Aprilia Dorsoduro

Aprilia has hit colossal success ever since the introduction of the RS660 end of last year and the recent launched of the Tuono 660.

Sharing the same 660cc platform, Aprilia seems to be proud with the new unit (now Euro 5) which is also scheduled to power the upcoming middleweight adventure bike, the Tuareg 660.

*Aprilia RS 660 2021

The RS660 borrows styling cues from the established RSV4 1100 while the Tuono 660 (you guessed it right) drawn from its bigger sibling, Tuono 1100.

However, to progress, the Italian marque looks set to axe two models from its Noale factory, the Aprilia Shiver and Dorsoduro due to Euro 5 emission.

*Aprilia Dorsoduro 900

Both Shiver and Dorsoduro are the only models with Euro-4 engine, and that means if Aprilia plans to continue putting this in every dealer in Europe, it has to be Euro-5 compliant.

It is impractical for Aprilia to update the 900cc V-Twin engine to comply with Euro-5 and the fact that they are preoccupied with the 660cc unit, shifting their focus anytime soon do not add up.

Which brings us to the question, will Shiver and Dorsoduro be born again with the same 660cc Euro-5 platform?

The RS660 is a middleweight sportbike however unlike the dedicated supersport segment, the RS (an acronym for RennSport) is not designed for competition; instead, it is made for the street.

*Aprilia Tuono 660 2021

Meanwhile, the Tuono 660 provides a much comfortable riding ergonomics with taller handlebars and fall within the ‘naked’ sports motorcycle.

With the two 660 portrayed as a street machine, there is very little room for Shiver and Dorsoduro to make their mark again.

Personally, Shiver and Dorsoduro had an incredible run, and if Aprilia decides to bring back either one of these, it might not be anytime soon.

At the moment, let us enjoy the new revolution of the Noale factory via the RS, Tuono and the upcoming Tuareg 660.

By the way, we heard the RS600 may be launching soon in Malaysia!

They say all good things will come to their end sooner or later, and it looks like Aprilia might be axing two very legendary names from their production line soon. We are of course referring to the Aprilia Shiver and Dorsoduro. Why? Euro5 emissions, that’s why. (more…)

Aprilia mungkin menghentikan pengeluaran Shiver dan Dorsoduro susulan peraturan pengawalan emisi Euro5.

Meskipun Aprilia masih belum membuat sebarang pengumuman rasmi namun dengan kedua-dua model hanya mencapai standard Euro4 ketika ini, senario itu hampir pasti akan berlaku.

*Aprilia Shiver 900

Melainkan pengeluar motosikal Itali bercadang untuk menghasilkan enjin baharu bagi Shiver dan Dorsoduro.

Bagaimanapun, ketiadaan ‘spyshot’ yang memaparkan Shiver atau Dorsoduro dengan enjin baharu di sekitar kilang di Noale, Itali seakan memberi gambaran bahawa Aprilia tidak bercadang meneruskan pengeluaran kedua-dua model terbabit.

*Aprilia Dorsoduro 900

Apatah lagi, Aprilia dilihat sibuk memberi fokus kepada RS660 yang baru dilancarkan, serta Tuono 660 di samping Tuareg 660 turut dilihat menjalani ujian ketika ini.

Atas faktor itu, kebarangkalian untuk Aprilia mengetepikan Shiver dan Dorsoduro adalah tinggi apatah lagi enjin 660 yang dibangunkan itu dilihat sebagai masa depan baharu Aprilia untuk beberapa tahun akan datang.

Sekiranya Aprilia masih berminat untuk meneruskan legasi Shiver dan Dorsoduro, mungkin mengguna pakai enjin 660 adalah langkah seterusnya bagi mereka.


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