Check out this custom Honda CT 125 Hunter Cub by Kijima

Japanese moto accessories brand Kijima kits out the Honda CT125 Hunter Cub perfectly for camping adventures off the trail.

  • Japanese aftermarket label Kijima unveils a raft of accessories for the Honda CT125 Hunter Cub.

  • These include racks, luggage and lighting all aimed towards enhancing the Hunter Cub’s adventure abilities.

  • This custom adventure-styled moped will now take on camping and touring rides easily.

In more ways than one, the Honda CT125 Hunter Cub stands as a rather cool and rugged offshoot of the loveable Honda C125 Super Cub. However, the folks over at Japanese moto accessories brand Kijima thinks they could better it and, judging by these images, they’ve proven themselves well.

What you see here is a Hunter Cub that’s been fully kitted out with a host of adventure-centric accessories made by the firm, which in turn transforms the humble adventure-styled moped into a full-fledged adventure machine.

The most striking feature present is the Kijima brand’s popular 17-Type Special Packing Box. This is mounted on a rack designed especially for the Hunter Cub, as are the front and centre carriers, all of which aimed towards increasing its load capacity and allow it to handle camping and touring duties.

Supported by that rear rack too is a Kijima side bag. Whilst still on the subject of cargo and luggage, Kijima also added a new carrier on the headlights and a central carrier, both of which being ideal for transporting small items.

Another key modification can be seen in external lighting suite fitted. Kijima designed an LED fog lamp kit for improved visibility, and it comes with a specially built bracket and an easy-to-use switch.

Altogether, this custom Honda CT125 Hunter Cub is brimmed with roughly ¥200,000 (approx. RM6,879.61) worth of accessories made by the Japanese aftermarket specialist label.

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