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There are a lot of great events that take place annually and one of the biggest highlights has to be the Art of Speed Malaysia. Going to its ninth year, the Art of Speed Malaysia 2020 (AOS 2020) was supposed to take place later this month at the I Utama shopping complex in Bandar Utama, but fate got in the way. (more…)

AOS 2019 (Art of Speed Malaysia) has just concluded yet another event filled with countless of amazing homegrown talents, beautiful custom cars, tantalizing motorcycles, and everything else in between the custom culture.

This year, AOS has really proven itself as Malaysia’s pinnacle of custom culture by bringing in a host of international figures from around the globe; some with their highly recognized machines. Hailing from all parts of the world, there’s no denying the fact that AOS is Malaysia’s premier Old-Skool & Kustom Kulture event. (more…)

The Art of Speed Malaysia 2019 or AOS 2019 is just around the corner, we can smell it! As you can tell, we’re pretty excited about this year’s extravaganza and we’re quite sure that most of you are feeling the same as well. Happening this weekend on 27 and 28 July 2019 at MAEPS Serdang, here are just some reasons why you should clear up your schedule and basically camp out at AOS 2019.

(NOTE: To check out the highlights, from last year’s Art of Speed, check out the link, below.) (more…)

  • Art of Speed Malaysia 2019 drove us to FNG Works to witness Mizuki being built.

  • The project marries a Mini Cooper with a Suzuki Hayabusa engine.

  • The completed work will be the grand prize at Art of Speed Malaysia 2019.

In keeping up with tradition, there will be a grand prize at Art of Speed Malaysia 2019 (AOS) by the name of MIZUKI.

But there is a major difference in the prize this year. AOS has pretty much given away motorcycles up to 2018. This year, the lucky person will walk away with car.

Well, car is over-simplifying it. It’s a specially-built 70’s-style drag car with a superbike engine. The project involves marrying a Suzuki Hayabusa engine to a Mini Cooper body, hence the amalgam of the names Mini Cooper and Suzuki, resulting in Mizuki.

Again, that only sounds simple because the work is exceedingly extensive instead of just plunking an engine into the husk of an old car.

AOS arranged a special field trip for the media to visit FNG Works in Ipoh. FNG Works was contracted to bring the ideas to fruition this year.

Asep Ahmad Iskandar

There, AOS founder Asep Ahmad Iskandar and FNG Work’s chief builder Irwann Cheng explained the work involved.

Irwann Cheng

Asep wanted to contract a build for AOS and his boys found an old Suzuki Hayabusa engine. “When we met the seller to seal the deal, the seller offered us the rusted-out shell of a Mini Cooper. He and his friends have tried to get the project going but never got around to it,” explained Asep.

The items were subsequently brought to FNG Works for fabrication and assembly.

Since then, they have stripped out the car and installed a space frame to carry the engine in space behind the driver. The Suzuki engine is left stock, as with the chain final drive which connects to a Perodua Rusa differential, driving the rear wheels. The wheels are shod with fat, 10-inch wide drag racing tyres.

The stock driver and front passenger seats were swapped out for a pair of custom-made aluminium ones. The beautiful seats were fabricated by Saidi Racing Fabrications.

While it doesn’t look it in the pictures, the car is near completion. Asep and co have spent more than RM 30,000 for the build, thus far. “We hope that the new owner of Mizuki will actucally take it to the dragstrip and run against other dragsters. We always commissioned builds that are driveable, albeit not street legal.”

The project highlights the ingenuity of Malaysian talent in custom builds. FNG Works is well-known in their exploits, having won a number awards for their creations. “Part of AOS’s goal is to bring Malaysian talents to the fore,” said Asep. “Malaysia has plenty of great talents that just needs exposure.”

So, come down to the Art of Speed Malaysia 2019 Powered by PETRONAS on 27th and 28th July, at MAEPS Serdang and stand a chance to bring Mizuki home with you. You may also find more information in Art of Speed Malaysia’s official Facebook page.

Mizuki Specifications

Body shell: 1976 Mini Cooper
Engine: 1999 Suzuki Hayabusa

Subframe: Replaced and reinforced with tubular spaceframe structure
Wheels: 13″ steelies with 10″ wide slick tyre
Axle: Modified Perodua Rusa axle
Drivetrain: Chain driven
Brakes: Modified Honda EG9 unit
Suspension: Ladder bar suspension with D2 Motorsport Hi Lo Soft Hard adjustable coilover+absorber

Interior: Stripped
Seat: Custom made by Saidi Racing Fabrications
Steering wheel: Original
Pedal box: Modified

Subframe: Original
Wheels: 12″ steelies
Suspension: Original
Brakes: Original disc brakes
Petrol tank: Mooneyes unit

  • The 2018 Art of Speed Malaysia festival recently concluded its seventh show last weekend.

  • Thousands gathered at MAEPS Serdang for one of Malaysia’s biggest custom bikes and cars gathering.

  • Here are some of the major highlights revolving around AOS 2018.

Love custom bikes, cars, and everything revolving around the culture plus lifestyle? Did you attend the 2018 Art of Speed Malaysia festival this past weekend? No? Where were you, then?? It was a festival of epic proportions and one that we’ve been anticipating since last year’s extravaganza. (more…)

  • The Art of Speed Malaysia 2018 is set to explode this 28 and 29 July 2018 and one lucky folk will bring home a custom 600cc Honda C70!

  • Dubbed “Papa Jahat” or “Bad Daddy”, the iconic Honda C70 is fitted with a 600cc single-cylinder engine from a Honda XR600R.

  • The awesome machine will be Sunday’s grand prize while Saturday’s lucky draw prize will be an amazing trip to Japan!

There are many iconic bikes from around the world that have gained legendary statuses and the Honda C70 was one of the first here in Malaysia to start the Supercub movement. For Art of Speed Malaysia 2018, they’ve taken the OG of kapcais and took it to a whole new level. (more…)

  • Art of Speed (AOS) Malaysia secara tradisinya sering mengadakan cabutan bertuah semasa acara tahunan utama mereka.
  • Pemenang akan mendapat hadiah berupa sebuah motosikal, sama ada buatan khas atau yang standard.
  • Pemenang utama tahun ini membawa pulang motosikal “The Twinboss”, sebuah ciptaan Yamaha RXZ dengan enjin berkembar.


  • Art of Speed (AOS) Malaysia traditionally holds lucky draws during their annual main event

  • The winner will walk away with a motorcycle, customized or stock

  • This year’s winner walked away with The Twinboss, a dual Yamaha RXZ-engined creation

Beautiful Machines, Sunway, Petaling Jaya, 20th September 2017 – Art of Speed (AOS) Malaysia presented lucky draw prize to the winner today.

Art of Speed (AOS) Malaysia have been organizing lucky draws on the final day of their amazing annual show.

Two years ago, the lucky walked away with a customized Triumph Bonneville, and last year’s winner went home with a new Triumph Street Twin.

Art of Speed celebrated its 6th annual show on the 29th and 30th July this year at MAEPS Serdang.

The bike on display during the Art of Speed Malaysia 2017

The process of determining the final starts with picking out three candidates via a lucky draw of ticket stubs during the weekend. A question is then directed at all three, and the candidate whose answer illicit the loudest cheer from the crowd is the winnder.

WIldman of MOONEYES applying pinstriping the tank

En. Mohd. Fadly bin Mohd. Zerain, 42, from Puncak Alam, Selangor won the prize this year.

Asep Ahmad (left) with the winner, Mohd. Fadly bin Mohd. Zerain

The prize is called “The Twinboss.” The bike is specially built around a pair of Yamaha RXZ 135cc, two-stroke engines, by FNG works. Fabrication of the frame, metal works and the rest of the tank and bodywork was performed by Beautiful Machines.

Twinboss’ builder, Irwann Cheng from FNG Works and Beautiful Machines’ owner, Rajay Singh were also present during the prize handover.

Twinboss’ builder, Irwann Cheng does a final shakedown run

The Twinboss specifications are:

  • Frame: Custom Special Construction (FEA tested)
  • Engine: Two Yamaha RXZ135
  • Exhaust: Made by Legend Racing Garage
  • Final Drivetrain: Chain
  • Front Wheel: 18″ alloy with Bridgestone safety tyre
  • Rear Wheel: 17″ alloy with Pirelli Slicks
  • Brakes: Dual piston disc brake (rear only)
  • Wiring: Custom
  • Primary Drive: Custom
  • Bodywork: Digger style. Tank and seat custom made by Beautiful Machines
  • Foot Control: Custom
  • Hand Control: Clip on handlebar with custom hidden throttle cable
  • Paintwork: By Slingshot
  • Pinstripe: Wildman, MOONEYES Japan
The Twinboss’ twin Yamaha RXZ engines

Also during the prize presentation, Asep Ahmad announced that Art of Speed will be touring under the name of “Gasolina Tour 2017”. Gasolina Tour 2017 will be held both as standalone and in support of local organizers to create quality content for their own community events.

Gasolina Tour 2017’s first stop was at the Port Dickson Bike Fest on 9 September and then Kelantan for the collaborative event called Speed Demon in conjunction with the Rugged Rachun Ride event organized by Rachun MC at Irama Beach, Bachok on 16 & 17 Sept 2017. Art of Speed Racing Division had also competed in the race. AOS also pick their AOS2018 VIP GUEST (AOS PICK) award at both events. AOS will then be heading to Johor to assist Leftee Works to co-host the annual global charity ride; the Distinguished Gentlemen’s Ride on the 24th September.

November will AOS invading Puteri Harbour in Johor as we participate in the yearly Iskarnival IP Kool Festival. The 5th Annual Art of Speed Johor will be bigger, better show with amazing content for bikers and car enthusiast at the three-day festival on the 24th, 25th and 26th November.

AOS will be heading to Japan to fulfill an invitation to attend the 26th Annual Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show 2017 on 3rd December. This year’s edition will see 20 participants from Malaysia & Indonesia taking part in the trip organized by AOS. More information about Gasolina Tour 2017 and our activities can be found on Art of Speed Malaysia’s social media pages on Facebook & Instagram.

















  • Sewaktu festival Art of Speed Malaysia 2017 baru-baru ini, terdapat sebuah Honda Dream Fi buatan khas yang amat istimewa telah diperagakan di ruangan pameran Boon Siew Honda.
  • Dicipta oleh Shawn Seelan dari Shawn Seelan Creations, Honda EX5 buatan khas yang renek, garang, dan cantik digelar “Raijin” atau “Dewa Halilintar” telah dicipta bersempena dengan ulangtahun ke-30 Honda.
  • Dilengkapi dengan padat dengan kelengkapan khusus dan juga moden, kapchai buatan khas ini menarik perhatian ramai dengan rupa parasnya yang mengancam yang juga memberi penghormatan kepada motosikal yang hebat, Honda C70 cub.



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