BMW Group Malaysia

Social media has been abuzz with news of a global recall for BMW R and K models.

Concerned owners have been bombarding BMW Facebook pages both locally and internationally with questions about their bikes.

The recall is said to affect around 300,000 bikes globally, including those sold officially in Malaysia by BMW Group Malaysia (BGM), and those imported and sold on the grey market. (more…)

BMW Group Malaysia surprised us earlier this evening after officially introducing two Thai-assembled Motorrad models for the Malaysian market. (more…)

After we spotted the duo Cyberjaya recently, our friends at BMW Motorrad Malaysia finally introduced the all-new R nineT and S1000R earlier today. (more…)

Our friends at BMW Motorrad Malaysia are organising BMW Motorrad Day 2014 for all Malaysian Motorrad fans and owners in Putrajaya on Saturday, 3 May. (more…)


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