Arai now offers aero spoiler for RX-7X helmet

The world of MotoGP has been at the forefront of motorcycle innovations, including helmet brands like Arai, HJC, AGV, Shark, and many more. Talking about one particular brand that is Arai which has been a cult favourite amongst many riders in and out of the track, they now offer great aerodynamic performance to match with is high levels of safety thanks to the addition of a spoiler for the RX-7X.

Birth from the fact that MotoGP riders and bikes are exceeding 350km/h, stability is key when all that wind is forcing headfirst when the riders pop their head out the bubble. A helmet that’s not up to the task will force the rider to exceed more physical force and cause great fatigue and possibly danger as they are not able to concentrate due to all the exertion.

That’s why Arai went to one of their riders in the premier class to help develop the aero spoiler for the Arai RX-7X helmet – Takaaki Nakagami. According to the Japanese rider, “Since using this racing spoiler, my head shake has been significantly reduced, which allows me to focus more on the race. Also, the top speed is higher than before, and the effect is great!”

Thanks to this breakthrough, Arai is now offering the aero spoiler for everyday street riders to benefit with all the added aerodynamic properties. Easily attached to the RX-7X’s rear air duct, six different colours are available with prices from ¥4400-¥5500 (around RM180-RM224). For now, it’s only available in Japan, but we’re sure that the folks from KLCL will bring them into Malaysia as soon as they can.

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