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Harley-Davidson enthusiasts and motorcycle aficionados alike have been eagerly anticipating the unveiling of the highly anticipated made-in-India bike from the iconic American manufacturer. 

  • The X440 is born out of partnership between Harley-Davidson and India’s giant, Hero MotorCorp.
  • Powering the X440 is a single-cylinder oil-cooled 440cc engine.

Now, after months of speculation, Harley-Davidson has officially introduced the world to their latest creation: the Harley-Davidson X440. This motorcycle is the result of the collaboration between Harley-Davidson and Hero MotoCorp, and it brings a refreshing change to the table with its distinct design.

The Harley-Davidson X440 breaks away from the brand’s traditional cruiser aesthetics and takes inspiration from the classic XR roadsters. With its flat handlebar, neutral ergonomics, and robust appearance, this bike promises to deliver a unique riding experience. 

At the heart of the X440 sits an oil-cooled, single-cylinder engine with a displacement of 440cc. Unfortunately, the power figures will only be reveal during the bike’s official launch in July.

Ergonomically, the X440 maintains a neutral stance, departing from the typical forward-set footpegs and swept-back handlebars of cruisers. The mid-set footpegs and flat handlebar, mounted on substantial risers, promote an upright and possibly slightly sporty riding position, ensuring comfort during urban rides.

While several aspects of the X440 remain consistent with the initial images, there have been some changes, particularly in the choice of tires. The motorcycle now gets MRF tires instead of CEAT. With 18-inch front and 17-inch rear wheel sizes, the X440 exudes a commanding presence on the road.

The attention to detail on the X440 is evident, with circular design elements present in the headlights, indicators, and mirrors. The oval-shaped tail-lamp adds a unique touch, emerging from the rear fender. Notably, the headlight features an LED DRL bar running across its center, while the indicators boast intricate Harley logos.

Beneath its striking bodywork, the X440 features a tubular frame with a single-downtube design. It boasts an upside-down fork and preload-adjustable twin shock absorbers, ensuring a comfortable and responsive ride. Additionally, the motorcycle is equipped with a single disc brake at both ends, accompanied by dual-channel ABS as standard.

Baru-baru ini, Harley-Davidson telah pun memperkenalkan model X350 hasil kerjasama dengan pengeluar motosikal China, QJ Motor. 

Kemunculan model itu telah pun dijangka berdasarkan beberapa paten dan dokumen pensijilan yang difailkan di China dan Amerika Syarikat.

Bagaimanapun, Harley-Davidson tidak berhenti disitu kerana pengeluar motosikal dari Milwaukee itu turut mendedahkan model 400cc serba baharu hasil kerjasama dengan pengeluar India, Hero MotorCorp.

Berdasarkan gambar yang dikongsikan, motosikal tersebut – yang dianggarkan bersesaran 400cc – tampil dengan rekaan ‘flat track’ mirip Harley-Davidson XR1200 namun dengan sistem penyejukan udara/minyak. Difahamkan enjin tersebut mampu dipulas sehingga 8,000rpm. 

Ada laporan yang mendakwa model tersebut dikuasaken enjin Hero XPulse 400 namun tiada pengesahan rasmi setakat ini. 

Antara ciri ditawarkan termasuk lampu LED penuh, panel meter TFT berwarna, fork depan jenis USD, kaliper brek ByBre dan tayar jenama CEAT Zoom Cruz. 

Melihat kepada keseluruhan rupa model 400cc itu hampir siap sepenuhnya, kami jangkakan Harley-Davidson akan memperkenalkan model tersebut tidak lama lagi. 

Harley-Davidson has partnered with Indian two-wheeler giant Hero MotoCorp to develop a new motorcycle. Recently, images of the upcoming bike were leaked online. 

  • The bike’s design and features show major differences from the previously debuted Harley-Davidson X 350.
  • The HD400 is likely compete with rival roadsters like the Royal Enfield Hunter 350, and Honda CB350.

The bike is expected to debut in July 2023 and is likely to be priced competitively, thanks to the partnership’s heavy localization.

The new motorcycle, dubbed the HD400, is a roadster style bike with a unique LED headlight bearing the Harley-Davidson branding. The TFT console displays basic information such as speedometer, odometer, tachometer, and fuel indicator. 


The bike has a USD fork and gas-charged dual shock absorber setup, with axial ByBre calipers taking care of braking duties. Interestingly, the bike uses CEAT Zoom Cruz tires seen on the Royal Enfield Interceptor 650.


The engine on the HD400 is expected to be around 400cc, with an air/oil-cooled single unit that revs up to 8,000rpm. This is different from the liquid-cooled parallel twin unit on the Harley-Davidson X 350. 

Based on the images, the HD400 is production-ready and likely in the final stages of testing.

The upcoming Harley-Davidson HD400 will compete with other roadster motorcycles in India such as the Royal Enfield Hunter 350 and the Honda CB350RS.

Harley-Davidson’s partnership with Hero MotoCorp will benefit both companies, with the bike maker gaining massively from the partnership’s heavy localization. Overall, the HD400 seems to be an exciting addition to the Harley-Davidson lineup, and fans can’t wait for the official launch.

  • Syarikat pengeluar motosikal India, Royal Enfield diwar-warkan telah dirisik sebagai salah satu syarikat untuk mengambil alih Ducati.
  • Semenjak skandal emisi diesel Volkswagen pada tahun 2015. syarikat itu telah mengupah Evercore untuk mencari pembeli yang berpotensi untuk pengeluar motosikal gergasi merah itu.
  • Harga jualan syarikat itu itu boleh mencecah lebih daripada €1.5 billion (kira-kira RM7.1 Billion).


India’s Royal Enfield was rumoured to have been approached as one of the companies to possibly take over Ducati.

Ever since the major Volkswagen diesel emissions scandal in 2015, the company has hired Evercore to search for potential buyers of the big red giant motorcycle manufacturer.

The selling price could go upwards of €1.5 billion (around RM 7.1 billion).

One of the biggest brands in the history of motorcycling has sparked the interest of one Indian company, Royal Enfield. Ever since news broke out that the Volkswagen Group is planning to let go of the giant Italian bike brand, it is rumoured that Royal Enfield was one of the entities approached for the next company in line to take over the giant red Italian brand. (more…)


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