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  • The Honda PCX Hybrid combines a petrol internal combustion engine and electric motor.

  • It is the first working consumer hybrid motorcycle.

  • The motor assists the engine during acceleration.

While electric motorcycles are being fast-tracked for the impending datelines in various countries, Malaysia is still slow in implementing what could be remotely classified as “initiatives.” But fear not, there is another solution such as the Honda PCX Hybrid, which is sold alongside its petrol-powered brethren.

What is a “hybrid”?

The word “hybrid” describes something which is a combination. Hence, in a hybrid vehicle, the powertrain combines the traditional internal combustion engine with an electric motor which is powered by a battery or batteries.

How does it work?

The acceleration phase is where an internal combustion engine uses the most fuel, as compared to when we cruise at a steady speed on the highway. Therefore, the electric motor assists the 150cc petrol engine during the acceleration phase.

  • An alternating current generator (ACG) kicks in when you twist the throttle. Since electric motors deliver highest torque at lower RPMs, it’s ideal in assisting the engine.
  • The ACG provides 36% extra torque and 15% more power compared to the petrol engine.
  • Its power output are 1.9 hp (1.4 kW) at 3,000 RPM and 4.3 Nm of torque at 3,000 RPM.
  • The ACG is powered by a 48V lithium-ion battery. It sits under the seat, so it takes up some of the storage space.

  • Slowing down and braking charges the battery.
  • A power drive unit (PDU) is essentially the ECU which determines when the ACG is needed.
  • There are three “power modes.” “D” is for normal riding and optimum fuel savings. “S” sacrifices fuel economy for power. A third undescribed power mode disables Idle Stop and keeps the engine running at idle.
  • An indicator in the LCD screen shows if the motor is providing boost or charging.

Riding the 2019 Honda PCX Hybrid

The PCX Hybrid has the unmistakable PCX profile, that’s for sure, which in turn looks like a baby NSS300. It’s long and low-slung, so climbing on gives the immediate “welcome home to PCX” feel.

But I was surprised to find more than one car driver remarking about how good the bike looks. I kid you not. One Honda City Hybrid driver was drawn in by the bike’s good looks, only to discover that it’s a hybrid. We talk for nearly 30 minutes, with me doing the presentation like a salesperson.

I’ve also had more than one car driver winding down their windows and pointing to the HYBRID badge, “The bike is really a hybrid?”

The bike starts up just like any other twist-and-go scooter, meaning that you don’t have to go through 10 other steps to get it going.

At idle, the hybrid drive indicator shows one bar in the charging zone. The engine is quiet and has very little vibration.

Twist the throttle and WHOOAA! The bike actually took off instantly unlike any 125-150cc scooter! The hybrid indicator swung all the way into the ASSIST zone and doesn’t let up until you hit about 60 km/h. And that was in the “soft D” mode.

The ASSIST bar goes away completely when you cruise at any speed, but twist the throttle again and the bar returns, giving the bike a slight kick.

During testing, we came across a rider on a Yamaha Y15ZR who seemed keen to nail the green light. I switched the mode to “S”, held on to the grips and waited for the lights. We both gunned it as soon as it went green and the PCX Hybrid actually jumped half a bike length in front of the Y15ZR.

It caught him by surprise, and he started to slip back everytime he went for his clutch to shift gears. However, he went ahead in the end due to his petrol engine’s top-end power. Yet, I could still follow at one bike length behind, causing him to keep craning his head to look behind.

See what we’ve said time and again? DO NOT mess with electric bikes or a hybrid in this case.

But that’s crazy riding for the bike. The electric assist is for cutting down fuel consumption, instead of committing it to traffic light GP racing.

And safe fuel it definitely did, to much disbelief among us. Ridden calmly in “D” mode, we saw 1.9 litres/100km. That’s not a typo. Upping the pace with moderately strong take offs saw consumption increased to 2.2 litres/100km. Finally, riding in “S” mode like a screaming baboon hell-bent on scaring Y15ZR riders (full-throttle acceleration, hard braking, followed by more full-throttle acceleration) yielded 2.6 litres/100km. That’s beyond amazing.

At 1.9 litres/100km, you could theoretically cover 500km from the 11-litre tank. In the real riding condition, however, it means that you only need to top off the tank once if you ride it from Kuala Lumpur to Penang. Or not at all, if you could really maintain a steady pace and disciplined right wrist.

But it isn’t all about riding sedately. The PCX Hybrid is also a nice handling scooter. Most scooters tend to “wag” the front wheel in high-speed corners, but the PCX Hybrid didn’t do so at all. Bumps and potholes are any scooter’s nemesis, but this bike dealt with them much better. Besides that, the bottom of the fairing may look low but it never once scraped the road despite us trying our best.


The 2019 Honda PCX Hybrid should allay anyone’s fear of electric bikes, simply because it isn’t exactly one. You get high fuel economy combined with superb acceleration, while not needing to charge it.

Some may find it unsuited to Kuala Lumpur traffic, given the highways but that’s a small issue if you ride intelligently. The biggest benefit of the fuel economy would be for those who live in cities such as Penang, Melaka, or Johor Bahru where the roads are short and narrow. I think I’d only need to refuel once every three weeks or so if I were riding it in Penang. Even so, we refueled only once during our 11 days of testing it in Kuala Lumpur.

Besides that, I got us thinking and wishing that other bikes of different models will go hybrid, too.

Latsly, in case you don’t already know, we really liked the Honda PCX Hybrid.

  • Honda Japan akan menyewa jual skuter Honda PCX Electric kepada korporasi dan pemilik persendirian di Jepun.
  • Mereka juga menyasarkan untuk menyewa jual skuter berkenaan di seluruh rantau Asia Tenggara.
  • Skuter PCX Electric menggunakan dua bateri yang boleh ditanggalkan.


  • Honda Japan will lease-sell the Honda PCX Electric to corporations and sole proprietorships in Japan.

  • They are targeting lease-selling the bike across Southeast Asia, as well.

  • The PCX Electric uses two removable batteries.

The Honda PCX Electric will soon be available for lease sale in Asia.

The bike uses the popular PCX platform which has proven its worth in many countries across Asia. The scooter is well-known for its styling, comfort, reliability and fuel economy.

The PCX Electric, on the other hand, uses a 4.2 kW motor. The motor is fed by two 48V high-energy density lithium-ion batteries called Honda Mobile Power Packs, in turn. The batteries are removable for charging outside the vehicle. The owner may also charge with the batteries inside the bike. Honda says the charging time takes approximately 4 hours using the optional charger (batteries out of the bike), and 6 hours with the batteries in the PCX. A full charge provides a range of up to 41 km.

Honda targets corporations and sole proprietors for the lease sales project. Besides that, they are also looking forward to lease-selling the PCX Electric to other countries in Southeast Asia.

The manufacturer will also embark on a project to collect feedback from customers regarding their experience in using an electric scooter. Additionally, a bike-sharing service in the Tokyo district, besides a tourist destination bike-rental service experiment will commence in spring 2019.

Lease sales means one pays the monthly rental for a stipulated amount of time, and the manufacturer will provide a new bike upon the commencement of a new contract.

Vehicle lease sales is currently practiced in many developed countries but has not taken a firm hold in Malaysia.

  • Boon Siew Honda telah melancarkan skuter Honda PCX 2018.
  • Model terkini menerapkan pelbagai ciri-ciri yang baharu.
  • Honda PCX 2018 telah ditetapkan pada harga RM10,999. dengan 0% GST, tidak termasuk cukai jalan, insurans, dan pendaftaran.


  • Boon Siew Honda has launched the 2018 Honda PCX commuter scooter.

  • The new model incorporates a host of new features.

  • The 2018 Honda PCX is priced at RM 10,999 with 0% GST, without road tax, insurance and registration.

As promised, Boon Siew Honda has launched the 2018 Honda PCX urban commuter scooter.

The new PCX combines the luxurious feel, performance, convenience, ease of use and fuel economy of the previous model with a host of new features.

First up, the 2018 Honda PCX’s genuine good looks have been refreshed with new body panels for what Honda calls a premium, sharper and sportier look. Complementing the new appearance is a compact dual-LED headlight with integrated Daytime Running Lights (DRL). An LED taillight completes the new design.

The changes are not only skin-deep as the bike also receives an all-new and lighter steel duplex cradle frame, which results in a shorter wheelbase for improved manoeuvrability and road feedback. The suspension has also been improved and the addition of new 14-inch alloy wheels, 27o rake and 19mm trail should result in an easily controllable ride.

Hydraulically damped, telescopic forks support the front, while dual coil-over shocks suspend the rear and swing-mount drive unit.

The seat is a low 764 mm and the narrow waist gives easy ground access for manoeuvring at parking speeds.

No scooter will be complete without ample storage space. As such, there is a 25-litre underseat storage compartment. Not only that, the seat is propped up by a spring-loaded hinge to ease access. The compartment can accommodate a full-face helmet. There is also a glove box at the front which includes a 12-volt adaptor for charging electronic devices.

In keeping with the times, Honda has also given the new PCX a fully digital instrument panel. It displays every data a rider requires such as speedometer, digital clock, odometer, Idling Stop System indicator, oil change (service) reminder, fuel gauge and fuel consumption indicator.

Speaking of fuel consumption, it was the Honda PCX which set the bar on fuel economy. Firstly, the PGM-FI electronic fuel injection system delivers accurately metered amounts of fuel for optimised performance and economy. Secondly is the Idling Stop system which made its debut on our streets in the first PCX. The fuel injection stops the engine and fuel delivery after idling for three seconds while all electrical systems are still functioning. The engine is restarted when the rider twists the throttle. Honda claims the new PCX’s fuel economy could reach 51.2 km/l with the Idling Stop system activated. You can expect a good range with the 8-litre fuel tank.

The 2018 Honda PCX is powered by a 149cc, single-cylinder, SOHC, liquid-cooled, four-stroke engine with a bore and stroke of 57.3 mm and 57.91 mm, respectively. The engine pushes out a healthy 14.5 bhp (10.8 kW) at 8500 RPM and 13.6 Nm of torque at 6500 RPM.

The power is sent through a Honda V-Matic Dry-Type Automatic Centrifugal Clutch transmission on its way to the rear wheel. The transmission has been revised to further the range of gear ratios, hence delivering smooth acceleration and stronger acceleration from mid- to high-speed ranges, which makes it ideal for overtaking.

Also making its debut is the SMART Key System which incorporates keyless starting, anti-theft and answer-back features.

The 2018 Honda PCX is offered in the popular Pearl Metalloid White, and new Euphoria Red Metallic and Radiate Grey Metallic.

Boon Siew Honda priced at RM 10,999, with 0% GST, exclusive of road tax, insurance and registration.


  • Honda telah memperkenalkan motosikal PCX Electric dan PCX Hybrid di Pertunjukan Motor Tokyo 2017 kali ke-45.
  • Kedua-dua buah motosikal ini dijangka akan mula dijual di rantau Asia bermula tahun 2018.
  • Honda bekerja keras bagi menepati tarikh akhir yang ditetapkan oleh sesetengaha negara yang ingin ke arah kenderaan elektrik.


  • Honda has unveiled the PCX Electric and PCX Hybrid at the 45th Tokyo Motor Show 2017.

  • Both bikes are slated to be sold in Asia from 2018.

  • Honda is pushing hard to meet the datelines set by certain countries to go electric.

While we were on the edge of seats and cheering our hearts out for our favourite racers in the 2017 Shell Malaysia MotoGP, Honda has launched the new PCX Electric and PCX Hybrid scooters at the 45th Tokyo Motor Show.

Honda says that both bikes will go on sale beginning 2018 across Asia.

The Honda PCX Electric is a fully-electric scooter featuring a high-output motor developed by Honda. However, its most novel feature is the Honda Mobile Power Pack, which consists of two detachable lithium-ion battery packs. Can’t find a charging station? Remove the Power Pack and bring it to a plug point.

The Honda PCX Hybrid, conversely, uses Honda’s newly-developed and original hybrid system specifically for motorcycles. The compact hybrid system employs a high-output battery and the AC generator (ACG) similar to the starter-type Idling Stop System in the current petrol-powered Honda PCX 150.

Both PCX Electric and PCX Hybrid look similar to the petrol PCX, except for a few differences.

Honda is pushing hard to go electric to meet the datelines set by many countries to prohibit the production of internal combustion engines within the next decade or two, in the interest of reducing greenhouse gases which contribute to global warmin. Honda Motor President and CEO Takahiro Hachigo added that the PCX Electric is part of Honda’s goal to increase production of EVs to two-thirds of all vehicle production by 2030.

In Asia, India is leading the way to go electric, having proposed 2030 as the dateline, while China will complete their EV infrastructure by 2022. Malaysia, on the other hand, is still stalling.

Boon Siew Honda (BSH) has launched a brand new colour for their premium scooters of Honda PCX and Honda NSS300 that is the Candy Caribbean Blue Sea.

The Honda NSS300 is premium scooter that’s powered by a 279cc, liquid-cooled, single-cylinder engine that produces 25hp and 26Nm of torque.

The new NSS300 is priced at RM30,727.28 while the smaller yet stylish PCX sibling is at RM11,658.94 (basic prices with GST).

Boon Siew Honda Sdn Bhd (BSH) has announced that their premium range of scooters which consists the entry level Honda PCX and the high-spec mid-sized scooter, the Honda NSS300 will now be available in an exciting new colourway; Candy Caribbean Blue Sea. The new colour combined with the luxury scooters from BSH not only offer great style and looks but also premium riding experiences for all scooter enthusiasts in the country. (more…)

Some of our friends were inspired by Keshy’s conversion and are really going down the same route.  (more…)


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