many folks out there whose trying their level best to embrace the inevitable and develop things that are truly extraordinary in many aspects of our lives. From the way we eat to how we travel, the future is all about improving our quality of living. (more…)


  • Persoalan mengenai sama ada motosikal pacuan semua roda benar-benar wujud atau pun palsu masih menjadi tanda tanya buat kebanyakan kita namun bagi sesetengah pengeluar, mereka telah pun memfailkan paten bagi motosikal hibrid versi mereka sendiri.
  • Pengeluar seperti Suzuki telah pun memfailkan paten bagi sebuah skuter maxi hibrid pacuan dua roda sementara BMW R 1200 GS ‘xDrive Hybrid’ kekal sebagai tanda tanya.
  • Walaupun ada yang mengatakan motosikal BMW hanyalah satu usikan ‘April Fool’ BMW yang dirancang untuk tahun ini, ada juga yang merasakan ianya bukan hanya sekadar satu gurauan.


The question on whether all-wheel drive motorcycles are real or fake remains a mystery to most of us but some manufacturers have already filed patents for their version of the hybrid motorcycles.

Manufacturers like Suzuki have already filed patents for a two-wheel drive hybrid maxi-scooter whereas the BMW R 1200 GS ‘xDrive Hybrid’ still remains a big question mark.

While some say that the BMW bike is just a well-planned prank for this year’s April Fool’s joke, some think that it’s more than just a joke.

The question on this particular mystery still remains. Is there any manufacturer out there planning to produce an all-wheel drive motorcycles anytime soon? The reason why this question came to be dated back a few years ago but the last month, BMW Motorrad actually announced they are indeed planning for an AWD BMW R 1200 GS with the ‘xDrive Hybrid’ system. (more…)


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