CFMOTO has recently launched the latest addition to its 700CL-X series, the 700CL-X Adventure (ADV), during its global launch at Intercity Istanbul Park, Turkey. The ADV model is designed to cater to riders who crave adventure and excitement.

CFMOTO has announced that the ADV model will be available in the Malaysian market from the beginning of April at a base selling price of RM35,888.

The 700CL-X ADV is the third model of the 700CL-X series, following the Heritage and Sport models launched in 2020 and 2021, respectively. Unlike the first two models of the series, this Adventure model is more focused on riders who love challenges and off-road adventures.

The 700CL-X ADV comes with a robust engine platform that is similar to the other CL-X models. However, the DOHC inline-twin cylinder, 4-stroke, liquid-cooled engine has been adapted for the Scrambler characteristics of this bike. The model offers a maximum power of 69Hp at 8,500rpm and a maximum torque of 60.9Nm at 6,500rpm, which optimizes the engine for off-road use, paying more attention to a low-speed linear output.

To cater to the off-road adventure riders, CFMOTO has raised the handlebars of the 700CL-X ADV by 30mm and back by 15mm, which gives the rider a more relaxed and calm posture to deal with external shocks and side-to-side sway. The model also comes with other off-road excesses, such as solid aluminum alloys, a higher ground clearance than the 700CL-X Heritage, and raised front fenders to prevent gravel and mud from getting stuck, making it easier to ride on unpaved roads.

In terms of convenience, the 700CL-X ADV is equipped with an electronic throttle that offers two options: Road Mode and Off-Road Mode. The model also features an intelligent lighting system where the automatic LED headlights with turn signals return to their original position. Additionally, the 700CL-X ADV comes with a T-box (optional) that has a built-in 4G module and a 6D sensor, which enables the rider to check the display of vehicle status, position, distance, etc., in real-time.

For the rider’s comfort, the saddle cushion is doubled, which balances the center of gravity when moving forward and backward while riding. With every purchase of the CFMOTO 700CL-X Adventure, buyers can enjoy a manufacturer’s warranty of two years or 20,000 km (whichever comes first).

The 700CL-X Adventure model is only available in Aurora Blue, and interested buyers can get it from any authorized CFMOTO distributor throughout Malaysia from the beginning of April. With the 700CL-X ADV, CFMOTO Malaysia aims to capture Malaysian adventure riders who want to explore new terrains and enjoy the off-road experience.

Aveta Malaysia Sdn Bhd has unveiled the country’s first smart hybrid scooter with a DVR System, the VADV150 Hybrid. Combining cutting-edge technology with sleek design, this innovative scooter is perfect for urban commuters seeking a safe and enjoyable ride.

  • the VADV150 Hybrid, is the country’s first smart hybrid scooter with a DVR system.
  • the scooter features advanced technology including SAF ABS technology, and adaptive front light system.

The VADV150 Hybrid is powered by a 4-valve, SOHC, liquid-cooled hybrid engine, delivering a maximum power of 12.1kW and a maximum torque of 14.6Nm. Its 9.3L fuel tank capacity is ideal for daily use, while the braking system boasts disc brakes and SAF ABS technology for both front and rear wheels, ensuring safe and reliable braking performance.

This advanced scooter also features an adaptive front light system (AFS), which adjusts the light beam based on the riding speed and angle. The 7-inch TFT display with TBOX speedometer provides clear and comprehensive information to the rider, while the keyless lock and ignition system adds convenience and security.

What sets the VADV150 Hybrid apart from other scooters is the DVR system with front and rear cameras. This feature provides added safety and security, as well as the ability to capture and share memorable moments during the ride.

The VADV150 Hybrid is available in three vibrant colours – Yellow Topaz, Blue Sapphire, and Red Ruby – with a Basic Selling Price (SSP) of RM 13,980.


Meanwhile, Aveta Malaysia’s Managing Director, Mr Max Ang is excited over the introduction of the VADV150 for the Malaysian market.

“We are excited to launch the VADV150 Hybrid, which offers a unique combination of advanced technology, safety features, and stylish design. We believe that this scooter will provide a safe, reliable, and enjoyable riding experience for all commuters,” he said. 

Honda Thailand dan Marvel telah bekerjasama bagi melancarkan skuter Honda ADV 160 edisi khas sempena meraikan ulang tahun ke-100 Disney. 

Khas untuk pasaran Thailand, Honda ADV 160 tampil dengan grafik Iron Man dan Captain America. 

Hasilnya, Honda ADV 160 edisi Iron Man datang dengan gabungan warna merah dan emas yang menyamai panel badan Iron Man. Turut kelihatan di bahagian sisi adalah logo Arc Reactor yang cukup ikonik pada Iron Man dan Tony Stark. 

Sementara itu, edisi Captain America pula datang dengan gabungan warna biru, merah dan putih menyamai watak Steve Rogers sebagai Captain America dalam komik dan filem Avengers. Bahagian panel kiri dan kanan pula mempamerkan lakaran perisai ikonik Captain America. 

Meskipun begitu, tiada perubahan terhadap spesifikasi dan kelengkapan yang masih sama seperti versi standard. 

Honda ADV 160 edisi Iron Man dan Captain America ini kekal dikausakan satu silinder 157cc yang menjana 15.82hp pada 8,5000rpm dan 14.7Nm pada 6,500rpm. Selain itu, skuter ‘adventure’ ini juga datang dengan fungsi HSTC (Honda Selectable Torque Control) atau lebih dikenali sebagai ‘traction control’.

Menurut Honda Thailand, hanya 3,000 unit bagi setiap satu edisi ini akan dihasilkan untuk pasaran negara itu dengan kedua-duanya akan dipamerkan di Bangkok Motor Show pada 22 Mac ini. 

Chinese motorcycle manufacturer, CFMoto has officially introduced the 700CL-X Adventure, becoming the third variant from its neo-retro scrambler range.

  • the ADV features larger 19-inch wheels and raised beak. 
  • powered by the same 693cc two-cylinder engine. 

Joining the already available 700 CL-X Heritage and Sport, the 700 CL-X ADV features a more rugged and aggressive bodywork than it siblings.

The 700 CL-X ADV finally make its way to production, three years after it was presented as a prototype at the 2019 EICMA.


Coming in at EUR7,590 (RM35.8k), the 700CL-X ADV is only available in Aurora Blue colour scheme. 

Despite the robust look, the ADV variant is not a serious off-road capable machine compared to the brand 800MT motorcycle, but it does have a resemblance akin to a Scrambler.

That said, the 700 CL-X ADV gets a larger 19-inch front wheel, dual-purpose tyres, wire-spoke wheels and a raised beaked typically found on a scrambler.

Nonetheless, majority of the 700 CL-X ADV still retains the same signatures, including the X front headlamp.

In addition, the 700 CL-X ADV also fitted with panels to install panniers.

Mechanically, the ADV version gets the same 693cc two cylinder engine producing 74hp @ 8,500rpm and 68Nm @ 6,500rpm.

While no official price is mention yet, we expect the ADV to priced slightly higher than the Heritage and Sport.

Boon Siew Honda has officially introduced the all-new Honda ADV160 for the Malaysian market priced at RM12,999.

Malaysia is the latest South East Asian country to get the ADV160 after Indonesia, Thailand and the Phillippines. 

The most significant upgrade done to the 2023 compact ‘adventure’ scooter is a bigger 156.9cc 4-valve with eSP engine that now makes 15hp and 14.7Nm replacing the outgoing 149.3cc single-cylinder platform.

Other significant changes include the addition of Honda Selectable Torque Control (traction control), which helps to improve rider’s handling while ABS remains standard. 

Despite the similar look to the previous generation, there is a slight changes done to the bodywork including the dashboard.

The signal and high beam indicator, which previously appeared on a separate display, are now integrated with the digital instrument cluster.

The 2023 Honda ADV160 is available in two colour selection, Mat Charcoal Gray Metallic and Vivacity Red. 

Honda officially rolled out the all-new XL750 Transalp in November last year at EICMA. 

  • The Transalp features the same parallel-twin engine as the Hornet. 
  • Fitted with Showa’s suspension at the front and rear with Pro-Link swingarm. 

23YM XL750 Transalp

The Transalp nameplate returns for 2023 with the middleweight adventure motorcycle set to go up against the Yamaha Tenere 700 and KTM 890 Adventure. 

Although the bike is yet to be available in Malaysia, we understood that Malaysian might not need to wait long as the middleweight adventure is said to arrive soon. 

While there’s no official word from Honda Motorcycles Malaysia, we expect the XL750 Transalp could arrive sooner than expected. 

Mechanically, the Honda XL750 Transalp features an all-new parallel-twin engine that makes 90hp and 75Nm. That said, the Transalp slots in between the 74hp Tenere and 105hp 890 Adventure. 

Similar to Honda CB750 Hornet, the XL750 Transalp features a 270-degree crank and a new airbox which Honda claimed to offer a low-end beat and top-end howl.

However, the ride-by-wire system has been explicitly tuned to best suit the bike’s touring and off-road ability.

Electronically, the XL750 Transalp gets four riding modes (Sport, Standard, Rain and Gravel and User), each of which can be selected while on the fly thanks to a lefthand switch cube. 

After successfully penetrating the European market with a beginner-friendly naked and neo retro motorcycle, Voge, a premium sub-brand of Chinese motorcycle manufactuer, Loncin, now breached out to middleweight capacity adventure bike, with the all-new Valico 525 DSX. 

  • Voge Valico 525 DSX is an A2-compliant adventure motorcycle.
  • The Valico 525 DSX will go up against Honda’ CB500X and Benelli’s TRK 502 X. 

The Valico 525 DSX features a 494cc parallel-twin with liquid-coole and fuel-injected engine that makes 47hp on tap, similar to the Honda CB500X.

That said, the Valico 525 DSX is designed as a A2-compliant motorcycle making it a suitable option for younger riders. 

Similar to modern day ADV machine, the Voge Valico 525 DSX is fitted with inverted front forks with long-travel suspension at the front and adjustable monoshock at the rear. 

However, while the rest of its competitors features alloy wheels, the Valico 525 DSX gets tubeless wire-spoke wheels measuring 19-inch front and 17-inch at the back.

In addition, the motorcycle also equipped with traction control and ABS – which can be switched off for off-road riding – selectable Eco and Sport mode and a full colour 7-inch TFT display with built-in navigation system.

This inadvertently puts the Voge Valico 525 DSX as a strong contender in the 500cc category, going up against the CB500X and Benelli TKR 502 X. 

The middleweight adventure motorcycle segment is growing especially those in the 500cc range.

  • The Rieju Aventura 500 is equipped with a massive 30L fuel tank.
  • Features Honda’s trusted 471cc parallel-twin engine manufactured by Loncin. 

Latest to join the rank is Spanish brand Rieju with the Aventura 500 Legend that was recently showcased at the EICMA show in Milan.

The company was founded in 1934 and begin producing bicycles for before entering the motorcycle market in 1953.

More than 20 years later, Rieju established itself as a notable presence in the enduro racing scene.

However, the Aventura 500 is the company first attempt at moving away from its enduro and supermoto heritage. 

That said, the Rieju Aventura 500 features the biggest engine in the company portfolio.

A closer look at the 471cc parallel-twin liquid-cooled engine and you’ll notice that it shares similarities with the same engine found in the Honda CB500X.

That’s because the engine is under license by Honda and is manufactured by Loncin for Rieju. 

As a result, the Rieju Aventura 500 makes the same 47hp and 43Nm. 

However, unlike the CB500X, the Aventure 500 is fitted with spoked 21-inch front and 18-inch rear wheels, making it more off-road adept than the former.

Nevertheless, the most jaw-dropping features on the ADV is the 30L fuel tank that’s fitted above the engine and another within the rear subframe. 

In other words, the Aventura 500 potentially has a range of more than 950 kilometres. 

Currently, further details remain undisclosed but we’ll keep an eye on any update regarding this exciting middleweight ADV. 

Benelli telah pun memfailkan tanda nama TRK 702 sekitar April lalu sekaligus mengesahkan kedatangan motosikal ‘adventure’ yang lebih besar selain TRK 502.

Memasuki bulan Ogos, jenama motosikal Itali-China itu dengan rasminya melancarkan Benelli TRK 702 di China. 

Seperti TRK 502 yang mencapai status selaku motosikal paling popular di Itali, Benelli mengharapkan TRK 702 juga mampu melakukan pencapaian sama. 

Oleh sebab itu, Benelli akan turut memperkenalkan TRK 702 di pasaran Eropah. Menariknya, model tersebut hanya akan membawa lencana Benelli dan tidak akan dijenamakan sebagai QJMotor di pasaran lain. 

Perbezaan ketara antara TRK 702 dan TRK 502 adalah di bahagian enjin, apabila model ADV lebih besar itu dihidupkan platform parallel-twin 693cc serba baharu yang dibangunkan Benelli. Enjin tersebut menghasilkan 75hp pada 8,500rpm dan 68.2Nm pada 6,250rpm. 

*Benelli TRK 702

Seperti kebiasaan, motosikal serba baharu itu juga tampil dalam dua varian, TRK 702 (standard) dan TRK 702 X yang menampilkan penggunaan rim spoke (lidi) dan saiz tayar berbeza. 

*Benelli TRK 702 X

Versi standard datang dengan rim 17-inci yang dipadankan dengan tayar 120/70 depan dan 160/70 belakang manakala versi ‘X’ pula dilengkapi tayar 19” depan dan 17” belakang di samping dilengkapi tayar ‘dual-purpose’. 

Antara ciri lain ditawarkan temasuk:

  • ABS dwi-saluran
  • paparan meter LCD digital
  • grip dengan fungsi pemanas
  • tempat duduk dengan fungsi pemanas

Menariknya, Benelli turut melengkapkan TRK 702 dengan kamera HD yang diletakkan di bahagian bawah lampu hadapan. Kamera tersebut bertindak seperti ‘dashcam’ yang bertujuan merakam perjalanan sewaktu menunggang.

The trademark filings for Honda’s upcoming Transalp were filed in several global markets in May 2021.

  • The Honda XL750 Transalp to feature the new 750cc parallel-twin engine.
  • The motorcycle will likely be a more street-biased ADV machine.

However, the latest trademark application by Honda Motor Corporation, dated 12 August 2022, has confirmed the name XL750 Transalp. 

While this might not be news for some, it is actually the strongest indicator of what we could expect from the upcoming Transalp.

Firstly, Honda’s ADV motorcycle, the Africa Twin, carries the CRF1100L nameplate. The CRF is a code for the Japanese firm adventure motorcycle, meaning the bike can be taken off-road and on the tarmac. 

However, considering that the Transalp bares the XL750 nameplate, this could mean that the upcoming middleweight motorcycle will likely be a more street-biased ADV machine like the previous generation.

Nevertheless, considering the explosion of mid-weight ADV bikes, the Transalp could be given some off-road treatment to compete with other brands.

Mechanically, the XL750 Transalp is likely to feature the same parallel-twin 750cc engine powering the soon-to-be-launch Hornet. 

That said, Honda’s likely to launch the Hornet first with the Transalp could make its way in 2023. 

Indonesia is really picking up its pace in the electric motorcycle sector compared to other South East Asian countries.

  • Anubis CruiserCross is an electric-powered ADV bike from Baran Energy.
  • The ADV electric bike has claimed max speed of 158km/h. 

Indonesian EV Maker, Baran Energy has recently launched the new Anubis CruiserCross, an electric motorcycle with adventure bike elements.

Design wise, the Anubis CruiserCross looks something that came out of a sci-fi movie, but features interesting design language that combines minimalistic body panels that looks sharp and muscular.

The motorcycle also equipped with an ADV-style front beak, fork covers and battery casing that blends well with the bike’s silhouette.

Mechanically, the Anubis CruiserCross electric motor makes 46hp and 106Nm. Thanks to its 6.3kWh battery, Baran Energy claimed the bike has a max speed of 158km/h with 132km range.

That said, the bike’s range will reduced greatly if the Anubis CruiserCross is taken off-road.

Nonetheless, the bike is suspended by a USD fork at the front and monoshock setup at the rear. Braking is done by front and rear disc with spoke wheels wrapped in knobby tires.

Other notable features include:

  • full LED lighting.
  • digital instrument cluster
  • storage compartment on the “fuel tank”

American electric motorcycle company Lightning Motorcycles is working on a new plug-in adventure bike to take on Energica’s Experia.

  • Lightning Dakar is the first electric plug-in off-road capable motorcycle.
  • Set to go head-to-head with Energica’s Experia tourer.

The company patent filing recently leaked in China and showcased the upcoming off-road focused ADV motorcycle bodywork.

The company’s founder and CEO, Richard Hatfield, submitted the application to the China National Intellectual Property Administration. Why China? This is because Lightning has a factory over there.

Despite the possibility of coming up against the Energica Experia, Lightning’s upcoming machine is more off-road oriented, which immediately distinguishes it from the Experia, which is fitted with 17-inch wheels.

Lightning also included the term Dakar in the filing, which is most likely to describe the bike’s design language.

Lightning made headlines in 2012 after claiming an electric land speed record of 350km/h with the 200hp LS-218 prototype.

The company proceeded to introduce the production version of the LS-218, named the Lightning Strike Sportster, in 2019, which is currently available for orders from USD19,998 (RM89.1k).

Nonetheless, the upcoming ADV boasts entirely different ergonomics thanks to a taller seat height, upright seating position, longer travel front suspension and rear absorbers.

The motorcycle also features wire-spoke wheels in 21-inch front and 18-inch rear compared to Energica’s 17″ road-biased alloy wheels.

The bike is also equipped with a tall, humped fuel tank, conventional ADV front beak, raised front mudguard and tall (but narrow) windscreen.

While there are no precise details on the performance, it is possible it makes the same 120hp as the 2019 Lightning Strike, with an engine and swingarm that appears identical to the sportsbike.


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