2020 SYM Maxsym TL 500

MForce Bike Holdings Sdn Bhd, the official distributor of SYM motorcycles here in Malaysia, has announced that the 2020 SYM Maxsym TL 500 maxi-scooter will officially arrive at all its dealers and showrooms nationwide at the end of December this year. (more…)

Together with the launch of the 2020 SYM VF3i Limited Edition ‘super moped’, MForce Bike Holdings also took the opportunity to officially announce the arrival of the 2020 SYM MAXSYM TL 500, the latest addition into Malaysia’s ever-growing segment for scooters and maxi-scooters. (more…)

Authorised SYM motorcycle dealers across Malaysia have started accepting bookings for the latest 2020 SYM Maxsym TL 500 maxi-scooter. Dealers are going online on websites like and Facebook to promote SYM’s latest 500cc scooter at RM35,888 (price before road tax and insurance). (more…)


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