R&G, the renowned motorcycle accessory manufacturer, is expanding its product lineup to cater to CFMoto’s 450 SR (also known as the 450 SS in some countries). 

  • This move comes in response to the growing popularity of CFMoto’s super sport bike, which has garnered attention in the United States and gained significant traction across Europe.
  • Recognizing the need for enhanced safety, R&G is stepping in to provide riders with essential accessories.

For motorcycle enthusiasts, accessories and support can often be decisive factors when making a purchase. CFMoto 450 SS owners, as well as prospective buyers, will now have access to a wide array of R&G’s offerings designed specifically for this model.

The British accessory maker has developed an extensive range of equipment to safeguard the bike from potential accidents, including Bar-End Sliders, Fork Protectors, Lever Guards, PRO Radiator Guards, Tank Traction Grips, a Fender Eliminator, Dashboard Screen Protector, Blanking Plates, and various other components.

The CFMoto 450 SR has already established itself as an exceptional bike within its class. Competing against the likes of the Kawasaki Ninja 400 and other Japanese counterparts, the 450 SR is poised to become CFMoto’s flagship model.

Simon Hughes, the managing director of R&G, expressed his enthusiasm about the collaboration.

“We are excited to introduce our cutting-edge range of crash protection and accessories for the CFMoto 450 SS. Owners can now ride with confidence, knowing they have equipped their motorcycles with industry-leading protection and personalized touches that reflect their unique style and preferences,” he said.

Denali’s have made the brand a mainstay in the adventure world thanks to their high-power fog lamps, auxiliary lights, and horns that are known for their ability to illuminate the road and trail while alerting other road users. 

Now, the Ducati DesertX, already hailed as one of the most off-road capable bikes in Ducati’s lineup, has received a comprehensive lighting system from Denali, further enhancing its impressive capabilities.

The centerpiece of the lighting system is Denali’s DialDim controller, a feature-rich accessory that allows for customizable settings. With an intuitive multi-color halo dial, riders can control two independent light circuits, including the high beam, horn, and turn signals. Denali’s DialDim system has garnered praise in the past, and the accompanying video showcases its impressive capabilities.

In addition to the DialDim system, Denali has introduced the T3 turn signal upgrade kits for the DesertX. These powerful lights replace the stock turn signals, featuring bright white running lights that switch to amber when the turn signals are activated. The rear pods serve multiple functions, acting as brake lights, rear fog lights, and rear turn signals.

For riders who desire even more lighting options, Denali has launched a driving light mount compatible with the DesertX’s OEM crashbar. This mount allows users to install any Denali auxiliary light on the crashbar while maintaining the bike’s clean, original look. Additionally, a lower mount is available for the smaller Denali DM, D2, S4, and D3 lights, positioning them at the same level as the front wheel for maximum visibility.

To complete the lighting upgrades, Denali offers the B6 brake light, providing a significantly brighter brake light with a remarkable 900 lumens, ensuring greater visibility and safety. Lastly, Denali presents a powder-coated steel horn mount designed specifically for the Denali SoundBomb Original air horn, renowned for its impressive volume and alerting capabilities.

Enthusiasts can now pre-order Denali’s new accessories for the Ducati DesertX through the brand’s official website,

Japanese parts and accessories supplier Kijima has expanded its product range with a new line of components for the popular Honda CT125 Hunter Cub.

  • Kijima has customized three distinct Hunter Cubs, showcasing the versatility of its new line of utility-oriented parts.
  • Kijima’s new line of utility-oriented components adds more attitude to the already versatile Honda CT125 Hunter Cub.

The first custom model is aimed at maximalists and weekend glampers. With a large top box and tactical side bag, riders can pack provisions for all their outdoor adventures. The modified Hunter Cub also comes with extra protection in the form of crash guards, a headlight grille, and handguards. A front rack enhances the carrying capacity, allowing riders to strap everything from sleeping pads to six packs to the front end. Auxiliary lighting and larger heel-toe shifter add to the adventure-ready features.

The second custom model is geared towards off-road enthusiasts. It carries over many of the same features as the first model, but with a high-mounted fender and a large rear carrier rack for increased storage. The rugged design is perfect for diehard off-roaders, and a bar-mounted bag adds to the carrying capacity.

The third model takes a more restrained approach, with a classic Honda red color scheme and fewer accessories. The crash protection, headlight grate, and taillight grille all come from Kijima, as does the custom front, rear, and side racks. The bags and top box have been removed to minimize the footprint of the Hunter Cub, making it ideal for urban environments. Kijima also offers the components in chrome for a more polished look.

Kijima’s new line of utility-oriented components adds more attitude to the already versatile Honda CT125 Hunter Cub. With options for maximalists, off-road enthusiasts, and urban riders, Kijima’s accessories are a must-have for anyone looking to customize their Hunter Cub.

SW-Motech, a leading manufacturer of motorcycle accessories, has announced a new range of crash protection accessories for the Ducati DesertX adventure bike.

  • The new range follows the success of SW-Motech’s tank bag for the DesertX.
  • The new range puts SW-Motech in direct competition with Wunderlich, who launched a range of add-ons earlier this year.

The new range from SW-Motech includes the Upper Crash Bar, which is made from powder-coated steel tubing and protects the fairing panels, lower section of the fuel tank, and upper part of the engine. The Upper Crash Bar also features multiple mounting points, which spread impact forces.

The Engine Guard, which is a 4mm-thick aluminium plate, protects the sump, front cylinder casings, and exhaust header. The Engine Guard attaches via existing mounts, and also features a recess for the oil drain plug.

The Front Axle Sliders, which feature a reinforced core and replaceable polypropylene shells, protect the front axle of the bike.

The Water Pump Protector, which is CNC-milled from anodised aluminium alloy, fits to existing mounting points on the bike, and protects the water pump.

The Centre Stand from SW-Motech is made of powder-coated steel tubes and features an outrigger for easy operation. Finally, the Sidestand Foot Extender, which is CNC-milled from anodised aluminium alloy and stainless steel, provides additional support for the bike when parked on uneven surfaces.

All of the new range of accessories from SW-Motech for the Ducati DesertX adventure bike are available on the SW-Motech website. With the addition of these new accessories, SW-Motech has further established itself as a leading manufacturer of motorcycle accessories, providing riders with the peace of mind they need when taking on tough terrain.

New Wunderlich Adventure division sees German brand expand accessories line beyond BMW bikes starting with the Pan America 1250.


Sumber imej:
  • Anda telah memiliki motosikal anda buat beberapa lama dan ia kini terasa agak biasa-biasa sahaja.
  • Atau anda ingin menambah sedikit gaya bagi menonjolkan diri anda.
  • Di sini kami senarai lima kemaskini asas yang boleh anda pertimbangkan untuk motosikal anda.


  • You’ve had your motorcycle for some time and it feels somewhat humdrum.

  • Or you just want to add a dash of style to show who you are.

  • Here are 5 essential upgrades you may want to consider for your bike.

You’ve had your bike for a year now from when it was new. You feel that you’ve known its ins and outs by now and it may start to grow a little “routine.” How about spicing things up with these 5 Essential Upgrades for Your Bike?

*NOTE: We’re leaving out the performance bits as road safety is of the utmost importance. Besides that, upgrading or modifying certain hard parts of the motorcycle may void its warranty. Please keep your upgrades street legal.

1. Tyres

Changing the tyres is the easiest way to upgrade your bike’s handling.

The stock tyres may make your bike turn slower, so it’s now time to look for a pair that has a pointy profile. Or if you want more comfort for long distance touring – you fit a set that has softer carcass and/or sidewalls.

Picture from Bridgestone

However, it’s safest to match the type of tyres to the type of your bike, for example, sport tyres for your sport bike, sport-touring tyres for you sport-tourer and so forth.

2. Exhaust

While some riders may agree to do so or otherwise, replacing your exhaust system uncorks the bike’s exhaust symphony. Most motorcycles these days are Euro 4 compliant and sound more like household appliances than glorious mechanized engineering.

Picture from Termignoni

An added bonus may also result in “loud pipes save lives,” although we don’t recommend non-street legal pipes.

3. Luggage

Unless you ride a maxi scooter, it goes without saying that there’s absolutely no useable space in the bike for carrying even a rain suit.

Sport-tourers and adventure-tourers are obviously the easiest types of bikes to install luggage, including a pair of panniers, a top case, tank bag, fairing bags. Mounting choice is limited for sportbikes, generally, but one could always fit a tankbag. Cruisers (non-baggers) look good with leather saddlebags.

Picture from GIVI

Having a good luggage system lets you ride comfortably as you don’t have to lug your stuff on your back despite amounting to only a few items, compared to how much you could actually bring along in your luggage system.

4. Suspension

Even the best suspension on road bikes is compromised to suit different riders, in terms of weight, riding style, riding environment, comfort vs. performance, etc.

Picture from K-Tech

Why not unlock your bike’s handling capabilities by getting the suspension worked on? You don’t have to replace the forks and shock to Öhlins, as you have their internals recalibrated/upgraded with cartridge kits to suit your taste and feel like a star rider.

5. Bling

Accessorize, that’s what!

Add on bits and pieces of CNC jewelry to your ride to set it apart from the crowd. There are endless possibilities here, from the large parts such as handlebars and windshields, to rearsets, lighting systems, seats, to the little stuff such as turn signals, GPS holders, bolt and nut accents, you name it!

Picture from

Motorcycle manufacturers are now producing and promoting “official” or “factory” accessories these days, pictured in mouthwatering detail in beautiful catalogues. They’re typically pricier than third-party accessories, but they had usually been tested extensively on the manufacturer’s own bikes before being sold to the general public.


  • Rangkaian Spartan Carbon ditambah dengan sepuluh rekaan terbaru dari Shark Helmets
  • Rekaan bentuk yang lebih baik dengan penggunaan teknologi Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD)
  • Beratnya serendah 1,290gram dan patuh ECE sepenuhnya


  • The Spartan Carbon line up has added 10 new designs from Shark Helmets

  • Better shape design thanks to Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) technology

  • Only 1,290grams & fully ECE compliant


Shark Helmets has introduced 10 new additional colours for one of their high end helmets, the Shark Spartan Carbon. Launched late October 2016 in conjunction with the Shell Malaysia MotoGP round here in Malaysia, the Spartan Carbon was the ultimate helmet which replaced the outgoing Speed R helmet. (more…)

We take a peek inside the Spartan Concept Store – Malaysia’s first dedicated outlet for Shark, Furygan and Ipone products.


New Rizoma R nine T Scrambler accessories range released and adds spice to BMW’s hip retro scrambler.


We take a peek inside the true Malaysian petrolhead haven called The Garage KL.



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