Cargo Ship Hit Bridge, 20 Vehicles Plunged into River

A cargo ship hit a bridge and causing it to collapse, in Baltimore, USA. Reports estimated some 20 vehicles plunged into the river below.

A video making rounds on the internet showed the ship, Dali, losing power twice hence losing control. It was also apparent in the video that there was a large pall of black smoke from the ship’s smokestack when it came back to life after blacking out the first time, presumably due to the vessel’s pilot attempting to slow it further by hitting reverse in full power.

However, the Dali collided with one the Francis Scott Key Bridge’s supports, causing the bridge to snap in several sections.

There were also reports that the pilot aboard the ship had radioed a mayday to the port authorities stating that the ship was out of control. Unfortunately, authorities did not have enough time to respond to the emergency by shutting down traffic and clearing the bridge.

A pathway map published in The Virginian Pilot showed that the ship had travelled at a a mere 7 knots (13 km/h).

Dali’s pathway by The Virginian Pilot

The tragedy occured at around 1.30am, local time, fortunately hours before the busy morning commute.

Search and rescue efforts are being carried out, but so far, only two people from a construction crew had been pulled out of the chilly water with six still unaccounted for.

Photo by WJLA via AP

The Dali left the Port of Baltimore to Colombo, Sri Lanka under the Singaporean flag. It is owned Synergy Marine Group and owned by Grace Ocean Private Ltd. but chartered by the Danish shipping conglomerate Maersk to carry their customers’ cargo. No Maersk crew and personnel were on board.

Opened in 1977, the bridge is named for the writer of America’s national anthem “The Star-Spangled Banner” and is a major roadway spanning the Patapsco River.

All pictures by AP.

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