Cake Ösa – The world’s most versatile electric bike ever!

Electric bikes are on the rise in the ever-growing urban environment and more manufacturers are jumping on that bandwagon. For one particular Swedish company called Cake, they’re offering something that’s so outside the box, we’re thoroughly impressed. What you’re looking at is the Cake Ösa, arguably the world’s most versatile electric bike yet.

Designed to allow riders to travel cleanly and efficiently in an urban environment, the Cake Ösa also has other capabilities that make it even more special compared to other electric bikes and scooters in the market. One prime example is that owners can utilise its removable battery to power other things like electric and electronic devices.

Owners also have a wide range of customisation to cater to their needs with optional cargo racks, tables, attachable poles, and other modular accessories that ultimately transform the Cake Ösa into a super functional workspace.

Need space to store or mount your things? Items like surfboards and other little trinkets can easily be transported with additional mounts and baskets plus extra seating to safely ride around with all that cargo. Very cool, indeed.

It’s so cool that the Cake Ösa was awarded a design award by the folks at iF World Design Guide. Want more? You can ride the electric scooter off-road! Just put on some knobby tyres and you’re good to go, baby. On the road, its 4kW motor + 1.5kWh battery is able to reach close to 50km/h and a range of around 120km/h (if owners go for the 2.5kWh battery).

If you want one, you can probably order one with prices starting from $4,500 (RM18,636). There’s also the Ösa+ with a bigger electric motor that allows for higher cruising speed. When it comes to two-wheel versatility, almost nothing comes close to this beauty offered by Cake.



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