French motorcycle manufacturer Peugeot Motocycles is gearing up for significant growth in the Italian market, bolstered by a promising collaboration with the iconic British brand BSA.

  • This strategic partnership comes as Peugeot Motocycles enjoys newfound stability under the ownership of German firm Mutares.
  • Peugeot Motocycles, known for its retro-style and mid-capacity scooters, has recently expanded its Italian sales network with the addition of 43 new dealers, bringing the total to 144. This substantial increase in the sales network reflects the company’s commitment to strengthening its foothold in Italy.

The highlight of this expansion is Peugeot’s role as the exclusive distributor of the highly anticipated BSA Gold Star within the Italian market. This collaboration is a relatively new development, involving a series of ownership changes within Peugeot Motocycles.

Since the beginning of 2023, Peugeot Motocycles has been firmly under the ownership of the German company Mutares. Notably, Mahindra & Mahindra, the former owner of Peugeot, remains a key shareholder in the company and holds a significant stake in BSA as well. Leveraging this unique connection, Mahindra & Mahindra aims to capitalize on Peugeot’s enhanced distribution network to promote the new BSA Gold Star in Italy.

The BSA Gold Star, a retro-inspired machine, is equipped with a powerful 652cc, liquid-cooled, fuel-injected, single-cylinder engine. With a respectable power output of 46hp @ 6,000rpm and 55Nm @ 4,000rpm, it promises a thrilling riding experience for enthusiasts.

In addition to this exciting partnership, Peugeot Motocycles is set to introduce the PM-01, a 125 cc naked bike aimed at the premium entry-level market in Italy.

The PM-01 features a distinctive front light cluster design inspired by Peugeot cars, adding a touch of elegance to the motorcycle. Furthermore, Peugeot plans to diversify its product portfolio in the first quarter of 2024 with the release of the PM-03, a 300cc motorcycle.

While Peugeot has chosen not to participate in EICMA 2023 in Milan, redirecting its trade fair investments toward Eastern markets, the company remains committed to innovation.

Peugeot Motocycles is actively expanding its electric vehicle range and is set to introduce the e-Streetzone scooter, demonstrating its dedication to sustainable mobility solutions. The company is also investing in the development of battery-powered motorcycles, signaling its commitment to the future of electric mobility.

BSA has revealed a beautifully-built scrambler-style concept motorcycle at the Motorcycle Live Show 2022. 

  • BSA showcased the Scrambler concept bike alongside the BSA Gold Star at Birmingham.
  • The Scrambler is equipped with a 652cc single engine. 

The BSA Scrambler features long-travel suspension, off-road-ready tires, and a stealthy paint job with a #28 side plate.

At the heart of the concept sits an all-new 652cc single-cylinder engine. Unfortunately, BSA did not disclose the engine’s detailed information at the time.

From the photos, we can see the bike is also fitted with wide handlebars, a tall front fender, a retro-style fuel tank and wired-spoke wheels at the front and rear.

There is also a single-disc brake setup with a dual-exit exhaust system and dual-shock absorbers.

According to reports, there are no official words regarding the BSA Scrambler’s availability despite the bike already looking ready for production. 

The Motorcycle Live 2021 event witness the revived BSA Motorcycles unveiling a brand-new Gold Star 650.

The bike now features dual-overhead cam, single-cylinder engine and was proudly on display at the company’s booth,

According to Classic Legends CEO, Ashish Joshi, the new Gold Star 650 features a Euro5 compliant engine and is expected to roll out to dealers by spring 2022.

Despite no further details, Joshi confirmed that the Gold Star 650 is just the beginning of a long line of retro-style bikes it plans to produce in the near future.

However, while upcoming BSA motorcycles will retain the same design language of classic bikes but the company will incorporate modern technology and emission requirements.

Interestingly, reports suggest that the Mahindra-owned company will also venture into the possibility of developing electric motorcycles.

After being dormant for a few years since being bought over by Mahinda in 2017, the BSA brand is finally making some waves for its comeback in 2021. Although they’re owned by the giant Indian automotive conglomerate, BSA will re-start in the UK with a host of different models in the works. (more…)

  • Mahindra & Mahindra CEO Anand Mahindra recently called his company’s motorcycle business a “product failure.”

  • He also said that the company should’ve never gotten into the motorcycle business.

  • This is despite owning classic brands like Jawa, BSA and Yezdi.

Indian automotive conglomerate Mahindra & Mahindra CEO Anand Mahindra recently called his company’s motorcycle business a “product failure.”

“We knew our dream well and we had the right things, but how to win is where we went wrong. We should have never gone to the commuter bike side.”

While it isn’t shocking about the revelation, such a public outburst by a company’s CEO was certainly so.

But wait, Mahindra makes motorcycles, too? Yes, they do, however under a subsidiary called Classic Legends. And Classic Legends has since bought the Jawa, Yezdi and BSA classic brands.

The company had relaunched the Jawa brand late last year, but many customers have yet to receive their bikes. The manufacturer tried to talk its way out by quoting the “cult desirability” of the brand. What’s that got to do with the long wait times, we wonder.

Analysts are calling out Mahindra for their lack of direction and seem to be throwing out ideas helter-skelter in the hopes they at the public will buy into. But when they do bite, like in the case of Jawa, the company balks in producing the bikes.

Anand even boasted about the bikes being sold out until September 2019.

If that’s not enough, nothing has been done so far for the iconic BSA brand since its purchase in 2017(!).

Is it surprising then to see that Mahindra sold only 4,004 bikes in the entire FY19?


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