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Updated 2022 Honda Super Cub 110 Pro announced in Japan, features a host of upgrades including a more torque, front disc with ABS, and more.


At the moment, we know that Honda plans to unveil the all-new Hawk 11 at the Annual Osaka Motorcycle Show on March 19, 2022.

So far, we also know the Hawk 11 will feature the widely used 1,084cc parallel-twin engine that’s also found in the CRF1100L Africa Twin, NT1100 and Rebel 1100.

Honda was also kind enough to showcase what the front end will look like in its first teaser.

However, the second teaser is much more enticing, as the Japanese manufacturer revealed the front fascia and the side profile.

Although the entire video was shown in a dark environment, you could see some exciting features.

Firstly, the video showed a glimpse of a Honda decal on the fuel tank, satin-finished metal accents, metal-like rear subframe with Hawk 11 decal on it.

The short video also showcased what the saddle would look like, but it’s so dark you can’t see the exact finishing used.

Although everything else remains a secret, the Hawk 11 is undoubtedly one of the bikes to look out for in 2022. 

Nevertheless, if you can’t wait until the official unveiling, you can always refer to Young-Machine render image – which we think looks eerily similar to the actual thing.

With less than two weeks to go before the official debut, stay tuned as we will bring the latest update on the upcoming Hawk 11.

European manufacturers are already in the market with big bore machines that feature radar-powered adaptive cruise control.

The Ducati Multistrada V4, KTM 1290 Super Adventure and the BMW R 1250 RT are among the motorcycles fitted with the fancy radar technology developed by Bosch.

Kawasaki emerged as the first Japanese manufacturer to introduce the technology with the H2 SX.

However, Honda is about to enter the game with the upcoming Gold Wing and Africa Twin, as reported by Motorrad Online.

While some manufacturers had to compromise the design to allow the sophisticated device to be fitted on (as showcased by the awkward nose section of the Multistrada V4), Honda will use the Gold Wing large fairing to integrate the radar unit seamlessly.

The Gold Wing will also get a rear-mounted radar system for a blind spot detection feature. We fancied the blind-spot function when we tested the Multistrada V4.

Meanwhile, we can expect the Gold Wing and the Africa Twin to get a more comprehensive instrument cluster to accommodate the radar warnings.

Some reports also suggest Honda might adopt the fancy heads-up display on the upcoming model.

Although some might think that all of these technologies is a bit too fancy for a two-wheeler, we, on the other hand, agree that it will make motorcycles, especially bikes like the Gold Wing, even safer to ride than it ever was.

In less than a few weeks after the bike’s first render image was first published by Japanese publication, Young Machine, it looks like the real deal is already upon us.

Honda just officially confirmed the existence of the new Hawk by dropping a teaser image of the upcoming motorcycle, the Hawk 11.

The Honda Hawk 11 is set to premier worldwide at the 2022 Osaka Motorcycle Show, which runs from 19 to 21st of March.

While the image did not reveal much, as of other teasers, it does showcased an extreme closeup of the headlight, cowl and turn indicators of the Hawk 11.

Nevertheless, the teaser itself is not far of the render image published by Young Machine a couple of weeks ago.

More importantly, as confirmed by previous reports, the Hawk will carry the same 1100cc parallel-twin engine (hence the “11”) widely shared among the CRF1100L Africa Twin, Rebel 1100 and NT1100.

While earlier reports suggest the Hawk 11 is intended as a replacement for the outgoing CB1100 and the CB1100 RS, rumours persist that it could end up replacing the CB1000R as well.

Yes, folks, rumours have been swirling around in Japan that the Dax ST125 could make a return soon.

After the success of the new generation Honda Monkey 125, Honda is reviving yet another classic minimoto from its past, the Dax ST125.

Japanese-publication, Young-Machine published the first speculative render image of what the revived Dax ST125 could look like back in March 2021.

Although it’s been a year since the image was first shared, the revival could well be on its way as YM shared an updated render image of the Dax ST125.

Moreover, there is an ongoing rumour that the next-generation Honda Dax ST125 could make an appearance at the 2022 Tokyo Mobility Show, which we think is an already unofficial confirmation that the minimoto is indeed on its way.

Looking at the newly updated render photos, we are pretty sure at this point that YM is sharing the production-ready version from Honda.

From the photos, it’s clear that, unlike the Monkey that caters to a single-rider setup, the Honda Dax ST125 features a saddle that can accommodate a pillion along with pillion footpegs.

While details remain scarce, the Dax ST125 could also feature the same transmission from the Monkey.

Anyway, if the rumours are correct, Honda might have an answer to all our questions in March this year.

Rata-rata mengharapkan Honda kembali menghidupkan legasi Honda CBR250RR 4-silinder (MC22) yang diperkenalkan pada era 90an.

Bagaimanapun sehingga kini, Kawasaki merupakan pengeluar sulung yang mengorak langkah pertama menerusi ZX-25R.

Apa pun, CBR250RR tetap mempunyai peminat yang ramai terutamanya di Asia termasuk di Malaysia.

Terbaru, pasaran negara menerima CBR250RR dengan pilihan warna Trico sekaligus menyamai ‘livery’ yang terdapat pada CBR1000RR-R Fireblade.

Bagi tahun 2022, Honda telah mengemaskini jentera suku liter itu bagi pasaran Jepun.

Namun, kemas kini tersebut hanya melibatkan rupa luaran (kosmetik) sahaja dan mengekalkan spesifikasi seperti model sebelumnya.

Untuk tahun 2022, Honda CBR250RR tampil dengan pilihan warna serba hitam (Graphite Black). Pilihan warna baharu itu membuatkan CBR250RR tampil lebih sporty dan elegan serta tidak semak.

Menurut laporan, warna baharu itu akan juga diperkenalkan di pasaran Asia lain termasuk Malaysia dan Indonesia tidak lama lagi.

Honda CBR250RR dikuasakan enjin parallel-twin 249.7cc dengan penyejukan cecair yang menghasilkan 40hp pada 13,000rpm dan 25Nm pada 11,000rpm.

Bagi pasaran Malaysia, CBR250RR ini ditawarkan pada harga RM25,999.

Honda has upgrade its entry-level game in the Japanese market by updating the CB400X and CBR400R for 2022.

The 400cc motorcycle now gets a host of upgrades which in turn making them a better performing road-bike in the country.

The 400cc displacement is built specifically to cater lower displacement license owners in Japan who finds obtaining a license for higher-capacity motorcycle painstakingly expensive. This in turn, is why the CBR400R and CB400X is popular in Japan.

Nevertheless, the CB400R and CB400X received premium components for 2022, which includes a Showa Separate Function Big Piston (SFF-BP) forks similar to the one available on the CBR650R. The SFF BP improve handling and cornering remarkably well, hence traslate to an engaging ride.

Following the footsteps of the recently updated CBR500R and CB500X, the 400cc variants now features dual front disc brakes and radial mounter callipers.

The 2022 CB400X also follows the same design language as the CB500X which includes a taller windscreen, full LED lights and longer travel suspension, inverted front forks and dual front disc.

Despite rolls out with dual-purpose tires, the CB400X is a more road oriented bike.

Both models are powered by Honda’s 399cc, liquid-cooled, 180-degree parallel-twin engine that produces 45hp, more than enough for young and inexperience riders to enjoy the ride without getting into too much trouble.

Known as the Honda CB350 in India, Japan was the next recipient of the retro-modern, air-cooled single-cylinder motorcycle earlier this year.

However, the Japanese manufacturer decided to expand the range of the GB350 with an ‘S’ version.

The GB350 S offers a slightly sportier character than the standard GB350, which also comes with a new colour option for 2021.

While the GB350 S maintain the same 348cc with 19.7hp @ 5,500rpm and 29Nm @ 3,000rpm, there are slight changes in riding ergonomics.

The GB350 S comes with a sportier handlebar, a sleeker plush seat, and a slimmer rear fender.

The new model is also slightly lighter than the standard GB350, thanks to the used of resin instead of metal for the front and rear fender. Interestingly, the GB350 S also comes with full LED lighting.

Honda will launch the GB350 S on July 15.

Japan has become the first country outside of India to get the CB350 H’Ness with the retro design motorcycle rename GB350.

Apart from the name change, the GB350 does comes with some styling changes however, it is still the same CB350 H’Ness that was firstly introduced in India.

The GB350 comes with a full LED setup, a combination of analogue/digital instrument and the latest Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC).

The motorcycle is packed with the same single-cylinder 348cc air-cooled engine that is capable to produce a solid 20.7hp @ 5,500rpm and 30Nm @ 3,000rpm while matted to a 5-speed gearbox.

The bike also gets a standard telescopic fork at the front and twin (preload adjustable) shock absorbers at the rear.

However, the GB350 received dual-channel ABS for the Japanese market and priced at JPY550,000 (RM20,600).

The 2021 Honda CBR600RR finally makes its official debut in the land of the rising sun. after months of teasing, the latest and probably final generation of the Honda CBR600RR comes with a host of upgrades and updates from the previous model. In short, it’s fire. (more…)

Berita gembira bagi pemilik yang masih lagi memiliki sebuah Honda VFR750R (RC30) tatkala pengeluar motosikal itu akan menghasilkan semula alat ganti menerusi program baharu.

Ini merupakan usaha Honda dalam kembali menghidupkan jentera ikonik itu yang masih lagi mempunyai peminat tersendiri.

Honda RC30 sememangnya cukup ikonik apatah lagi dihasilkan khas untuk bertanding di Kejuaraan Superbike Dunia (WSBK) 1987.

Jentera ini masih lagi mengekalkan tarikan sama bagi tahun 2020 dengan rekaan dan enjin V4 yang menghasilkan 76hp.

Bagaimanapun, memahami kegelisahan pemilik yang semakin sukar mendapatkan alat ganti sehingga jentera terpaksa terperuk lama, Honda akan menghasilkan semula alat ganti RC30 ini.

Program VFR750R (RC30) Refresh Plan itu – yang diumumkan menerusi laman sesawang Honda Jepun – akan dilancarkan pada Jun.

Menariknya, program tersebut mengumpulkan pemilik RC30 dalam usaha mengenal pasti alat ganti yang harus dihasilkan semula.

Meskipun ketika ini program tersebut diperkenalkan hanya untuk pasaran Jepun namun diharapkan alat ganti tersebut akan mudah diakses pemilik RC30 seluruh dunia terutamanya di Malaysia.

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Honda CBR600RR dijangka akan membuat penampilan semula dengan mengguna pakai rekaan sama yang terdapat pada CBR1000RR-R Fireblade 2020.

Itu adalah dakwaan Young Machine yang berkongsi imej tersebut di laman mereka dengan nama CBR600RR-R.

Tidak seperti laporan lain, dakwaan Young Machine – termasuk gambaran render – sering kali tepat terutamanya jika melibatkan jenama Honda, pelik tapi benar.

CBR600RR mula menyepi pada 2017 apabila disekat daripada memasuki pasaran Eropah dan Asia susulan gagal mematuhi piawaian emsisi Euro4.

Meskipun, Honda memperkenalkan CBR650R yang menawarkan tunggangan selesa dan lebih relevan untuk perjalanan harian namun masih ramai yang mengharapkan kehadiran CBR600RR.

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