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Boon Siew Honda, the assembler and distributor of Honda Motorcycles in Malaysia, has updated the RS-X with two new colours.

Now available with Trico White Edition (above) and Radiate Gray Metallic (below), the much loved RS-X seems set to continue on its path before an eventual update. 

  • One of the most popular Honda cub models, the Honda EX5 has been refreshed with new colors.
  • Over 2 millions Honda EX5’s have been sold since its launch in 2017.
  • Chrome fittings and retro strips distinguish the new models.

The Honda EX5 is arguably among the most successful motorcycles, ever. In fact, more than 2 million units have been sold in Malaysia since it was introduced in 1987. It has proven to be among the most versatile and capable machines, and now it is about to get better.

In a press release issued just hours ago, Boon Siew Honda has just announced that there is a new EX5 available in the market featuring a new color – Magenta with retro stripes (shown above).

The Honda EX5 is the first Honda cub model to come equipped with fuel injection, which made the bike more powerful yet more economical than ever before. And through further improvement, the bike today requires a minimal air-fuel ratio, so using electronic control techniques today’s EX5 is actually more environmentally friendly than it has ever been.

And so, the new Honda EX5 can be distinguished by its trendier look with retro stripes, and adding to that classic touch is a chrome emblem and a chrome rear grip for passengers (shown above) to hold on to, as well as a chrome muffler cover which does not only add to its appearance but also adds an element of safety to keep heat away from the passenger.

Two variants of the EX5 are available, one comes with spoke rims and is available in pearl magellanic black and pearl nightfall blue and is priced at RM5,150.54 with GST. The other model comes with cast wheels (shown above), and is available three colors (pearl nightfall blue, candy scintillated red, space magenta metallic) and is priced at RM5,404.94.

Both bikes come with electric starters and a two year or 20,000km warranty.


  • Honda Wave Alpha MMC 2017 adalah satu keseimbangan antara prestasi, keboleharapan, dan keselesaaan dalam satu pakej yang berpatutan.
  • Didatangkan dengan rupa dan prestasi yang diperbaharui, motosikal Wave Alpha ini adalah pilihan yang sesuai untuk penunggang generasi terkini yang mencarikan sesuatu yang bergaya untuk perjalanan mereka.
  • Wave Alpha MMC ini juga adalah Kenderaan Cekap Tenaga (Energy Efficient Vehicle – EEV) dan telah diperakui Euro3 bagi mereka yang ingin menjaga alam sekitar.


The 2017 Honda Wave Alpha MMC is all about the balance between performance, reliability and comfort within an affordable package.

Equipped with updated looks and performance, the Wave Alpha is a perfect option for the latest generation of riders who’s looking for a bit of style in how they travel.

The Wave Alpha MMC is also EEV (Energy Efficient Vehicle) and Euro3 certified for those who worry about the environment.

Over the years in the motorcycling industry, no manufacturer has gone above and beyond to become so easily recognised and available in most parts of the world. From their infamous Super Cub to the steady and iconic EX5, Honda is a name that has been written in the list of the greatest of all time many times over. (more…)

  • Rekabentuk luaran dan warna baharu: Biru Mutiara (Pearl Nightfall Blue)

  • Peningkatan prestasi bahan api

  • Diiktiraf sebagai EEV (Kenderaan Cekap Tenaga) dan berpiawaian Euro3

Boon Siew Honda baru sahaja melancarkan model terbaru Honda Wave Alpha iaitu 2017 Honda Wave Alpha MMC. Model terbaru ini lebih bergaya, mesra alam serta cekap bahan api. (more…)

  • Improved for better fuel efficiency

  • Fresh look with a new colour – Pearl Nightfall Blue

  • Environmental friendly kapchai that’s EEV and Euro3 certified

Boon Siew Honda recently announced that there’s a new and improved version of their Wave Alpha kapchai and it’s called the Honda Wave Alpha MMC (Minor Model Change). With a few changes to one of Honda’s best selling cubs, it is now more stylish with improved fuel efficiency and of course better for the environment. (more…)

  • 150cc DOHC with 6-speed gearbox

  • Honda’s PGM-FI (Fuel Injection)

  • Possible new “Kapchai King”?

Back in June 2016, Boon Siew Honda launched the radical “kapchai” dubbed the Honda RS150R. We had the opportunity to try it out during the Malaysian Cub Prix last August that was held at Teluk Intan at the time but only a short taste of its potential. Even during the short period of testing, we felt that the RS150R was and still is worth the money as a good daily commuter. (more…)

We thrash the Honda MSX 125 around a go-kart circuit and loved it!


Boon Siew Honda launches youthfully new and EEV-certified Honda Beat scooter from RM5,565 (with GST).


Sights from Day 3, 4 and 5 of the Honda Asian Journey 2016 tour ride to the 2016 Shell Malaysia MotoGP weekend.


First impressions of the new Honda RS150R after riding it on Teluk Intan’s streets and Cub Prix track.


Boon Siew Honda Sdn Bhd introduces all-new and sporty Honda RS150R that’s priced from RM8,213.94 and RM8,372.94.



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