5 Reason The New CASTROL POWER1 ULTIMATE Should Be Your Go-To Engine Oil

We are not going to lie, there’s tonnes of motorcycle engine oil products available in the market right now. Choosing one is as difficult as choosing a life partner. 

So we are here to help you sort out the mess by recommending a newly improved CASTROL POWER1 ULTIMATE engine oil.

You might think that this is just another paid article and we have no choice but to only talk about the good stuff. 

Frankly, we can only focus on the good stuff since it’s just so good! No joke, this is some really cool, good stuff right here.

So here are the 5 reasons the new CASTROL POWER1 ULTIMATE should be the go-to engine oil for your bike.


  1. Excellent Acceleration

Let’s be honest, we always hope that the engine oil we use could at least improve acceleration to some extent, despite it not being meant for that particular purpose.

Well, interestingly enough the Castrol POWER1 ULTIMATE does just that as it has been proven through data to exceed the performance of other lubricants, and this claim has been tested using Honda CBR300 engine over a 30 second full throttle acceleration.

  1. Excellent Protection

The main purpose of a lubricant is to protect the engine, if it’s unable to do that well we suggest just throw it away (properly of course, never down a drain).

Engine oil  protects engine surfaces, reduces friction and heat when it comes into contact with each other.

Reduced friction ultimately results in less wear and tear of engine parts, resulting in lower cost of maintenance and repairs. 

The CASTROL POWER1 ULTIMATE fully synthetic oil provides 50% better wear protection versus industry limits! If that is not cool, we are not sure what is.



  1. Smooth Riding

When it comes to engine oils, nothing rings truer than the saying, “Good things are not cheap, and cheap things are not good”. 

Engine lubricants by any means are not cheap (we are talking about the top quality ones) thus you might feel cheated if the end result is not up to your standard.

But good lubricants are expensive simply because of the amount of research and development that has been poured into developing a particular product, ensuring its end product will perform and provide the necessary protection and performances needed every time, all the time.

With consistent protection and performance in place, you’ll be assured that your ride will be smoother as the CASTROL POWER1 ULTIMATE enables smooth clutch engagement.

  1. Keeps Engine Cool

Ever wonder why it is easier to breathe in colder climates than warmer ones? Your engine feels the same way too. 

The difference of a few degrees results in better performance and fuel efficiency. To the rider, it’s a difference he can feel from the seat, making him more comfortable and worry less about performance and whether the engine is fully protected.

The CASTROL POWER1 ULTIMATE stood against an extreme 12,000km test, hence demonstrating a brilliant temperature control performance.


  1. Enduring Performance

A good engine oil shouldn’t rob your engine of its power. 

A top notch lubricant should have good viscosity and flow properties, to help eliminate frictional losses.

The CASTROL POWER1 ULTIMATE maintains 95% of its original performance after enduring a 48,000km race track durability test, thus showcasing enduring performance capabilities.

The riders will feel that the engine has a better revving especially when the throttle is open.

Now you might wonder, “How much is this going to cost me?”.

Frankly, we think the benefits will outweigh its price tag over the maintenance and repair cost in the long run as well as improved performance and enhanced ride experience by a large factor especially if this engineered liquid is going into the heart and soul of your dream bike.

Last but not least, do remember to check out the CASTROL POWER1 ULTIMATE at your nearest Castrol Bike Point or you can just get them HERE at Castrol Official Store in Shopee.



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