Gracshaw Launches Limited Edition Collection of DC Helmets

Gracshaw Helmets, a Malaysian made product, has launched a unique collection of helmets for fans of DC comics and movies.

The six limited edition Gennex line of helmets offer a unique homage to the most iconic DC super heroes such as Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, The Flash and The Joker.

Gracsaw says these helmets are not just mere accessories, they are badges of honour for fans, meticulously crafted with licensed trademark from DC that guarantees authenticity and originality.

The helmets are not just a tribute but an exclusive homage to fan favourite with only 1500 units for the Superman, Batman, The Flash, and The Joker designs.

For Aquaman and Wonder Woman designs, a mere 500 units will be produced for each design, ensuring it always remains a rare and prized collector’s item.

However, the allure of these helmets goes beyond mere aesthetics. The Gennex models offer quality and protection, boasting SIRIM certification for daily road use. These helmets feature a double D-ring locking mechanism for a seamless fit, a double ventilation system and removable inner padding for easy cleaning.

Additionally, the helmets have a streamlined, aerodynamic design that accentuates their sleek and modern appeal. The sun visors on the other hand comes with eight dynamic shades, optimising both visibility and aesthetics appeal.

Sizes for the helmets range from M to XXL and each is priced at RM460. You do not only get a specially-curated box with an exclusive carrying bag, but also a certificate of authenticity and unique DC-inspired stickers for added personalisation.

All six variants of these limited-edition DC helmets are exclusively available at just 30 selected dealerships across Malaysia. To find out where you can pick one up, reach out to Gracshaw at +6049163876.

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