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KTM dengan rasminya mengesahkan bahawa motosikal sport touring popular, SMT bakal kembali bagi tahun 2023 menerusi KTM 890 SMT. Pengesahan itu dibuat menerusi perkongsian di laman media sosial. 

Menurut KTM, 890 SMT itu akan diperkenalkan secara rasmi pada 24 April ini.

Meskipun tarikh pelancaran adalah dua bulan dari sekarang namun sebarang info terperinci mengenai model tersebut masih tidak didedahkan.

Bagaimanapun, Cycle World pernah memuat naik gambar ’spy shot’ yang memaparkan KTM 890 SMT itu menjalani ujian di Eropah. 

*Sumber: Cycle World

Sekali imbas, terdapat beberapa perubahan ketara antara 890 SMT dan 890 Adventure terutamanaya di bahagian tangki dan panel badan di bahagian depan yang tampak lebih kompak. 

Dalam pada itu, sebagai motosikal ‘sport tourer’ 890 SMT didatangkan dengan rim aloi berbanding rim lidi (wire-spoked) pada 890 Adventure. 

Selain itu, kami menjangkakan 890 SMT akan turut menawarkan 100hp dan 95Nm ekoran dihidupkan enjin parallel-twin 890cc yang sama seperti 890 Adventure. Ini secara tidak langsung meletakkan KTM 890 SMT dalam kumpulan sama dengan Yamaha Tracer 9 GT dan Ducati Multistrada V2. 

Despite scrapping its 490cc platform and working on an all-new 990cc and 690cc engine, KTM still has some plans for its 890 range. 

  • KTM 890 SMT shares the same 889cc LC8c engine as the 890 Adventure. 
  • The 890 SMT is fitted with a taller windscreen and redesigned fuel tank. 

That said, the Austrian manufacturer was recently spotted testing the new KTM 890 SMT, as reported by Cycle World. 

However, since the 990 platform is considered a replacement for the current 889cc engine, we expect the 890 SMT to have a relatively short lifespan before evolving to a 990 SMT.

Nevertheless, while the upcoming KTM 890 SMT borrows much of its features from the 890 Adventure, the sport tourer version gains a taller windscreen and a higher front mudguard.

Also, the fuel tank on the 890 SMT is now singular and mounted above the engine, unlike the dual, side-mounted tanks featured on the 890 Adventure. The new tank design is likely a better fit for the SMT. 

Nonetheless, the exhaust pipes are still the same as the ones found on the 890 Adventure, indicating that the 890 SMT gets the same 889cc LC8c engine tune. 

 We also expect that the 890 SMT and 890 Adventure shares similar weight. 

While KTM is yet to announce plans for the 890 SMT, the bike is clearly in a production-ready stage and could make its way soon.

(source: Cycle World)

KTM brings new updates to the 890 Adventure for 2023, focusing on comfort, adjustability and fresh graphics.

  • KTM 890 Adventure updated with new features for 2023.
  • The middleweight adventure bike now equipped with a new front windscreen inspired by the KTM 450 Rally. 

The KTM 890 Adventure has been known for its off-road prowess since its introduction in 2021, replacing the 790 Adventure.

However, for 2023 it gets a refresh from the Austrian factory.

Firstly, the 2023 890 Adventure gets a new and reinforced front fairing which KTM claimed is explicitly designed to carry a larger GPS device.

In addition, the saddle can now be adjusted to a lower setting, 825mm to be exact and can even get down to 800mm with a seat-lowering kit. That said, shorter riders can now enjoy the 890 Adventure to the fullest.

Meanwhile, the WP 43mm Apex forks now come with rebound and compression adjustability that can be adjusted easily from the top caps.

KTM also revised the rear shock to meet the adventure-riding demand. 

KTM also updated the electronic package with a new ABS, which is now linked with the riding modes—as such, turning on the ‘Off-Road’ or ‘Rally’ mode will automatically engage the ‘Off-Road ABS’ settings.

Other notable improvements for 2023 include a new screen inspired by the 450 Rally, which offers better protection from road debris and improves aerodynamics. Also new on the 2023 890 Adventure includes a new aluminium engine guard and a tank protector.


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