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BMW made it clear that the future is electric and began its serious electrification project by introducing the CE 04 earlier this year.

  • latest patent application reveals a new electric powertrain is being built according to the iconic Boxer engine.
  • the protruding Boxer engine will place both the battery and motor along with cooling system. 

BMW chairman Oliver Zipse also claimed that BMW Motorrad will launch a new electric two-wheeler every 18 to 24 months, with the following model scheduled to arrive in 2023.

While the CE 04 and other initial models are labelled as urban mobility vehicles, BMW will eventually join the rank of high-performance electric motorcycles.

BMW Motorrad has already registered multiple trademarks, from DC 01 to DC 09, which could lead to various electric motorcycles coming in the future.

Coincidentally, the latest patent application by the German marquee revealed exciting information; reported that BMW is working on an electric motorcycle based on the Boxer elements.


This isn’t the first time BMW revealed such ideas, considering that the Vision DC Roadster concept was a design built based on the heritage of the boxer engine.

Although the Vision DC Roadster concept wasn’t intended to become a production model, but it was certainly a step by BMW to explore an electric motorcycle that could stay true to the brand’s heritage.

According to the new patent application, the battery and its cooling elements will form a similar shape to a Boxer engine. 

The elements are fixed heat sinks made of aluminium and covered in cooling fins, mimicking the air-cooled Boxer engine’s cylinders.

Nevertheless, the cylinders will house the inverter, charging mechanism, and internal liquid-cooling system for the battery and motor. At the same time, the protruding elements will allow the battery and motor to be cooled by the airflow when the bike is in motion.

While we are not sure if the patents could lead to a production model, the idea of developing an electric motor to pay homage to the iconic Boxer engine is enough to excite us.



Enjin Boxer BMW R 1250 GS dengan “ShiftCam” – Sumber imej:
  • Desas desus mengatakan bahawa model R 1250 GS yang baharu akan dijana oleh sebuah enjin Boxer baharu dengan pemasaan injap boleh laras.
  • Satu video promosi telah muncul di atas talian mengesahkan khabar angin tersebut.
  • Video itu juga telah menunjukkan bagaimana teknologi “Shift Cam” berfungsi serta rupa GS yang baharu.


  • It has been rumoured that the new R 1250 GS will be powered by a new Boxer engine with variable valve timing.

  • A promotional video has surfaced online confirming the rumors.

  • The video also illustrates how the “Shift Cam” technology works besides the look of the new GS.

It was hotly rumoured that the new 1254cc Boxer engine in the new 2019 BMW R 1250 GS will feature variable valve and cam timing but there was no concrete proof. But now, a promotional video has surfaced online which illustrates the new Boxer engine with “Shift Cam” technology, courtesy of

The system aims to provide the best acceleration along with high power gains, while maintaining smooth power delivery, and lower fuel consumption as well as exhaust emissions to meet the tough Euro 5 standard.

To achieve those targets, the BMW Shift Cam system is simple, utilizing an intake camshaft with two cam profiles and a mechanical shift gate at one end.

At low engine loads (lower RPMs), the shift gate engages the camshaft and locks the low lift and short duration cam lobes over the finger followers. That way, both intake and exhaust vavles shut quickly for less overlap, promoting low-end torque.

Conversely, at high engine loads (higher RPMs), the shift gate… er… shifts the camshaft to present the high lift and longer duration cam lobes. Consequently, the intake valves shut later for more valve overlap timing, raising the engine’s power output.

It is the best of both worlds. (You may read more about valve overlap in this article.)

The new Boxer is claimed to produce 136 bhp and 143 Nm of torque, up from 125 bhp and 125 Nm of the present 1176cc engine.

Valve cover of the new engine – Courtesy of

Besides seeing how the new engine works, the video also revealed how the 2019 BMW R 1250 GS will look like.

As we have reported earlier, the new engine may also power the entire Boxer-engined line-up. The R 1250 GS and new models should make their first official appearance at the Intermot show in a few weeks’ time.

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