bajaj dominar 400

Upgraded 2022 Modenas Dominar D400 reportedly set for local introduction middle of this year.


Jelas apa yang anda lihat ini adalah mirip sebuah Suzuki Hayabusa GSX 1300 R generasi terakhir yang sebenar.

Namun hakikatnya, motosikal ini adalah sebuah produk replika yang dicipta menggunakan jentera model Bajaj Dominar 400.

Kisah Bajaj jelmaan Suzuki ini diperoleh dari channel YouTube, Vampvideo dan pujian harus diberi atas hasil kerja-kerja binaan mereka yang cukup kemas sehingga berjaya memperdayakan ramai peminat permotoran di India.

Menurut perkongsian video, proses ubah suai Bajaj Dominar 400 kepada model generasi terakhir Suzuki Hayabusa GSX 1300 R ini bermatlamat untuk kelihatan sama seperti varian Hayabusa ‘stock’ yang ada di pasaran India.

Bahagian asal motosikal seperti ‘handle bar’ dan ‘console’ telah diubah suai bagi mengikut posisi asal dan rupa sebuah Hayabusa.

Setiap inci motosikal ini kelihatan tulen ditambah dengan kemasan pelekat Suzuki Hayabusa yang menaikkan lagi seri sebuah motosikal ‘stock’.

Manakala, aliran pada bahagian tepi ‘fairing’ dipasang dengan kemas pada ruang fairing hadapan tanpa kelihatan aneh apabila dipadankan bersama lampu utama.

Rim aloi motosikal ini turut disembur dengan cat hitam supaya kelihatan sama seperti sebuah Hayabusa dengan tambahan ‘double disc brake’ pada roda hadapan.

Motosikal ini menggunakan sistem suspensi jenis ‘USD Fork’ di bahagian depan dan ‘monoshock’ di bahagian belakang.

Replika Hayabusa ini dikuasakan dengan enjin Dominar 400 yang mencatatkan kuasa sebanyak 35hp pada 35Nm (tork) dan dipadankan bersama kotak gear 6-kelajuan.

Bajaj is set to unveil an updated version of the Dominar 400 UG for 2022.

The new Dominar is fitted with a taller windscreen to improve win protection and comfort, especially during long-distance riding.

Bajaj also equipped the ‘facelift’ model with a handguard that helps protect the hand from road debris, which we think is a good move considering that is one of the first things that previous Dominar owners did once they got their hands on the bike.

Check out our review of the new Modenas Dominar D400 UG below:

Not only that, the 2022 Dominar also comes with a rear luggage rack as standard, including a redesigned bash plate and engine guard that now protects the radiator.

Nonetheless, the bike’s overall look and specifications remain the same, including the 373.3cc single-cylinder DOHC liquid-cooled engine that continues to deliver 40PS @ 8,800rpm and 35Nm @ 6,500rpm.

The Dominar 400 range is currently sold in Malaysia under the Modenas brand.

(Source: Dino’s Vault)

Bajaj bakal memperkenalkan Dominar 400 dengan kemas kini baharu bagi tahun 2022.

Ini berdasarkan beberapa foto baharu yang memaparkan model Dominar 400 itu di India.

Antara ciri yang paling menonjol adalah penambahan kit ‘touring’ sepertimana yang dipaparkan oleh video berdurasi 23 saat dibawah:

Berdasarkan rakaman tersebut, jelas Dominar 400 2022 ini tampil dengan beberapa ciri berbeza antaranya penghadang angin tinggi, handguard, bash plate serta luggage mount.

Bagaimanapun, motosikal terbabit dijangka mengekalkan enjin satu silinder 373.3cc dengan penyejukan cecair yang mampu menghasilkan 40hp dan 35Nm serta dipadankan dengan transmisi 6-kelajuan.

Ciri lain yang dijangka turut dikekalkan ada saiz rim 17″, cakera brek 320mm depan dan 230mm belakang dengan kaliper brek ByBre serta sistem Anti-lock Braking System (ABS).

Sementara sistem suspensi kekal didatangkan dengan fork depan 43mm jenis USD dan monoshock boleh laras di bahagian belakang.

Ketika ini Dominar 400 generasi baharu telah pun ditawarkan di Malaysia menerusi penjenamaan semula oleh Modenas.

It took about a year and a half for the Dominar 400 UG to make it to the Malaysian market.

For many months Modenas buyers waited keenly for the introduction of the new sport touring for the entry-level market.

Their anticipation fuelled by all the content on the Dominar UG coming from Indian content makers. And almost all of them had something good to say.

So naturally sales of the previous generation Dominar slowed to a little more than a grind. Modenas had previously committed to ordering a certain amount of Dominars from its business partner – Bajaj Auto Ltd of India.

So this was a lose-all situation – Modenas couldn’t move Dominars fast enough to place an order for the UG model, and the market didn’t want the old Dominar because of all the positive feedback the market was getting from India.

This situation forced Modenas into overdrive, and the much loved Malaysian bike maker introduced offer after offer, even lowering the price to a never before seen price for its segment.

Those that didn’t mind not having the latest toy took the amazing offers, while those that were patient would have their patience rewarded. Something I will get to shortly.

The gamble worked (obviously) and Modenas has introduced the new Dominar 400 UG.

I’m not quite sure if we can still call it new considering that it is in actual fact a 2019 model.

But for the sake of the Malaysian market and this article, let’s just call it new.

And boy have the patient been rewarded, because not only is the Dominar 400 UG more matured compared to the previous model, but at just RM13,997, it is quite easily the deal of the year! If only there was an award for that.

In case you were wondering what could be so different considering both bikes look almost identical. Well, it takes a keen eye and the real difference lays under the skin.

From the outside, the new Dominar offers an updated headlamp.

Doesn’t look like it but the design is actually slightly different and it is brighter too.

Then there is the new radially mounted ByBre callipers grabbing a 320mm disc.

It’s mounted on the left of the bike now, the old had its brake calliper on the right.

The previous callipers were also axial mounted, and because most calliper locks are made for radially mounted callipers, owners of the Dominar were sitting ducks when dealing with calliper thieves. Well, no more.

Rims are of a new design too, and it accentuates the overall sportiness of the Dominar.

The forks are arguably the biggest update to the Dominar 400 UG, replacing the conventional forks in favour of more advanced (and better looking) upside down forks measuring in at an impressive 43mm with 135mm of travel.

The new forks are a good mix of comfort and sportiness, with just the right amount of stiffness in the corners without too much dive under heavy braking.

The front end did feel light at speeds above 160km/h.

The front tyre felt like it was just skimming the road, which is a very unnerving feeling especially in corners.

The old Dominar had an issue with leaking fork seals that made the front feel wobbly if not rectified quickly.

Time will tell how the new forks will fare in the Malaysian climate.

Then there is the new twin meter panel set up, something like that on a Ducati Diavel.

The top meter displays engine related information like rpm, speed and warnings like when the stand is down or when you’re low on fuel.

The bottom meter panel displays a highly anticipated gear position indicator, something that Dominar and Pulsar buyers particularly demand for.

But the real difference in the Dominar 400 UG lay in the way it rides.

Though it is powered by the same 373cc, single-cylinder engine, but it now produces more power, is cleaner and more fuel-efficient.

Unlike before, the engine now features Double Overhead Cams, and this combined with the liquid cooling and fuel injection, helps produce 10PS and 10Nm of torque more than before.

This takes power figures to 40PS @ 8800rpm and torque is rated at 35Nm @ 6500rpm.

This even makes the bike sound angrier during idle, with a heavier bass making the Dominar sound sportier than before despite its single thumper set up.

And it is very willing to rev, more so than before while power delivery is linear with no loss in between.

This gives the Dominar a sportier character than before.

Making it feel more willing to accelerate harder while the ByBre brakes feel more than up to the job of slowing it down.

The new 43mm USD forks too are a good combination of sports and comfort.

During hard braking there is the usual dive, but it feels just right and does not feel like it’s diving more than it should.

On uneven roads the forks take on a different character of absorbing bumps and ruts. Suddenly it is more willing to dive and to soak up unevenness.

Almost feels like they’re electronically adjustable forks, but they’re not.

The rear monoshock is adjustable with a 110mm of travel.

This is probably what made the bike feel like it was floating because I did not adjust it to my weight. But knowing that it is adjustable works for me.

The most amazing thing about the new Dominar is its price – at just RM13,997 without insurance.

At that price, the new Dominar 400 UG is not just a great price, but is a steal.

You will not believe how much sportier it has become until you ride it.

Bajaj dilaporkan akan memperkenalkan Dominar 400 versi touring berdasarkan beberapa gambar yang telah didedahkan.

Akaun Instagram iamabkerdotcom telah memuat naik beberapa gambar diambil dari kilang Bajaj di Pune yang didakwa merujuk kepada Dominar varian touring.

Berdasarkan imej dikongsikan, Dominar 400 tersebut tampil dengan penghadang angin lebih tinggi serta handguard.

Bagaimanapun, jika dakwaan ini benar maka pemilik Dominar 400 dan Dominar 250 sedia ada berpeluang memasang kit touring ini secara berasingan.

Sementara itu, Bajaj Dominar edisi touring ini dijangka akan terus dikuasakan enjin 373.3cc satu silinder DOHC dengan penyejukan cecair yang menawarkan 39.4hp pada 8,650rpm dan 35Nm pada 7,000rpm.

Ketika ini, Bajaj Dominar 400 turut dipasarkan di Malaysia menerusi penjenamaan semula oleh Modenas.

Here’s proof that the Bajaj Dominar 400 is one tough cookie. Indian rider, Deepak Kamath, went on an adventure of a lifetime by riding his 400cc baby from the Arctic Circle all the way to Antarctica. That’s 51,000km and it was completed within 99 days! (more…)

Kedai kustom motosikal di Las Pinas, Filipina, MC Customs telah mengubah suai sebuah Bajaj Dominar D400 menjadi motosikal scrambler serba hitam.

Filipina merupakan antara pasaran eksport besar Bajaj Auto sekaligus tidak hairanlah ramai yang mencari kelainan bagi jentera Dominar mereka.

Bagaimanapun, MC Customs tidak melaksanakan ubah suai yang ketara sebaliknya hanya menambah dan menggantikan beberapa bahagian untuk menampakkan rupa sebuah scrambler.

Diberi nama projek ‘Lino’, antara bahagian yang diubah adalah penggunaan lampu bulat LED, lampu sisi bentuk bulat, bar hendal yang lebih tinggi, lampu isyarat di hujung bar, tayar knobby, pelana berwarna coklat dengan jahitan berbentuk berlian dan pilihan warna hitam glossy.

Sementara itu, tiada pengubahsuaian dilakukan terhadap bahagian enjin yang masih kekal standard 373.3cc dengan penyejukan cecair yang menghasilkan 34hp dan 35Nm.

Dominar D400 turut popular di pasaran Malaysia – dijenamakan sebagai Modenas – dan kini ditawarkan pada harga RM13,788.

Orang ramai yang berminat dengan gaya scrambler ini mungkin boleh mengambil inspirasi daripada MC Customs Filipina.

Jangan lupa ikuti kami di YouTube dan Instagram!


Pengembaraan Modenas “Explore the Unexplored” Ride kini telah sampai ke penghujungnya minggu depan dan bagi mengakhiri program epik ini, Modenas telah menyediakan program yang istimewa bagi para peserta.

Bagi edisi kali ini, pengembaraan akan bermula pada pagi 13 Julai 2019 daripada Juru Auto City, Perai dan akan menuju ke Cameron Highlands untuk menikmati cuaca dingin.

Konvoi kemudiannya akan turun ke Bentong menerusi jalan Cameron Highlands – Sungai Koyan sebelum menuju ke destinasi terakhir yang terletak di Rimba Valley Motocamp di mana peserta akan berkhemah di tepi sungai yang jernih sambil ditemani bintang-bintang di langit pada waktu malam.


Rimba Valley Motocamp turut merupakan tuan rumah kepada Rimba Raid yang akan berlangsung seminggu kemudian.

Peserta hanya perlu menanggung kos minyak motosikal masing-masing sementara segala makanan, minuman serta tempat penginapan akan disediakan pihak Modenas, jadi usah risau!

Inisiatif “Explore the Unexplored” bermula selepas Modenas Dominar D400 dilancarkan di Malaysia. Seperti namanya, ia membuka peluang kepada pemilik Dominar bukan sahaja untuk menjelajah seluruh Malaysia dengan jentera kesayangan mereka malah berkongsikan pengalaman dengan pemilik Dominar D400 di seluruh dunia!

Bukan itu sahaja, peserta turut berpeluang untuk memenangi pelbagai hadiah menarik menerusi pertandingan gambar terbaik bersama jentera Dominar masing-masing.

Diingatkan peluang ini terbuka untuk pemilik Modenas Dominar D400 sahaja dan atas faktor keselamatan serta memastikan kelancaran tunggangan, tidak dibenarkan untuk membawa penumpang (pillion).

Anda yang berminat sila hantarkan email kepada

  • Bajaj have released the TVC for the 2019 Bajaj Dominar 400.

  • The 373.3cc engine now produces 39.4 hp and 35 Nm of torque.

  • There are also a host of other upgrades.

Bajaj have released the TVC for the 2019 Bajaj Dominar 400.

The highlights of the video include achievements of the Dominar 400, including the Polar Odyssey where three riders rode from the Artic to Antartica. The adventure covered some 51,000 km through 3 continents and took 99 days to complete. Other major adventures were also shown including the Dominar Trans-Siberian Odyssey, Dominar ASEAN Odyssey, and Dominar Austral-Asian.

The 2019 Dominar 400 has been updated further over its predecessor. The main headlamp features split LED banks, the forks are now 43mm diameter upside-down units, and the rear monoshock is softer for more touring comfort.

Its 373.3cc single-cylinder engine is uprated to produce 40 PS (39.4 hp) at 8,650 RPM and 35 Nm of torque at 7,000 RPM. Those figures take the bike into the KTM 390 Duke territory. Spent gases exit through a new exhaust system with dual silencers.

Apart from those features, a slipper is also added for smoother downshifting and corner entries.

On the electronics front, the split-LCD screens are retained, and incorporates mileage and gear position indicator, so forth.

The Auroral Green colour shown in the TVC is new, too.

When will it show up in Malaysia? We will know soon! Also, stay tuned for the next Dominar “Explore the Unexplored” rides in Malaysia.

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Belum puas orang ramai mengagumi Dominar 400 keluaran Bajaj Auto LTD sejak diperkenalkan secara rasmi dua tahun lalu, kini pengeluar kedua terbesar di India itu mengambil langkah berani apabila bakal memperkenalkan model yang telah ditambah baik bagi tahun 2019.

Ketika diperkenalkan pada 2017 di Malaysia menerusi kerjasama bersama Modenas, sebanyak 2000 unit telah berjaya dijual dalam tempoh empat bulan pertama.

Bagi memastikan kejayaan itu diteruskan bagi tahun 2019, Bajaj bakal memperkenalkan model sama yang telah dinaik taraf dengan pelbagai ciri yang lebih menarik!

Meskipun model 2019 dan model sebelumnya kelihatan seakan sama namun Bajaj telah melakukan beberapa perubahan ketara antaranya daripada aspek prestasi enjin.

Kredit foto: Facebook OVERDRIVE

Bagi model 2019, Bajaj telah meningkatkan kuasa enjin kepada 39.9hp pada 8,650 rpm berbanding 35hp pada 8,000 rpm sebelum ini.

Model 2019 turut mengguna pakai fork terbalik – upside down fork(USD) – berbanding fork konvensional – telescopic – seperti model sebelumnya.

Bajaj turut menaik taraf sistem ekzos ‘single exit’ kepada ‘dual exit’ bagi memastikan enjin beraksi lebih mantap.

Kesudahannya? Dominar 400 2019 mampu mencapai kelajuan maksima 160km/h berbanding 155km/h sebelum ini.

Bukan itu sahaja, model 2019 turut disertakan dengan petunjuk gear di paparan kedua yang terletak di bahagian tangki sekaligus memadam keresahan orang ramai yang sebelum ini mempersoalkan ketiadaan petunjuk gear bagi model 2017.

Kredit foto: Facebook OVERDRIVE





  • Slaid pembentangan rasmi bagi motosikal Bajaj Dominar 400 2019 telah dibocorkan di atas talian internet.
  • Motosikal baharu itu akan menerima pengemaskinian kuasa maksimum dari 35 PS yang ada sekarang menjadi 39.9 PS.
  • Perubahan lain termasuklah fork terbalik dan panel instrumen baharu.



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