MV Agusta updates all three cylinder bikes to Euro4 – Now quieter & cleaner!

MV Agusta has finally announced that all their three-cylinder motorcycles to comply with the strict Euro4 regulations.

The MV Agusta F3 675, F3 800 and Dragster 800 models have gone through evolutions to their engines, electronics, engine noise and exhaust gas emissions making them quieter and cleaner.

The move to make their bikes comply with the Euro4 regulations means that they can continue selling their bikes in European countries in 2018 and beyond.

MV Agusta has finally of their three-cylinder motorcycles to comply with the even more strict Euro4 regulations.

As most manufacturers have already know, the Euro4 emissions regulations are much stricter which has led MV Agusta in making proper modifications to their bikes’ engines as well as electronics in order to comply.

The European market and manufacturers who are planning to continue to sell their two-wheelers in that particular continent will need to comply with Euro4 if they wish to do so beyond 2018.

MV Agusta bikes like the F3 675, F3 800 and Dragster 800 have gone through their evolutions to become Euro4 certified by making modifications to their engines, electronics and many more.

In terms of engine noise and exhaust gas emissions, MV Agusta has managed to cut them down for all of their motorcycles by half as compared to their Euro3 counterparts. This also means that the new MV Agusta bikes are much quieter and cleaner.

Both the F3 675 and 800 have received an updated chassis for better rigidity besides the engine updates. As of now with the Euro4-certified bikes, the F3 675 now produces 128hp while the F3 800 now churns put 144hp.

With all the updates, MV Agusta can continue to do their business as usual especially in Europe and with the ability to comply with the strict Euro4 regulations, it won’t be a surprise if we see a whole new line up of motorcycles from the Italian marquee.

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