Zeus Helmet launches new carbon fibre range – From RM650

Zeus Helmet has unveiled its latest carbon fibre range for the Malaysian market earlier today. Three new lids were launched today where two of them are constructed using carbon fibre. These models are the ZX-1800B full-face helmet, ZS-608 open-face, and the ZS1900B fibreglass unit.

Starting off with the top-of-the-range ZS1800B, this is clearly the most affordable carbon-fibre helmet in Malaysia to date. How affordable? RM950. If you’re looking for something a bit more exclusive, they also have the limited-edition clear carbon/gold variant where only 100 units will be made available at RM1,200 a pop.

Manufactured and shipped directly from Taiwan, they are able to offer the helmets at these prices. Made using Toray carbon fibre, the ZX-1800B has ECE-certification where the entire unit weighs only 1,330grams. There are a lot of impressive specs for this new offering from Zeus Helmet which includes:

  • Zeus Cooling System with multiple air channels and vents
  • 2D visor
  • Adjustable rear spoiler
  • Bamboo charcoal fibre liner (anti-odour, allergic & bacteria)
  • Inner sun visor

If you’re looking for something more suited for daily use but still want it to be made out of carbon fibre, then you can check out the ZS-608 open-face unit. Weighing in at just 1,230grams, this beauty pretty much has the same specs at the full-face option (apart from the 2D visor and bamboo charcoal liner).

Two colour options are available for this unit which are the clear carbon/red combo and the hexagon carbon/neon yellow combo. Pricing? Only RM650 a piece. This is clearly the most affordable carbon fibre lid in the market and we’re guessing a lot of folks will be interested in this one.

Zeus Helmet also took the opportunity to launch a new fibreglass helmet, the ZS-1900B. Six very exciting colourways are up for grabs with a price of only RM580. Weighing in at 1,380grams, this has the same specs as the carbon-fibre model stated above.

Dealers across Malaysia are already taking orders for these new helmets which are expected to arrive in the coming weeks. For more information, head over to www.zeus-helmets.com.my.



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