Ducati Monster 25th anniversary

  • Ducati has unveiled the limited edition 2019 Ducati Monster 1200 25° Anniversario.

  • Only 500 units will be available in markets around the world starting September.

  • The 25th anniversary model’s best aspect is its special Italian tricolour red, white and green livery with anniversary logos.

During a recent announcement for the program regarding World Ducati Week 2018 (WDW2018), Ducati surprised everyone with the launch of the 2019 Ducati Monster 1200 25° Anniversario. This very limited edition machine was presented by their MotoGP rider, Andrea Dovizioso. (more…)

  • Ducati Monster akan menyambut ulang tahun ke-25nya pada tahun ini dan kami telah terdengar khabar bahawa Ducati Monster 821 2018 akan tiba pada bulan Jun ini.
  • Motosikal Ducati Monster yang pertama telah dihasilkan pada tahun 1993 sewaktu motosikal Monster 900 dikeluarkan dari kilangnya.
  • Tahun ini, mereka akan meraikan motosikal Monster ini dengan motosikal lumba naked mereka yang terbaru dan tercanggih setakat ini.


Ducati Monster is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year and we heard that the 2018 Ducati Monster 821 is coming this June.

The first ever Ducati Monster was produced back in 1993 where the Monster 900 rolled off the factory floor.

This year, they’ll be celebrating the Monster with their latest and most advanced naked sports bike yet.

It has been 25 years since the first ever Ducati Monster rolled off from the factory line in Borgo Panigale which sparked a worldwide phenomenon. Officially introduced back in 1993 as the Ducati Monster 900, Ducati effectively created a brand new market in the motorcycling world that is the naked sports bike category. (more…)


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