Taiwanese scooter manufacturer Kymco has released a new scooter model, the AK Premium, designed to compete in the luxury maxi-scooter market. 

  • the AK Premium the is the flagship version of the standard AK550 scooter. 
  • the AK Premium features customisable user settings and cruise control. 

Powering the Kymco AK Premium is a 550cc twin-cylinder engine that delivers 51hp @ 7,500rpm and 52Nm @ 6,000rpm, and it features a continuously variable gearbox and throttle-by-wire technology for improved engine control and acceleration. 

The scooter also has customisable riding modes and additional features like traction control and cruise control for a smooth and safe ride over long distances. The AK Premium also equipped with AIBS Cornering Technology which includes cornering ABS. 

The AK Premium has a striking futuristic design with aggressive LEDs, and it weighs 238 kilograms, making it a heavyweight challenger in its class. 

Other notable features includes; Brembo callipers, 14.5L fuel tank, 15-inch wheels front and rear shod with 120/70 and 160/60 tyres, upside-down fork and a 270mm front and 260mm rear disc. 

The AK Premium will retail for EUR10,999 (RM53k) making it a more affordable option than the Yamaha TMAX. Kymco expects the AK Premium to attract riders looking for a powerful, comfortable, and stylish scooter that can handle both city and long-distance travel.

Yamaha Europe has just announced the release of a new version of their popular adventure tourer motorcycle – the Yamaha Tenere 700 Extreme Edition.

  • The Tenere 700 Extreme Edition is heavily inspired by the Tenere 700 World Raid. 
  • Powering the Tenere 700 Exterem Edition is the same 689cc liquid-cooled, inline twin-cylinder engine.

The new variant of the motorcycle is more off-road-ready than its predecessor, with changes to the chassis and suspension, among other features.

While the Yamaha Tenere 700 Extreme Edition shares many mechanical components with the previous model, updates to the chassis and suspension have been made to improve off-road capabilities.

The motorcycle now has fully adjustable KYB 43mm forks that provide an additional 20mm of travel, bringing the total to 230mm at the front. The rear shock has also been upgraded, with a 20mm increase in travel bringing it to 220mm.

Additionally, the overall height of the bike has been raised by 20mm to provide a total ground clearance of 260mm.

Other new features of the Yamaha Tenere 700 Extreme Edition include adjustable off-road titanium footpegs with bear trap grips, a high enduro-style mudguard, a radiator protector, and a single, enduro-style seat with 20mm more padding than the standard version.

However, the changes to the suspension and seat height bring the seat height to a towering 910mm.

That said, the Yamaha Tenere 700 Extreme Edition takes inspiration from the Yamaha World Raid model while adding its own accessories. 


Underbone motorcycles are standard in Asia, particularly South East Asia, with millions sold yearly. In Malaysia, these type of motorcycles is widely known as ‘kapcai’. 

  • The Malaguti Spectre GP125 is Europe’s first underbone motorcycle. 
  • The Spectre GP125 features a 125cc single-cylinder with air-cooled engine.

While underbone motorcycles are a hit in Asia, the motorcycle is almost nonexistent in Europe. However, that is about to change thanks to the introduction of Malaguti’s Spectre GP125. 

Malaguti is an Italian motorcycle company commonly known for offering a wide range of affordable motorcycles, including scooters, enduro, supermoto, adventure and street bikes. 

However, its latest model, the Spectre GP125, is the first underbone-type motorcycle available for the European market. 

Mechanically, the Spectre GP125 makes 10hp @ 8,500rpm and 9.6Nm @ 6,500rpm thanks to its 125cc single-cylinder, 4-stroke and air-cooled engine. 

Power is delivered to the rear wheel via a manual 5-speed transmission with a final chain drive. 

Braking is done via a massive 320mm hydraulic disc brake with axial callipers at the front and a 190mm disc with single-piston callipers at the rear. Also, the Spectre GP125 runs on 17-inch wheels with 120/70 front and 90/80 at the rear. 

Other notable features include LED lights, a semi-digital instrument cluster with an analogue tachometer and telescopic forks. 

The entry-level motorcycle is currently on sale for EUR2,499 (RM11.5k). 

Mitt is a Spanish motorcycle company that offers affordable, entry-level machines for young and new riders, mainly in Spain and Portugal. 

  • Mitt to offer the 530TT Adventure motorcycle in Europe by 2023.
  • The 530TT is the biggest and most powerful motorcycle from the company’s portfolio. 

The company can retain its affordable price tag by manufacturing its product in China via Zongshen. 

Thanks to its Chinese partnership, Mitt is ready to take it up a notch by introducing the 530TT Adventure motorcycle for the European market.


The 530TT Adventure is the biggest and most powerful model in the brand’s lineup so far, featuring a 476cc parallel-twin engine that makes 47.5hp and 43Nm. 

That said, the 530TT Adventure will go head-to-head with the Honda CB500X and Benelli TRK502X. However, it remains to be seen if the 530TT Adventure will feature the typical 180-crank or the modern 270-crank.


Similar to its competitor, the Mitt 530TT Adventure also features a straightforward setup, including a simple ABS, adjustable inverted front forks and adjustable monoshock at the rear. 

Completing the adventure looks is a pair of wire-spoked wheels shod with dual-purpose tires. 


Other notable features include:

  • LED lighting
  • adjustable windshield
  • full-colour TFT instrument display
  • crash guard
  • radiator guard

The Mitt 530TT Adventure will be available in Europe by 2023 and is priced at EUR 7,905 (RM37.1k). 

After successfully penetrating the European market with a beginner-friendly naked and neo retro motorcycle, Voge, a premium sub-brand of Chinese motorcycle manufactuer, Loncin, now breached out to middleweight capacity adventure bike, with the all-new Valico 525 DSX. 

  • Voge Valico 525 DSX is an A2-compliant adventure motorcycle.
  • The Valico 525 DSX will go up against Honda’ CB500X and Benelli’s TRK 502 X. 

The Valico 525 DSX features a 494cc parallel-twin with liquid-coole and fuel-injected engine that makes 47hp on tap, similar to the Honda CB500X.

That said, the Valico 525 DSX is designed as a A2-compliant motorcycle making it a suitable option for younger riders. 

Similar to modern day ADV machine, the Voge Valico 525 DSX is fitted with inverted front forks with long-travel suspension at the front and adjustable monoshock at the rear. 

However, while the rest of its competitors features alloy wheels, the Valico 525 DSX gets tubeless wire-spoke wheels measuring 19-inch front and 17-inch at the back.

In addition, the motorcycle also equipped with traction control and ABS – which can be switched off for off-road riding – selectable Eco and Sport mode and a full colour 7-inch TFT display with built-in navigation system.

This inadvertently puts the Voge Valico 525 DSX as a strong contender in the 500cc category, going up against the CB500X and Benelli TKR 502 X. 

Starting on a 125cc motorcycle is the best way to kick-start your two-wheel journey, especially in Europe. 

  • MBP latest T125 dual-sport motorcycle arrived in Europe. 
  • The T125 is built specifically for A1 license holder. 

That said, a dual-sport motorcycle is very popular among new and young riders as they allow you to enjoy riding beyond the paved roads.

Understanding the growing demand for small, lightweight motorcycles, MBP brings us the all-new T125 dual-sport machine. 

Designed specifically for young riders with A1 licenses in Europe, the MBP T125 combines lightness and agility. 

According to MBP, the T125 dual-sport features long-travel suspension and dual-sport tires – 19-inch front and 17-inch rear – allowing for some off-roading. 


Regarding styling, the T125 mirrors a modern-day enduro, albeit compact in size. It gets a tall front fender, fork protector, headlight cowl, small windshield and an upswept exhaust system.

Powering the MBP T125 is a 125cc single-cylinder, liquid-cooled, fuel-injected engine that pumps out 15hp @ 10,000rpm and 10.5Nm @ 8,000rpm. 

Surprisingly, the T125 is equipped with a six-speed transmission, thus making it more interesting to ride than the other competitors that run on a five-speed gearbox. 

The French government has expanded its noise radars from Paris to other places around the country.

  • Noise radar detects any motorcycles that register more than 90dB.
  • The technology is expected to expand across Europe.  

Dubbed the “Medusa”, these noise radars feature a 360-degree camera with several microphones to capture vehicles that fit loud exhaust.

The purpose of the noise radars is to stop the public from fitting loud exhaust to their vehicles, especially motorcycles.

Why motorcycles? According to L’Automobile Magazine, bikers have become a nuisance in the village of Saint-Forget in the Yvelines region, with over 500 bikers with loud pipes disrupting the tranquillity in the area. 

Politicians in the Chevreuse Valley also claimed that it is common for motorcycles to record up to 130dB in the area. 

That said, French authorities have introduced a limit of just 90dB, with those caught can be fined as much as EUR135 (RM600).

According to previous reports, the technology is set to be introduced across Europe, with the UK set to follow suit after testing similar technology in some areas. 

Kymco rolls out two new adventure scooter for the European market with the new DTX125 and DTX300 set to join the DTX360 introduced back in 2020. 

  • The DTX125 and DTX300 is introduced to meet the demand of young and beginner riders.

  • Features similar ‘adventure scooter’ aesthetic like the DTX300.

  • The DTX125 makes 13hp while the DTX300 pumps out 23.1hp.

The adventure scooter market has expanded ever since Honda brought upon the X-ADV 750 and ADV 150.

Kymco also joined the fight with its DTX360, introduced back in November 2020, features knobby tyres, a 12.4L fuel tank and weighs 195kg.

However, for 2023, the Taiwan-based company is expanding the DTX range with a new 125cc and 300cc variants to cater the beginner riders.

The DTX125 features a similar off-road aesthetic to the DTX360 but carries a 125ccc liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine that makes 13hp @ 8,750rpm.

Thanks to the smaller mill, the DTX125 is also lighter, at just 176kgs, making it the perfect ‘adventure scooter’ for first-time riders.

Meanwhile, the DTX300 also features similar styling to the DTX360 and serves as a middle ground between the 125 and 360.

Nevertheless, the DTX300 gets a 276cc liquid-cooled, a two-valve single-cylinder engine capable of churning 23.1hp @ 7,500rpm.

Despite the country of origin, the DTX125 is surprisingly pricey for a 125cc scooter, starting at EUR5,640 (RM26.6k), while the DTX300 retails for EUR6,640 (RM31.3k)

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