Honda is set to introduce a new retro scrambler based on the Rebel 250 for 2023.

  • the CL250 will be built based on the Rebel 250 engine and chassis.
  • shares the same 249cc single-cylinder engine that makes 25hp and 22Nm. 

Japanese publication Young Machine previously revealed Honda’s plan to launch an all-new CL500 scrambler based on the engine and frame of the Rebel 500.

The rumour relating to CL500 has been making its round in Japan for some time, but it was only recently that Honda essentially confirmed the new retro scrambler after filing trademarks for the CL500.

However, new evidence has emerged that Honda plans to add a smaller CL250 alongside the 500cc variant.

Like the CL500, the smaller retro scrambler will borrow the same engine and chassis structure from the Rebel 250, currently on sale in the Asian market.

Honda Thailand recently filed a trademark application for the CL300 name due to the fact that there is where Honda manufactured the Rebel 300 and Rebel 500.

Honda also applied for the CL500 naming rights in several other countries, including Thailand and Australia, suggesting that the new model will likely be launched later this year.

Meanwhile, the upcoming CL250 is expected to offer 25.6hp and 22Nm thanks to the 249cc single-cylinder engine found in the Rebel 250.

Renewed reports plus earlier filed patents indicates that a new Honda CL500 Scrambler model is happening soon enough.


Honda dilaporkan bakal perkembangkan varian 250cc dan 500cc dengan sebuah model ‘scrambler’.

Perkara itu didedahkan media Jepun, Autoby yang turut memaklumkan kedua-dua model itu akan diperkenalkan pada 2022 dan 2023.

*Honda CL250

Meskipun laporan itu hanyalah khabar angin ketika ini namun Autoby mendakwa kedua-dua model scrambler tersebut akan dinamakan sebagai CL250 dan CL500.

Menurut laporan, CL250 akan mengguna pakai enjin sama pada CBR250 dan CB250 manakal CL500 akan dihidupkan enjin parallel-twin 500cc yang diambil dari CB500X, CBR500R dan CB500F.

*Honda CL500

Pereka imej render, Shinji Miyakubo, turut menghasilkan foto render yang membayangkan rupa CL250 dan CL500 tersebut.

Ciri yang paling mencuri tumpuan adalah penggunaan ekzos berkedudukan tinggi yang diiinspirasikan dari Honda CL72 1965.

Meskipun rupa CL250 dan CL500 seakan sama, namun versi 500cc itu didatangkan dengan ekzos berkembar berbanding tunggal pada varian 250.

Firstly, Honda is among the manufacturers that like to share its platform across various models.

For example, the CB500X, CBR500R, and CB500F share the same 500cc parallel-twin engine yet offer entirely different dynamics.

However, among those three models, Honda could be planning to expand the range by introducing a scrambler-style motorcycle, as reported by Autoby.

While there are zero words regarding the claimed motorcycle, Autoby suggests that a CL250 and CL500 scrambler is in the works.

Japanese render artist Shinji Miyakubo also came up with CG renders of the CL250 and CL500 scrambler.

While one could easily mistake the high mounted pipe shown as inspiration from Triumph’s Scrambler range, it is actually a design inspired by the 1965 Honda CL72.

The reimagined CL250 is fitted with all the necessary elements, including a flat saddle, black fork gaiters, high-mounted exhaust pipe and larger alloy wheels.

The visual cues on the CL500 are also visibly similar; however, it gets a twin mounted exhaust in place of the single unit on the CL250.

Interestingly, Autoby claimed that the CL250 could get an official debut at the end of 2022, whereas the CL500 to follow in 2023. A pretty bold claim, eh?

(Source: Autoby)


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