Japanese parts and accessories supplier Kijima has expanded its product range with a new line of components for the popular Honda CT125 Hunter Cub.

  • Kijima has customized three distinct Hunter Cubs, showcasing the versatility of its new line of utility-oriented parts.
  • Kijima’s new line of utility-oriented components adds more attitude to the already versatile Honda CT125 Hunter Cub.

The first custom model is aimed at maximalists and weekend glampers. With a large top box and tactical side bag, riders can pack provisions for all their outdoor adventures. The modified Hunter Cub also comes with extra protection in the form of crash guards, a headlight grille, and handguards. A front rack enhances the carrying capacity, allowing riders to strap everything from sleeping pads to six packs to the front end. Auxiliary lighting and larger heel-toe shifter add to the adventure-ready features.

The second custom model is geared towards off-road enthusiasts. It carries over many of the same features as the first model, but with a high-mounted fender and a large rear carrier rack for increased storage. The rugged design is perfect for diehard off-roaders, and a bar-mounted bag adds to the carrying capacity.

The third model takes a more restrained approach, with a classic Honda red color scheme and fewer accessories. The crash protection, headlight grate, and taillight grille all come from Kijima, as does the custom front, rear, and side racks. The bags and top box have been removed to minimize the footprint of the Hunter Cub, making it ideal for urban environments. Kijima also offers the components in chrome for a more polished look.

Kijima’s new line of utility-oriented components adds more attitude to the already versatile Honda CT125 Hunter Cub. With options for maximalists, off-road enthusiasts, and urban riders, Kijima’s accessories are a must-have for anyone looking to customize their Hunter Cub.

Japanese moto accessories brand Kijima kits out the Honda CT125 Hunter Cub perfectly for camping adventures off the trail.


  • The Honda CT125 is going into production.

  • It could be sold under Trail 125 or Hunter Cub name.

  • It’s an homage to the original Honda Cub trail of the 60s.

It looks like the Honda CT125 is headed into production.

The prototype bike was first shown at the Tokyo Motor Show but could be sold under a different name. Bennets UK reported that the manufacturer had trademarked the “Trail 125” and “Hunter Cub” names in the US.

The bike is based on the Super Cub 125 which our sister site reviewed a few months back. The four-stroke, single-cylinder engine produces 9.5 bhp, sent through a 4-speed gearbox. As the name suggests, and to highlight the bike’s vocation, it’ll be fitted with chunky knobby tyres on wire spoke rims. The CT125 will also receive a substantial pressed-steel frame instead of the Super Cub’s steel-tube chassis. The exhaust is also placed high a la scramblers.

In fact, the CT125 is an homage to the Honda Cub off-road line-up in the 60s. You’ve probably seen a few running around in Malaysia or hiding in a shed.

We hope it’ll make its way to Malaysia. It’s definitely one cut off-roader!


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